Maha Shivaratri at Datta Peetham 2017

  • 23 Feb 2017 - 25 Feb 2017
  • Mysuru, India

Maha Shivaratri at Datta Peetham 2017


Maha Shivaratri was celebrated with devotion and prayers to Saccidanandeswara Shiva Lingam omn 24th February 2017. The night long vigil of prayers, music and rituals concluded at the dawn of 25 February 2017. 

On 23 February (previous day of Maha Shivaratri), Girija Kalyanam was performed in Datta temple. In the evening,Venkatamakhi Samsmaranotsva & Thyagaraja Aradhana was observed in Nada Mantapa.  Musicians from Mysuru & Bengaluru sang in unison the Lakshya & Lakhsna Geetha of  the acclaimed musicologist and ancestor of Sri Swamiji - Sri.Venkatamakhi. They also sang the Ghana Raga Pancha Ratna Kritis of Sri.Thyagaraja Swami. 

On 24 February 2017, Maha Sivaratri was celebrated at Datta Peetham. The day started with Maha Rudra Homa at 6 AM in Nada Mantapa Yaga Shala. 

Sri Bala Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja. 


HH Sri Swamiji offered Maha Purnahuti of Rudra Homa. 

Sri.Radhakrishnan, minister of state for education, governmnent of Sri Lanka took Darshana. He was honored. He welcoemd Sri Swamiji to visit Shankari Devi temple and Seetha Mata temple in Sri Lanka. The 6th edition of Pujya Swamiji's biography in Russian language was released. Translator, Mr.Dubyansky was honored. Sri.Mani Shankar, film director & his son, Bhairav (from Avantari technologies) offered the glimpse of a cutting edge technology called "integrated augemented reality". This newly developed app called "divine darshan" will bring Sri Swamiji to homes of devotees. Those interesed can register to get more information on This app is slated to be released on Yugadi this year. 

In the evening, devotees brought sacred waters in Kalasha in Gangotsava procession. Sri Swamiji performed Abhisheka to Saccidanandeswara Siva Lingam as Veda Pundits chanted Rudra Prashna & Chamaka Prashna Mantras. 

From 10.30 PM, Mysuru & Bengaluru Ashrama bhajan group sang Dvadasha Jyotirlinga Bhajans composed by Sri Swamiji. It was led by Vid.Shivashankara Swamy of Mysuru. As they sang each of the 12 Bhajans, 12 Shiva Lingas emerged from the Himalaya set put up on Poundareeka Ranga Sthala stage. Sri Swamiji sat in the centre of the stage. It was a divine sight to witness the emergence of Maha Lingam at the sacred Lingodhbhava Muhurtam at midnight. Thousands of devotees chanted "Om Namah Shivaya" hundreds of times to the frenzy of drumming. 

Later, Vidushi Lavanya  from Mumbai gave a saxophone concert. 

From 2 AM, Sri Swamiji sang Bhajans and gave discourse. 

at 5 AM, Sri Swamiji offered Maha Mangalararti to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam. 


Speeches of HH Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji – Maha Shivaratri – February 24, 2017 – Mysore

Speech in the morning – Puttugam 7th Birthday

Just as Prasad said we were the first to have Datta Kankanam (bracelet). And then all Peethams (spiritual organizations) and Swamijis started having a Datta Kankanam. Second, we started the Datta Vastram. Everyone else too started after that. Thanks. Before that, they did not know. They hesitated to have Datta Kankanam or Datta Vastram. Suddenly people changed after Ganapathy started. After Puttugam, everyone started. I started using digital media for spiritual propagation. Every Swamy started doing so after. Okay, no problem. Thanks. I am very happy.

Earlier, they hesitated to have a Facebook page. They would resist going to Facebook. They didn’t want to have a spiritual badge or wear a dot on their forehead on their Facebook page. Now, that has changed.

I want to take spirituality to every household. I want to carry spiritual ideas to each house, each human being. We should protect our culture. We should protect our truth. That is why, Swamiji is implementing His ideas in different ways. They are successful. Very good. And then everyone else also started (implementing those ideas). Okay. Thanks.

Then, Swamiji is thinking about new technologies like Augmented Reality. Why not we start (using this technology)? I am only just thinking about it. Then suddenly one day, Bhairav and his father Mani Shankar came and they explained this magic (of Augmented Reality). I am very happy. I already knew about it and read about it in some magazines. Those are big details I do not want to go into. In my mind, I was thinking about how this can become reality? We want to give everyone such a technology. Suddenly, they came to Vijayawada and showed me the technology for this. I was excited for a few minutes. I know the background history. I am very happy about this.

Before the advent of the iPhone, I was sitting at JDRC and explaining to Anupindi and a few other scientists. “This is a very big problem, I am carrying all these books. What is this? (carrying) One item is good. The iPhone started after 3 years. I was very happy. It was very useful. I will tell you one thing. I do not like to say this, but when Swamiji thinks about technical objects or systems, the public suddenly starts adopting it after 15 days or 1 month or 1 year. That is okay. I am very happy. I am not thinking and developing it, I am not a scientist, it is only a sankalpam (thought/determination). It is only my idea. That is good fruit okay. I do not want to become a scientist and do not want credit for it by putting my name first. I am not human, I do not want it. When Appaji is on a plane – that is where I spend most of my time anyway – I have many thoughts and ideas. After 6 months or one year, all those things get done in the market. People may laugh when they seem the new technology, but I do not laugh. I already knew in my mind. I do not say it publicly. If I say that I already knew, it will not look good. I tell only Prasad and other devotees near me.

I only talk about the technical stuff, not the spiritual energy. “Someone will come, he will go to a hospital, he will be fine after…” all that is a different subject. That is why you all come to me. But I am talking about the technical items. Like that Mani Shankar, Bhairav, Rohini his daughter, all worked hard, out of love. There is another new one coming. I’ll show tomorrow or day after. They’ll give you a design. Based on the design, you will see different forms (of Swamiji). So, there’ll be one (form) for housewarming, there will be one wishing happy birthday. You will see all that. You saw Swamiji standing in the Augmented Reality and I showed how you could do circumambulation even. You must register on the website they give you. You may need to pay something for registration. It is okay to pay some money. Just by having a phone, you can have Swamiji’s Darshan. In the future, you will be able to watch on TV and even see in 3d. You must go quickly register. Whether or not the app comes, you must register. Then, if you register, you will get priority. If you are first to register, you will get the app first. They will give the website address. Go and register for the Augmented Reality app. It is like a miracle. What is this about Swamiji coming home? It is happening digitally. I do not know how tricks happen and how he comes. He comes, that is all that matters.

