Sri Datta Sadguru Sannidhi - Special Datta Kriya yoga classes

  • 26 Feb 2017 - 28 Feb 2017
  • Mysore, India

Sri Datta Sadguru Sannidhi - Special Datta Kriya yoga classes


“Sri Datta Sadguru Sannidhi” - Special Datta Kriya yoga classes were conducted by Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji in Nada Mantapa Mysore on 26, 27, & 28 February 2017. Sri Swamiji demonstrated special Nadi Shuddhi Vyayamas (special exercises with pranayama) stage 3. More than 400 delegates participated as Sri Swamiji instructed the method of meditating upon the divine manifesting in the spiritual heart in the size of a thumb. Sri Swamiji also demonstrated some rare Mudras during the three day session.

Datta Kriya Yoga teachers demonstrated Nadi Shuddhi Vyayamas stage 1 while the delegates practiced. Delegates received training in various Asanas, Mudras Pranayamaas, Nadu Shuddhi Vyayamas and meditation techniques. Sri Swamiji personally initiated them into meditation. Sri Swamiji rendered a special Bhajan session for the Yoga delegates. He sang compositions related to Yoga and explained that all paths ultimately lead into yoga and this is the greatness of Indian philoaophy. He further explained that the all pervading Paramatma is seated in our heart and can be experienced through Dhyana. Pujya Sri Bala Swamiji gave a discourse on the 10 essential qualities of a Yogi.

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