Importantly today, the Minister for Education for Sri Lanka Sri Radhakrishnan has come to invite Swamiji to Sri Lanka. He came here on Shivaratri day. We all have chanted the prayer Tvamasmin Karya Niryoge. That is the place where this prayer was recited. I want to go there after July. Till Guru Purnima, we’ll have a lot of crowd here. It is a week long program (in Sri Lanka). Those who want to, can come. It is close by, like Chennai. We can go see the temple. We can also see the Trincomalee temple. He has come to inaugurate the Puttugam statue and the garden. People in Sri Lanka are all spiritually inclined. May Sri Lanka have peace. Happy birthday again to Puttugam.

You all must subscribe to the Puttugam page on Facebook. Many of you have not. Everyone must subscribe. There are 1,30,000 subscribers. Let there be 10k more. The Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji Facebook page has 52 lakh subscribers. You must also join the page. It has 5.2 million subscribers. Wow! There are so many people. I don’t know when you will join. If you want to be friends with Puttugam on Facebook, you must wear a Datta Vastram in your profile photo. Setup your Facebook profile picture with Datta Vastram and send a friend request. If you don’t wear Datta Vastram I will reject your request regardless of how good a devotee you are. There is a Facebook page called Puttugam that everyone can subscribe to. Same with Sri Ganpathy Sachchidananda Swamiji page. You must subscribe.

How many have SGS Posts? Raise your hand. I am very happy. How many do not have? Now, please get the app. If you do not know how to, people sitting next to you can help you. It is free to download. Srimad Bhagavatam episodes are also on the app now. You must get SGS Posts. They may be in English language, does not matter. I am also thinking about Russian and Japanese languages. There are European and German devotees too. Sabari will help with German language and Russian and Japanese devotees will help with the respective languages. I want the messages in all languages. Swamiji’s teachings (Tattva) should come in all languages. The messages are only 1 or 2 lines long. Srimad Bhagavatam is less than 10 minutes long. It comes with English translation. Don’t miss. We need to go the inauguration, we are getting late.

We are all observing Puttugam birthday.

Water is very scarce. Our well is dried up. We managed to drill another bore well with difficulty. All six bore wells have dried up. Only Swamiji’s bore well is okay but the water is not enough. We do not get Cauvery water. They have stopped that. That is why, please use water sparingly. Do not wash your clothes here. Just soak them in water and dry then, but do not soap and wash your clothes while keeping the water running. Many keep the water running. Please remember me when you turn the faucet on. Protect the Ashrama. IT is embarrassing to get a water tanker. When you open the faucet, do not forget to close it. Do not use too much water. Limit usage. This year, I do not know why, the bore wells have dried up. Swamij’s bore well water is what we are all drinking. We need plenty of water to drink. You stand under the shower chanting Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva. That will not work. We are doing ablutions (Abhisheka) so we can get good rains. We are doing Sahasra Kalasha Abhisheka (with 1000 kalashas). Do not waste water.

Get small portions of food servings. Go back for more, they will happily serve you. Do not serve yourself too much food and waste it. There might be too little salt or something else may be off and you may not eat the whole thing. You can always go back for more once you eat. It’s a buffet system, so you can eat all you want. Volunteers please check. Devotees should observe the people next to them – Swamiji is saying, please don’t waste food. They waste so much food. I go there and see…I get tears in my eyes. They are throwing away half the food. I even wondered if I should stop food donation. I never thought about it before. But now I am having to because you are throwing away the food. I thought I should probably have a canteen. It will not be free food anymore. It will be because of you. Telugu devotees, do not throw the food. Promise that you will not. The Telugu people are the ones. You serve yourself plenty of food. If you did, you must eat it, why did you serve yourself so much?

Every one register for the birthday. You can sign up for souvenir. You can sign up for quarter or half or a full page. Will you do it? Raise your hand. Everyone go and register. You may only half the amount for a half page and a quarter amount for the quarter page and even lesser for a smaller space. You can sponsor small spaces – there will be 10-20 per page. They will take as many ads as possible. All the money goes to food donation (Annadanam).

Let us go to inauguration of Puttugam statue. It is very hot, be safe.

Sri Guru Datta


Maha Shivaratri message after midnight

Oṃ Namaḥ Shivāya Oṃ Namaḥ Shivāya - Oṃ Namaḥ Shivāya

It is said that Shiva showered nectar (amrita) upon the Devatas. You perhaps may wonder, ‘When Vishnu is the Lord who showered nectar upon Devatas, how did Shiva come into the picture?’ Shiva is credited with showering nectar because He is ‘Viṣakanṭha garaḷakanṭha’- He is the Lord who swallowed poison. After swallowing poison what is left? Nectar. After darkness is eliminated what is left? Illumination. After spiritual ignorance is destroyed what remains? Spiritual knowledge. As the Lord swallowed poison, only nectar remained. This nectar was distributed among the Devatas.

The topic for today’s discourse is from Brahma purāna, Skanda-purāna. It is a conversation between Mother Goddess Uma (Parvati) and Lord Shiva. Even sacred texts Guru Geeta and Bhagawatam have their origin in the conversations between Shiva and Parvati! While they were discussing, the egg hatched and the new born bird heard the entire discussions. Do you see this *** kept here beside me on the stage? It is an akshaya pātra (inexhaustible vessel). If 1 gem is put into it, 10 gems emerge. If 10 gems are put, 100 emerge. If 1000 gems are put, 1 lakh gems emerge. Anything dropped into it, multiplies. Based on Swamiji’s intent (sankalpa), if He takes a gem stone which is encased in gold and drops it into this ***, then the *** will be filled with 10 identical gems. The beauty is that these gems multiply only as long as I distribute them. If gems are not distributed, they convert into Vibhuti. Again until next Shivaratri the Vibhuti in this *** will be stored safely.

Anything distributed from this askhaya patra *** bestows auspiciousness upon people.

Their diseases are dispelled. Devotion sprouts in them. Thousands were blessed with gems

from this ***. I cannot distribute those gems casually to everybody who asks for them.

I do not know why I am keeping this *** next to me here on the stage. If someone has the

eligibility (yogam) perhaps he/she would be blessed with a gem. Who knows? This evening

a boy came to me saying he was getting married. Swamiji simply dipped his hand into the

*** and a mangalyam emerged from it. I gave it away to him. It will undoubtedly bestow

him with māngalya-bhagya.

For the past few Shivaratris I have not been distributing any gems from this *** only

because I did not feel like distributing. It is my wish and my will! If I feel like I will do so.

Else I will not. Every action is based on my sankalpa (intent). If I want from a stone I can

create a small girl. I will talk to her and get tasks done by her. I have no need for human

beings filled with blood, muscles, mucus and six inner enemies to complete any of my


The day I decide I should be healthy, I am healthy. The day I decide to be sick, I suffer. It’s

my wish. For the past 35 years I have diabetes. I am very fond of it. But seeing my mental

and physical state none can decipher that I am a diabetic patient. Sometimes this diabetes

causes problems at other times it remains silent. Everything happens per my wish alone.

When I take a medicine I whole-heartedly believe it to be Shiva’s Prasad. With such belief

I do not get tired of medications. I swallow them routinely as though they are roasted

peanuts. If I feel like eating the tablet I eat. If I do not feel like having the tablet I skip it.

It is all per my wish. My mind is the master. I listen only to it. My mind is the Supreme

Lord. Sankalpas (intents) sprout automatically from within. I simply abide by them.

If I feel that I should help someone or that I should cure his diseases, I simply go ahead

and help. If I decide not to help, then no amount of pleading will get me to help him. At

such times even compassion does not sprout in my heart. My mind becomes like a sturdy

rock or diamond. The same mind in some other situation melts like butter.

What causes these fluctuations I do not know. All I can say is that Shiva has merged into

me. He has selected this body. I merge into Him and He merges into me. Such is our

relationship. But the beauty is that when we both combine the collective entity is

addressed as Nārāyaṇa. I contemplate upon Vishnu. Shiva eternally meditates upon

Vishnu, who is none other than the infinite Supreme Lord. Just as Shiva chants Lord

Rama’s name, He also chants Vishnu’s name endlessly. What does Nārāyaṇa do? He

eternally meditates upon Shiva. He is meditating upon us all because we all are Shiva;

because we are Mother Goddess.

He strives endlessly to destroy our sins. The Lord who inherently never faces any

hardships undergoes a lot of pain and difficulty purely to uplift us by destroying our

sins. His hardships are not for His benefit; they are solely for our benefit.

My discourse today explains about the type of devotion that should be developed.

Physically, mentally and verbally non-violence should be practiced as this leads towards


It is our greatest fortune to celebrate Shivaratri which comes during this auspicious holy

month known as Magha (per Hindu calendar). By once chanting ‘Om namah Shivaya’ on

this auspicious Shivaratri, all our sins are destroyed!

Spiritual ignorance (ajnana) is the root for all our sins. Yet at the same time considering

ourselves to be all-knowing we have also indulged in sins. This arrogance is also our

ignorance. A truly knowledgeable person will not speak arrogantly nor act sinfully. Our

mistake is that we are misusing the intellect (buddhi) given to us. Hence we need to pay

for those mistakes. The Lord has given us both do’s and don’ts. Indulging in the specified

wrongful deeds is our mistake.

The formless and traitless Lord Shiva can be visualised in any form. He can be seen in a

piece of paper, in a tree, in a vessel. If a *** is turned upside-down and ‘om namah

shivaya’ mantra is chanted with the faith that it is Shiva, it is adequate to obtain His

blessings. This is because He is devoid of any traits (nirguna) and is changeless (nirvikara).

Even if a watermelon is worshipped with the faith that it is Shiva, it bestows results. Such

is His form!

Oṃ Namaḥ Shivāya Oṃ Namaḥ Shivāya

Viśvēśa viśwavilaya-sthiti janma hētō
Viśwaika vandya Shiva śāśwata viśwaroopa Ι
Vidhwastha kāla vipareeta guṇāvabhāsa
Sriman mahēśa mayi dēhi kṛpā kaṭākṣaṃ ΙΙ

O Supreme Lord Śivā! Only You possess the capacity to bless as well as punish this

creation! You are the primordial cause for the emergence, growth and destruction of this

creation. You alone are worthy of receiving obeisance from everyone! O embodiment of

auspiciousness! O Lord who exists in all the three time periods! O Lord whose body

pervades through all the planes of existence! O Lord who is beyond the illumination of

time! Please shower Your compassionate gaze upon me. This is how the sacred text Skānda

Purāṇa prays to Lord Shiva.

Benefits of Shiva worship on Shivaratri:

• Even an insignificant meritorious deed performed knowingly or unknowingly for

Shiva on this day rewards the person with liberation!

By chanting His names, remaining awake tonight, witnessing or personally performing

abhishekam to Him all sins committed till now are forgiven. However the most important

criteria is ‘faith and devotion’. Physically engaging in the good deed while mentally

being absent will not bestow any benefit. Remain silent till morning. Do not engage in

useless chatter. Be vigilant. If you are drowsy loudly chant ‘Om Namah shivaya’.

• Offering just one sacred Bilva leaf (bael leaf) to Lord Shiva on this day bestows the

person with the merit that is obtained by bathing in River Ganga for several years.

Do not fret that you could not bathe in River Ganga. Just perform Shiva abhishekam and

sprinkle those drops of water on your head. Consume Shiva prasadam. That is enough.

• The results of all the various meritorious deeds prescribed for all the different eons

(Yugas) can be obtained just by performing Shiva worship on this auspicious day.

For this reason all the Devatas including Lord Brahma and all the Maharishis extol

Shivaratri as a supremely auspicious festival!

• Shivaratri is the most auspicious festival which comes in the supremely auspicious

month called Magha. It is said that it is extremely rare for any person to be

bestowed with the chance of having the darshan of a Shiva-lingam, offering Bilva

leaf to Shiva, spending the day in Guru’s vicinity or performing abhishekam to Him

with even a spoonful of water on this day.

It is a sin to fall asleep on this night. Even dozing off mildly is considered sinful and it

results in a lower sinful birth. The fruits of remaining awake and other meritorious deeds

are washed off when the person dozes.

• Fasting, remaining awake the entire night, spending time in Shiva’s presence and

visiting His temple are rituals stipulated for this auspicious day. They are the steps

which lead the person towards Shiva’s abode.

• Fasting on this day with the mind totally fixed upon Shiva bestows the person with

the merit of performing a hundred Yagnas (sacrificial rituals).

• Remaining awake the entire night for Shiva bestows the person with more merit

than what is acquired by spending 10 million years in penance.

Just try and remain awake this one night! The merit obtained is limitless! Despite my

instructions you may doze off. I have just now imitated the actions of a person who

drowsily dozes off. Even for this imitation I have acquired sin. There is no excuse. I have

to pay for it. Even though I am Shiva, I have acquired sin. It is said that the results of sins

and merits do not spare even the Gods. This is the inescapable law of creation. Hence

remain awake under any circumstances.

• Nothing in the three worlds can match the merit that is obtained by worshipping

Shiva with a single Bilva (bael) leaf on this day!

• Due to worship performed with absolute devotion and dedication on this day, even

those sins which are beyond atonement (prāyaschitta) and which cannot be

destroyed by time, get destroyed! Such is the greatness of worshipping or

remembering Shiva on this day!

Qualities of a spiritual aspirant who seeks to reach Heaven:

Mother Goddess Uma, who eternally seeks the well-being of the world, once asked

Supreme Lord Shiva, “My dear Lord! What is it that helps humans reach the ultimate

state?” This conversation between the holy couple is contained in the sacred text Brahma


Human beings are so fickle that every moment their emotions undergo a change. One

moment they are happy, next moment they are hungry, thereafter the next second they

complain of aches and pains. They are ruled by excessive sleep and laziness. How can such

people be uplifted? Mother Parvati wanted to know.

As this question was aimed at securing the well-being of the world Lord Shiva was

supremely pleased. He said,

• “Humans who seek to obtain the ultimate state should develop deep inclination as

well as dedication towards truthfulness (satya) and righteousness (dharma). Always

strive to remain truthful. During certain circumstances, when you believe that by

being truthful you would be inconveniencing another, then choose to remain silent.

It is better than speaking untruth.

• They should be peace-loving. Both at mental and physical plane they should be at

peace. There are many who appear irritable at all times. They take pride in the

fact that they are short-tempered. It is wrong! In no way it is an admirable trait!

‘If I get angry I will act like a lion. I will be as wicked as a fox’- people who make

such statements need to be treated properly. Perhaps they are exhibiting the traits

of their earlier births when they were born as lions or foxes.

• They should refrain from injuring any living entity in the universe either physically,

mentally or verbally. Try to drive away mosquitoes using repellents. Do not kill

them. Instead we take great pride in killing the mosquito that sits on our hand. It is

wrong! Only when an animal is harming other innocent animals we have the

right to kill it. Not otherwise. For instance when a rat eats away small innocent

birds then it can be killed. As birds are being protected, no sin is incurred. At such

times Shiva the witness takes over our sins as our intent was to protect other

animals. This is dharma. However going to the rat-hole, dragging the rat and killing

it is unacceptable! Never deliberately harm other living entities.

• They should not have attachments of any sort. Practice dispassion. Learn to see

defects (dosham) in attachments and desires. I love it when devotees develop

dispassion. When I call the ashram children from Singapore asking if I should buy

them any gifts, they refuse. They say, “Please come back Appaji. We do not want

any gifts.” This trait we too should develop. Never entertain desires.

Don’t even demand talismans from Swamiji. He gives per His discretion. Why do we need

talismans, pendants or Rudrakshas when He resides in our hearts? ‘You are with me

Swamiji. Why do I need all these trivial objects? Why should I seek tiny rocks from the

mountain when the mountain itself is beside me? It is enough if You are with me Swamiji’-

this should be our prayer. But when He calls you specifically and gives you a talisman, do

not refuse. It is a medication He is giving you. On your part never demand or desire.

• They should possess feelings of equal-mindedness in every aspect.

• They should not utter lies either for their own benefit, for the benefit of others,

for the purposes of profession, for protecting righteousness (dharma) or for their

freedom. Only those who possess pure minds, who speak lovingly to others and who

do not entertain feelings of anger reach heaven. Abusing others is prohibited! This

is verbal non-violence (vācika ahimsa dharma).

• Mind should be freed from impurities. They should be content with what they

possess. Never be jealous when others prosper. Learn to enjoy their prosperity

and share their happiness. This is Yogam. It is your luck to be bestowed with

that yogam. A teacher should never be envious when his student prospers and

becomes more famous than him!

They should be compassionate towards all forms of life. They should not have feelings of

enmity towards any living entity. More importantly, they should not seek any result from

any good or bad deed performed. Only such persons are eligible to reach heaven! All these

are considered mental non-violence (mānasika ahimsa dharma).

• Let us discuss about physical non-violence (kāyaka ahimsa dharma). The person

should strictly abstain from sinful activities and should not physically harm other

living beings. The longevity of the person who abuses others gets shortened. Even

after undergoing unimaginable punishments in *** when such a sinner is reborn on

earth his life will serve no purpose. This is because he will have a very short

lifespan. Very short lifespan indicates that he has harmed other living entities in his

past life.

Only that person, who while performing auspicious deeds, strictly abstains from using

weapons, speaks lovingly to others and practices non-violence reaches heaven. After

exhausting his balance of merit, he will be born as a human being on earth with a long

lifespan”- replied Lord Shiva.

Here the three types of non-violence i.e. the physical, mental and verbal non-violence

were elaborated. All those who listen to this auspicious conversation between Mother

Goddess Uma and Lord Shiva from Brahma Purāṇa on this holy Shivaratri day are

truly fortunate!

Pallavi: Umā mahēśwara! Ōmkārā !

Ramā ramāśaya saṃcārā !

Ardhanārīśwara! Amarēśā!

Baddha vimōcana sandeśā !

Śuddhabrahma svākāśā !

Uddhara māmiha paramēśā ! …..1

Hara! pāpaṃ haṭha śiva sadayā !

Bhava! Cittē bhava praḷayarayā !

Shiva! Hē śivatara! Śivāpriyā !

mṛḍa! Mē hṛdayaṃ tvaṃ mṛḍayā ! ….2

pancākṣara japa suprītā !

pancānanatvaṃ jagatpitā !

panca prāṇā – nāṃ pātā !

sacchidānandā sandhātā ! …3

Meaning of the bhajan:

O Lord Uma-maheśwara! O personification of Omkāra (AUM)! O Lord who wanders in the

heart of Srihari, the charming husband of Goddess Ramādevi!

Stanza 1: O Ardhanārīśwara (half Shiva and half Devi form)! O Lord of all Lords! O Lord

who has imparted supreme philosophical teachings so as to release the bonded soul! O

Self-effulgent Lord! O Supreme Lord! Kindly uplift me within this birth itself.

Stanza 2: O Hara! O embodiment of auspiciousness! O epitome of compassion! Please

destroy my sins. O Bhava! O Lord who moves at lightning speeds! Kindly reside within my

mind. O bestower of auspiciousness! O Lord who is more auspicious than all forms of

auspiciousness! O Lord who is very dear to Mother Goddess Gowri! O Lord who showers

happiness upon all the worlds! With your divine darshan please comfort my heart.

Stanza 3: O Lord who is pleased when the 5 syllable (pancākṣari) mantra is chanted! O

five-faced Lord! You are the father of all the universes. You protect the five life-forces

(panca prāṇa) and prevent them from escaping (you exhibited this transcendental deed

when protecting Markanḍeya). O Lord who bestows Sacchidānanda (truth-knowledgebliss)!

Please uplift me.

Story explaining the greatness of devotion:

In God-related matters doubts such as ‘will this deed reward me with merit’ or ‘will this

action be considered sinful’ should never be entertained. Doubts trigger disbelief and

diffidence which pave the way for the person’s downfall. Contrary to this, even a

stone will shower auspicious results upon the person who diligently and faithfully

worships it. Skanda Purāṇa contains a wonderful story which is meant for devotees who

swing between belief and disbelief.

Many eons ago King Simhaketu of Pāncāla kingdom left for the forests for hunting,

accompanied by his attendants. Among his attendants was a tribal-hunter named

Chanḍaka. One day as Chandaka was hunting he stumbled upon a dilapidated temple

within which was a beautiful Shiva linga. His heart immediately began to overflow with

intense devotion towards the Lord. The Lord too compassionately showered His grace upon


That’s all! Chanḍaka quickly picked up the idol and directly approaching the king, he

asked, “O King! Please see my Shiva. I want to worship Him to the best of my ability. How

should I offer flowers to Him? What should I do to ensure that He looks at me?”

Hearing these words the king laughed loudly. He replied, “Hey man, why do you bother

about worshipping God? Anyways, since you enquired I will explain. Listen. At first chant

the sankalpa-mantra (intent behind the worship). Thereafter perform water abhishekam

to Him”.

Swamiji explains: When performing water abhishekam to Lord Shiva we should seek

the well-being of the universe. I prayed that our state Karnataka is suffering from

famine. Our dams have gone dry. There is no water for irrigation. May Lord Shiva shower

us with some untimely rains so that crops grow! When offering abhishekam I prayed that

for a ***-full of water poured upon Him, 20 lakh people should benefit! We should learn to

pray in this manner.

The king continued, “Then offer Him an appropriate seat (āsana). Offer Him incense stick

(dhoopa), show Him the lamp (deepa) and then offer Him food (naivedya). Play some

musical instrument to appease Him. Sing for Him. If you do not know any bhajans then

simply chant ‘Om namah Shivaya’ with devotion. After completion of all these rituals you

can eat the sanctified food offered to Him as prasad.

However there is one very important mandatory ritual that should be followed. If you truly

seek that Shiva should look at you, then daily you have to offer him some ash from the

crematorium. Only then He will be pleased.”

In fact the king’s last statement was purely meant to ridicule Canḍaka. However Canḍaka

sincerely believed the king’s words. He returned home and narrated all this to his wife.

She happily agreed.

Unfailingly every single day he would visit the crematorium, collect the ash and worship

Lord Shiva with it. He would offer whatever was cooked at home as naivedya to the Lord.

Later together with his wife he would eat the same as prasadam.

Bhajan: māṇikya grh̥ akāśaṁ

mahayāmō bhīmēśaṁ

māṇikyā – śakti s’sā

maṇi gaṇamukhya – śrī bhis’sā


śruti tati ruccai stsavīti yaṁ …1

māṇikyā – mātā sā

man̄jula mahimā drt̥ a dāsā

bhīmēśō janakō yaṁ

jñānā dvindati bhaktō yaṁ …2

māṇikyā – śakti riyaṁ

cōdayatīśā – yā sudhiyaṁ

bhīmēśa – śśaktōyaṁ

prōcuryaṁ vā – gata māyaṁ …3

amrt̥ a mayī mamrt̥ a mayaṁ

gata vilayāṁ mati nilayaṁ

tā mambāṁ taṁ pitaraṁ

sacidānandāṁ – sacidanandaṁ …4

Many days passed by. One morning however they were faced with a big obstacle. The ash

which Canḍaka had fetched from the crematorium mysteriously disappeared! He searched

for it everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. In great haste he ran back to the

crematorium. To his bad luck, no ash was available. He now hastened to all the places

where ash would normally be found. But to his dismay ash was not available in any place.

Dejected, he returned home and said to his wife, “Today I failed to get ash for the Lord.

My worship remains incomplete. What if Shiva gets angry with me? What should I do now?

Can you suggest some remedy?”

Generally husband and wives are true friends who seek advice from each other. It is a

healthy habit. Only a few couples do not have this harmonious understanding. It is wrong

to keep secrets from wife about money and other related matters. Trust and faith in each

other are must. Where the wife is a termagant person or where she is suspicious of her

husband he treads the wrong track. She should consider him as her true friend.

Chanḍaka’s wife was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Immediately she replied, “Yes, I

have a plan by which your worship will get duly complete and by which Shiva will be

pleased. However I shall disclose my plan only if you make a promise that you will

diligently follow it. Also promise that you will not become agitated upon listening to it.”

Canḍaka who was upset that his worship would remain incomplete was not able to think

logically. In his anxiety to complete the worship he promised that he would listen to her

advice. She then calmly said, “I suggest that we should burn down our house. I will sit

within the house and along with it I will be reduced to ashes. Using those ashes you

complete the worship. Shiva will be pleased”.

For a short while Canḍaka was aghast and speechless. He then composed himself. Extolling

her devotion towards Shiva he asked her, “What prompted you to take this decision?”

She replied, “It is said that giving up one’s life for the well-being of others bestows

completeness to that birth. Due to the strength of my past meritorious deeds I have

today been blessed with this fortune wherein I can give up my life for Shiva himself! I will

not let go of this fortune. Now please do not delay. Quickly begin today’s worship.”

Pleased with her steadfast devotion and wise intellect Canḍaka quickly began to arrange

for the day’s worship. The chaste woman offered obeisance to her husband. She then set

fire to the house and while entering into it prayed to Shiva,

“My dear Lord, may my sense organs become the flowers that are offered to You! May my

body become the incense stick offered to You! May my heart become the lamp offered!

My life-force should become the offering made in the holy fire. May my hands, legs etc.

become the coloured rice used in the worship! May this living entity obtain the result of

having performed Your worship!

O dear Shiva! I will not agonise even if I need to take innumerable more births. I will not

complain nor will I be saddened. However I seek only one blessing. Please bless that even

a trace of spiritual ignorance (ajnana) does not enter my mind. Please bless that my

heart should not deviate from Your lotus feet for even a fraction of a second. I offer

obeisance to You.” After this prayer, she entered the house and was reduced to ashes

along with it.

Canḍaka, who was totally engrossed in his worship, was oblivious to what was happening

around him. With great devotion he collected the ashes from his burnt down house and

offered them to Shiva. He rejoiced that he could satisfactorily complete Shiva puja.

Bhajan: śivāśivā sadāśivā

bhavā bhavā bhavōdbhavā

bhaktisulabhuḍu bhavaharuḍu

śaktiyuktulaku dorakaḍu itaḍu

haruḍu… śaṅkaruḍu

dakṣuni śiramunu van̄cinavāḍu

sōmuni śirasuna un̄cinavāḍu

haruḍu… śaśidharuḍu

pan̄caśarālaku loṅganivāḍu

pārvati tapasuku poṅginavāḍu

haruḍu… sundaruḍu ..1

vidhāta dambhamu naccanivāḍu

śrīhari palukulu meccinavāḍu

haruḍu… guruvaruḍu

mūḍu puram’mula kālcinavāḍu

mullōkam’mula kācinavāḍu

haruḍu… bhayaharuḍu ..2

kāluni darpamu din̄cinavāḍu

bāluni āyuvu pen̄cinavāḍu

haruḍu… mrt̥ yun̄jayuḍu

gaṅganu jaṭalō aṇacinavāḍu

bhagīrathunikai viḍacinavāḍu

haruḍu… gaṅgādharuḍu ..3

ghōraviṣāgnini nilipinavāḍu

surulaku sudha dakkin̄cinavāḍu

haruḍu… viṣadharuḍu

praḷayakālamuna mun̄ceḍivāḍu

praṇavarūpuḍai migileḍivāḍu

haruḍu… saccidānanduḍu ..4

It was time for consuming the sanctified food as prasad. As per his daily routine he called,

“My dear, please come and take the prasad.” Saying “I am coming” she came and before


Only after seeing her Canḍaka became conscious of his surroundings. One by one he

recollected all the events of that morning. He was bewildered. As he was speechlessly

watching, a new house stood in place of his house that was burnt down. He then turned to

his wife and in astonishment enquired, “Did you not get burned down along with the

house? How did you come back to life?”

She replied, “I do not know what happened. As soon as I entered the fire, my body felt

cool as if sandal-paste was applied to it. For a fraction of a second I drifted into deep

sleep. Only after hearing your call I woke up. I opened my eyes and saw you. I know


As this holy couple was thus conversing, a celestial aircraft arrived and halted before

them. Shiva’s attendants descended from it. With great love they explained that Shiva had

invited them to His abode. The attendants then touched their hands in order to help them

board the plane. With their touch both of them obtained celestial bodies. They attained

oneness in form with Lord Shiva (Shiva sāroopya).

Modern science has discovered another earth-like planet which is some 80,000 light years

away. It is impossible to travel there in any lifetime. Who knows perhaps advancement in

science will lead to the discovery of Yaksha, Kinnara, Kimpurusha and Gandharva planetary

systems. They have to be discovered in the same order. It is said that it takes 80 crore

years to reach those planetary systems. All our ancient spiritual texts such as Skandapurāna,

Brahmānda-purāṇa etc. give the exact measurements and distances between all

these celestial planes. In the past eons, these were already discovered and identified. At a

very great distance fom these planes is the Go-loka. From there even the other celestial

planetary systems cannot be seen. Likewise in a celestial aircraft the pious couple was

taken to Shiva’s abode.

Even though the king had jocularly ridiculed this hunter-tribal, believing it to be true he

sincerely served Shiva with full faith and dedication. At times even Swamiji jocularly

makes some statements. Instead of brushing it off lightly, we should sincerely abide

by it. Only then it will yield the right results. Here Supreme Lord Shiva was pleased

with their dedication. He bestowed this hunter-tribal with that ultimate position which

even great Yogis fail to obtain!

Please note one very important point. Our scriptures do not advocate worshipping with ash

from crematorium. In fact it is strictly forbidden. We should never do anything that is

condemned by the shastras. Worshipping with regular Vibhuti made from cow-dung is only

permitted. In fact one should not even casually enter the crematorium. It is forbidden. Do

not try to sit in a graveyard and read novels. If some ghost comes out to greet you, what

will be your fate?

Only in Ujjain this procedure is followed. Here also they do not bring ash from

crematorium. I was told that they make a sandal doll in human form as per specified

scriptural procedures and cremate it within the temple premises. In this they mix regular

Vibhuti. They then carry the ash in large pots and use it for worshiping Shiva.

Such instances are given in Purāṇās only to increase our faith and dedication and not to

encourage us to tread the wrong path.

There is no use of obtaining a higher birth if faith, dedication and trust are missing.

Attaining expertise in Vedas and Shastras also serves no purpose. It is imperative that the

mind be completely offered to Shiva! Only such a person is truly fortunate! There

cannot be a person greater than him in all the 3 worlds!’ said Maharishi Suta to Maharishi

Śounaka and others.

Tē janma-bhājaḥ khalu-jeeva lōkē

yēṣāṃ manōdhyāyati viśwanādhaṃ Ι

vāṇī guṇāṃ stouti kathāṃ śṛuṇōti

śrōtradvayaṃ tē bhava-muttaramti ΙΙ

That person whose mind eternally contemplates upon Lord Shiva, whose speech

forever glorifies His transcendental qualities and whose ears perpetually listen to

Shiva’s wonderous stories would have truly lived a fruitful life. His life would have

achieved completeness!

May Shiva’s grace ensure that this world is rendered peaceful! May all obstacles that stand

in the path of mutual co-operation be dissipated! May wickedness vanish and may wisdom

reign in the world! May all agitations in the world come to an end! May all people tread

the path of righteousness (dharma)!

Pallavi: Sacchidānandeśwarā!

Pāhi śrī


Ratnapura bhū-garbha guptālayā !

dattapeeṭhē dayā vyaktālayā ! …..1

nandikēśa-pramukha vandita-prapadā !

sāndhyakāle japya manuroopa sukhadā ! ..2

durbhikṣa parihāra māṃ rakṣa haraharā !

satpakṣa! Paramaśiva! niṭalākṣa! Guruvarā !

Meaning of bhajan:

It has been 50 years since the establishment of Dattapeetham. We are the golden jubilee

year and are about to celebrate the diamond jubilee. In the history of Dattapeetham, the

very first deity to be consecrated was Lord Sacchidānandeśwara! On this auspicious day of

Shivaratri we are offering our services to Him. O Lord Sacchidānandeśwara! Please protect


After Sacchidanandeshwara consecrated himself in the ashram, He called Lord Narasimha

to come and reside here. Then He called Kashi Shiva, Ganapati, Vishalakshi Devi. Before

this He asked Dattatreya to come and reside here. He then called Vishnu to come and

reside here. He said, “Swamiji has no time to visit Tirupati so you come and reside here.

From Kashi Shiva has already arrived, now you come.”

Subrahmanya, who is Sena-nāyaka i.e. the leader of the Devata army, is also here. He is

our protector at all times. He protects every cell, nerve and nādi (astral nerve) of ours. He

also brought Bhairava swamy and consecrated Him here. There are totally 8 Bhairavas in

the temple. With merely their darshan all sins as well as diseases are destroyed. It is

mandatory to have His darshan. All forms of fears, including fear of life, are driven away.

We are so fortunate to walk here in this Vaikunṭha.

The birds here are the various Devatas such as Indra and others. They are multi-coloured

and live on vegetarian food. The Moolika herbal garden is like a garden of nectar (amruta

vana). In it all kinds of trees are growing. Can you find a better Vaikunṭha than this

anywhere? With His height, our Hanuman has occupied such a prominent place that there

is no need to even mention about Him. He towers above all other temples. He holds the

dharma-dhwaja. He fulfils all our tasks. Everything is available in the ashram. I think

only devotion and dedication (bhakti-śraddha) are missing. If we add these two

qualities, then there is nothing more to be sought.

Stanza 1: O Lord, your temple was hidden deep within the earth in the village Ratnapuri!

Out of compassion You have made yourself visible in this temple in Dattapeetham!

Stanza 2: O Lord, Nandīśwara and others offer obeisance to You. Your original form is the

mantra that is chanted during the sandhya times. O bestower of happiness!

Stanza 3: O dispeller of famine! O Hara! Kindly protect me. O Lord who always stands by

noble, good people! O three-eyed Lord! O Gurudeva! O Sacchidānandeśwara! Kindly

protect me.

Bhajan: Kāśīpatē kāśīpatē

kailāsavāsānu kampāmatē

tvaṁ jyōtirātmāsi kāśīpatē

dīpārcanātuṣṭa dīvyanmatē

vēdai ravijñēya viṣvaggatē

tvaṁ sarvarūpōsi liṅgākrt̥ ē …1

mrl̥ liṅga sāhasra sampūjita

tvaṁ bhāsi jīvēṣu liṅgātmanātata

malliṅga dēhastu tvāṁ padyatāṁ

śrī saccidānanda tāmrc̥ chatāṁ ..2

50 years back Swamiji brought this Shiva who was located deep within the earth in

Ratnapuri village. He appeared in my dream and asked me to take Him away. Until then I

desisted from building temples. Contrary to my initial hesitation He has now got me to

consecrate thousands of temples. At that time my grandmother approached me and said

‘Shiva appears to be located deep within earth in the fields near my house. I am seeing

Shiva there. He makes strange noises. Why don’t you bring Him here?’ Due to divine will,

it so happened that my dream and my grandmother’s message happened on the same day!

Swamiji immediately left for Ratnapuri. My grandparents were living in a thatched house.

They had gifted away all their lands earlier. They used to rear cows and engage in

agricultural activities throughout their lives. They suspected that Shiva was located right

beneath their house. Swamiji asked them to step aside and had the area dug. Deep within

the earth they located Shiva. ‘Oh, we have been harvesting our crops upon this Shiva

linga. The crops yielded good returns. We could not fathom the reason for it all these

days. O Shiva, what a pity, we even built this house upon You. What to do? Perhaps we

have sinned’ they thought.

We arranged for a bullock cart from Hunsur. Many volunteers assembled to lift the Shiva

linga. Violin Chowdaih and Urs were also accompanying us. At that time the bhajans

Iśapateeśa was composed. Even to this day this bhajan causes the body to horripilate. Eyes

well up with tears even today when I listen to it. While I was singing, Chowdaih was

playing it on the violin. How to lift up such a large Shiva linga? It was deep within the

earth. There was no crane to lift it up. It was nearing the auspicious sunset time. It was

the auspicious Pradosha time. Swamiji gently lifted up the Shiva linga. Shiva slid into his

hand. People were stunned. No one was aware what was going on. Shiva was gently

brought here in the bullock cart.

No one knows which language this bhajan Iśapateeśa is made up of. It is Datta language.

To date we have retained the same lyrics and same tune as the initial composition.

All those who attended Shivaratri celebrations this year will undoubtedly obtain merger

into Shiva, provided certain conditions are met. You have to retain the same levels of

devotion, dedication that you have today. You have to practice non-violence. Eat only pure

sattvik food henceforth. Please ensure purity of food you eat. Even egg is non-vegetarian

and should be strictly avoided. Promise that you will abide by this principle. The same

protein found in egg is also available in other vegetables and grains. If you abide by these

disciplines then you will obtain this merger.

Discarding this outside fearful illusory world if you step into this world of goodness

(sattvik) and develop devotion then only this visit of yours will become fruitful. At least in

order to achieve this, you have to be determined to change your habits. You have to

change for the good. You have to change only then good results can be obtained. There

are many who have undergone positive transformation after seeing Swamiji, talking to

Him, or after Swamiji stepped into their homes. Only a few remain unchanged. Please do

not cheat Swamiji. It is a sin. You cannot approach Swamiji if you are sinful. You will fear

him. To be blissful it is essential to eat only pure, clean sattvik food.

Abide by devotion, dedication, truthfulness and righteousness. Bhagawatam contains the

exact wordings of Lord Sri Maha-Vishnu. The supreme Lord taught it to Brahma. Brahma in

turn preached Maharishi Nārada, who taught this to Maharishi Vedavyasa. Maharishi

Vedavyasa taught this to his son Maharishi Śuka who taught this to Emperor Parikshit.

When Maharishi Nārada once reached Brindavan he saw a strange sight. A young lady was

accompanied by two old men. She was grieving. Nārada asked her, “Are they your

parents?” She replied, “No, they are my sons.” “How come they are old and debilitated?”

asked Maharishi Nārada. She replied, “I was born in South India. I am bhakti (devotion).

These two are my sons Jnana (knowledge) and Vairagya (detachment). As we travelled

across India we turned old. After reaching Brindavan I regained my youth but these two

still continue to remain old. I am grieving for them. All my efforts to revive them have

become futile.”

Nārada then decided that it was time to preach Bhagawatam. He asked them to continue

Narayana japam. On their behalf he undertook severe austerities on the banks of River

Ganga. He performed the first parayana of Srimad Bhagawatam for 7 days. With this jnana

and vairagya gradually attained youthfulness. Such is the power of Bhagawatam! It is said

that chanting even one shloka of Bhagawatam has supreme results. Even chanting a word

of Bhagawatam or touching the holy book grants supreme fruits.

Please listen or read to this moola-Bhagawatam being explained by Swamiji. You may not

understand everything. But still it is essential to listen. Those names should fall into the

ears. The description of those lineages should be heard. The various incarnations of Vishnu

should be heard. It is being posted daily in SGSposts.

Please have your bath and then break your fast. Try not to sleep during the day. Control

your sleep till evening. Sleep well at night.

In order to bestow completeness upon the mind, Kriya yoga is essential. With this both

mind and body obtain purity.

To summarize:

Shiva is the Supreme Lord who creates, sustains and annihilates all universes. Worshipping

Him, fasting, staying awake all night, offering Bilwa leaf and performing water

abhishekam on Shivaratri bestows unlimited and unimaginable merit!

To lead a fruitful complete life and to reach Heaven the following disciplines should be


Be truthful; lead a righteous life; be peace-loving; have pure mind; refrain from injuring

any living being physically, mentally or verbally; be free from attachments and have

feelings of equal-mindedness.

The mind and the body should be completely offered to Shiva! Implicit faith, absolute

devotion, dedication and trust are tools that help us reach His abode! The mind should

focus only upon Him, speech should forever glorify His transcendental qualities and ears

should listen only to His divine stories!

Girija Kalyanam was held in Datta temple as part of Maha Shivaratri festival on 23 February 2017
Pujya Sri Swamiji worships Shiva & Parvati during Girija Kalyanam
Venkatamakhi memoriam and Thyagaraja Aradhana was held in Nada Mantapa on the evening of 23 February 2017
Musicians from Mysuru & Bengaluru participated during Venkatamakhi memoriam and Thyagaraja Aradhana was held in Nada Mantapa on the evening of 23 February 2017
Musicians from Mysuru & Bengaluru sang Venkatamakhi's Lakshana Geethas & Thyagaraja Pancha Ratna Kritis during Venkatamakhi memoriam and Thyagaraja Aradhana
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Purnahuti of Maha Rudra Homa on Maha Shivaratri at Datta Peetham on 24 February 2017
Pujya Swamiji's digital assistant - Puttugam's birthday was celebrated on Maha Shivaratri morning at Nada Mantapa - 24 February 2017
The 6th & updated edition of Pujya Swamiji's biography in Russian language was released on Maha Shivaratri morning. Author of the book, Mr.Dubyansky from Moscow is seen.
Acclaimed film director, Sri.Mani Shankar offers to Pujya Swamiji a proposal to release an integrated augmented reality app for smart phones. - 24.02.2017
Pujya Sri Swamiji takes Darshana of augmented reality Darshana of Sri Swamiji ( on screen). The app & service will go live on Yugadi. More details at
Team members of Avantari technologies who developed the augmented reality app with Pujya Swamiji.
Release of Nadi Shuddhi exercises book in Braille for visually impaired. Sri.Radhakrishnan, Minister of state for education, Government of Sri Lanka is also seen.
On Puttugam's 6th anniversary, Sri Swamiji inaugurated a large Ganesha statue depicting the logo of Puttugam.
On the Maha Shivaratri evening, Sri Swamiji offers Abhisheka to Dwadasha Lingas in Datta temple
Kalagni Shamana Dattatreya was decorated in Bhasma Alankara on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri. 24.2.2017
Pujya Swamiji offers Pujas, Abhishekas & Archana to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam in Datta Peetham. 24.2.2017
Pujya Swamiji offers Pujas, Abhishekas & Archana to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam in Datta Peetham. 24.2.2017
Pujya Swamiji offers Pujas, Abhishekas & Archana to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam in Datta Peetham. 24.2.2017
Pujya Swamiji offers Pujas, Abhishekas & Archana to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam in Datta Peetham. 24.2.2017
Devotees personally perform Abhishekam Dvadasha Lingas on the auspicious night of Maha Shivaratri 24.2.2017
The Pundareeka Ranga Sthala stage was specially decorated with 12 emerging Shiva Lingas on Maha Shivaratri night at Datta Peetham.
Devotees receive Maha Prasadam after they personally performed Abhisheka to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam on Maha Shivaratri at Datta Peetham - 24.2.2017
Pujya Swamiji on stage as the 12 Lingas emerge from mountains at Datta Peetham on Maha Shivaratri night- 24.2.2017
Bhajan groups sing Dvadasha Jyotirlinga Bhajans on Maha Shivaratri night. They were led by Vid.Shiva Shankara Swamy of Mysuru.
Thousands of devotees witnessed the sacred Linga Udhbhava (Shiva Linga emergence) at midnight on Maha Shivaratri night at Datta Peetham, Mysuru. 24.2.2017
The midnight of Maha Shivaratri saw the emergence of Maha Lingam on stage at Datta Peetham. 24.2.2017
The sacred set of 12 Jyotirlingas & Linga on stage at Datta Peetham on Maha Shivaratri night. 24.2.2017
Vid.Lavanya performed Saxophone concert during Maha Shivaratri night at Datta Peetham. 24.2.2017
Pujya Bala Swamiji offers Archana to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam on Maha Shivaratri night. 24.2.2017
Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam was decorated in 12 different Alamkaras during Maha Sivaratri night at Datta Peetham. 24.2.2017
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Maha Mangalarati to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam on the dawn of Maha Sivaratri night - 25.2.2017
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Chaamara Seva to Saccidanandesvara Siva Lingam on the dawn of Maha Sivaratri night - 25.2.2017