HH Sri Swamiji in Hyderabad Ashrama - Hanuman Chalisa & Karthika Shiva Abhisheka

  • 08 Nov 2018 - 12 Nov 2018
  • Hyderabad, India

HH Sri Swamiji in Hyderabad Ashrama - Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Abhisheka & Karthika Maasa Shiva Abhisheka

8th to 12th November 2018


Pujya Sri Swamiji visited SGS Ashrama, Dundigal, Bhagyanagar, Hyderabad from 8th to 12th November 2018. 

Arriving from Srisailam at 1 PM on, 8th November, Sri Swamiji was received by a large group of committee members and devotees. 

That day being the first day of the sacred Karthika month, Sri Swamiji performed Abhishekam to the Marakata Nageswara Shiva Lingam in the Ashrama premises. Sitting in front of the Shiva temple, Sri Swamiji listened to soulful Bhajan singing of Smt.Srilakshmi, mother of the Ashrama head priest Vid.Narasimha.  Sri Swamiji was pleased to learn she regularly sings Bhajans in Ashrama irrespective of the crowd size and also reads spiritual books for the ladies in Ammavodi and teaches prayers and chants to kids and elders in Ashrama. Sri Swamiji lauded her efforts and blessed her to continue. 


On 9th November evening, Swagata Sabha was arranged for Pujya Swamiji in the sprawling prayer hall of the Ashrama. Sri Murali Krishna gave a rousing welcome speech to His Holiness. Members of Ashrama Bhajana singing team sang a welcome song “Swagatam Swagatam Guru Sarvabhauma Swagatam”  composed for the occasion by Smt.Arauna and tuned by well known musician Vid.Sheshulata. 


Sri Swamiji then released the official 2019 calendar of Datta Peetham. 


 Members of Bhagyanagar Ashrama, Panchamukha Anjaneya Kshetram - BHEL Patancheru, Ganesha Anjaneya Temple - Dilsukh Nagar, Datta temple - BDL-Bhagyanagar, members of Mathru Mandali, Ammavodi, SDHS, Datta temple - Janavada, Datta temple - Kamareddy, SGS Ashrama - Nizamabad, SGS Ashrama - Karimnagar offered garlands to Pujya Swamiji 

Pujya Sri Swamiji then gave a discourse thus:


Many 5th generation devotees have received gold medals from Sri Swamiji. Over 170 members have received this blessings from Swamiji. Good news is many of the families have continuously served Sri Swamiji’s programs. Their devotion was not moody or emotional. Their devotion was steadfast.... irrespective of the problems they faced in their lives. They understood Guru Tattva and kept their devotion like a Tailadhaara - flow of oil. Their devotion is example for others. We should always learn good habits from others. We should not hear bad things, see bad things, utter bad things. We should not hear abuse on a Guru. We have to follow the path of Sadguru teachings. You have to teach your devotion to your kids. 


Whatever Swamiji shows.... be it Datta worship or Hanuman worship.... one should try to follow. 

For decades I have preached worship of Datta, Devi, Hanuman, Ganapathy and the families have followed with devotion.


Many have followed Swamiji for decades and felt that Swamiji’s teachings have been their guiding light. 


Swamiji’s Spiritual message has been spread to varieties of ways. Through books, CD, videos and thru internet. Many feel that Swamiji’s message is directed to them for the problem they are currently facing. 


Follow teachings on the mobile app sgsposts. Messages are sent in ten different languages. One person said he improved his English skill from the messages he read on sgsposts. He feels It even helped his visa interview. Spread the app to friends and others. It is free after all. 


Hanuman Chalisa Parayana was originally to happen in a open field. It was felt it is better to hold the chanting here in this sprawling prayer hall in this ashram. While you Chant the Parayana of Hanuman Chalisa, it is also a Upadesha from Swamiji. I never imagined I would be here with you during this sacred Kartheeka month. Sreesailam visit brought me to Hyderabad ashrama also. 


The welcome song was good. The meaning and tune is good. 


Learn Bhajans. Singing Bhajans while knowing meaning is more auspicious and powerful. Many of Swamiji’s compositions are loaded with deep inner meaning. Many are in Telugu language also. 


Learn to do Mantra Japa in rhythm with your walking. You will then do Japa uncontrolled and in synchronization with your breathing. it could be Rama Rama Rama.... Shiva Shiva Shiva. 

The bliss you get then is indescribably. Your pain, if any, reduces. This bliss is Yoga Sadhana. Suffering and stress gets reduced. 

Your egoistic identification with your body parts slowly dissolves.  We are married to our body with us impermanent. So we have to find techniques to manage it wisely. 

However dear our elders are to us, they will pass away. However wonderful the  home built by you is, you will have to leave it when you pass away. Whatever your physical assets, you will have to leave it back . We cannot even carry a kerchief with us to our next world. Even our favorite Chappal will be left behind. Is there any record of anyone taking ? Our shareera (body) is respected as long as Shiva (life force ) is there. Once shiva leaves, it becomes Shava (dead body). 


The life is not permanent on this world. Money and youth are also impermanent. Even the wife and kids are not permanent. As old age progresses, the old couple are together more for company than for the love they had in their youth. Only things permanent are Dharma and your good deeds. Your devotion, your acts of charity, your spiritual sadhana, your inner reflections - these are permanent. Rest all are impermanent. 

Today I lost a good sculptor Pothalurayya. He died due to swine flu and heart attack. I had asked him to stay in ashrama during  Shivaratri. Somehow his fate did not allow it to happen. He did much sculpting Seva to ashrama. Even Katta Seetharam’s brother passed away recently. We never know when the end comes. Death knows no compassion. Yamaraja is heartless in his deeds. Today is Yama Dwiteeya. Observe a minute silence for the two departed souls. 


Protect yourself from mosquitoes and related diseases. Take precautions. Your cleanliness of home and surroundings matter a lot. 


Do whatever Seva you can when you are alive. Don’t lose opportunities for silly reasons. And do seva when you can and when you are active. Not when you become old and your body no longer supports your mind. Old age also brings short temper. I urge elderly to be patient. Being patient has to be practiced when you are young. 


Meditate for a minute. 


That evening, Pujya Bala Swamiji arrived in Hyderabad ashrama. He had performed Abhishekam to Sri Mallikarjuna Swami Jyotirlinga in Srisailam in the morning and travelled to SGS Ashrama, BHEL, Hyderabad where the construction of Panchamukha Hanuman temple is going on. He held a meeting with the Trustees of Ashrama, the Sthapathy, Architect & builder. 


On Saturday - 10th November 2018,Sri Bala Swamiji left for Jaisalmer, and Surat tour.  Pujya Sri Swamiji offered milk and water Abhisheka to the unique Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman in Ashrama premises. Sri Swamiji performed Gau Puja and Sri Chakra Puja. During Sri Chakra Puja, devotees chanted Guru Gita Shlokas from memory. 

After Sri Chakra Puja, Pujya Sri Swamiji gave a discourse as


We are very lucky to hear and be present in the place where Guru Gita Parayana took place. 


I bless all the people who did Samoohika Guru Gita Parayana during Sri Chakra Puja.


You did it out of love and devotion for Swamiji. 


Humans are fickle minded. In spite of busy life, you all chanted Guru Gita during this sacred Karthika month. Those who chanted lit the lamp of Guru Tattva thereby helping remove the darkness of ignorance. 


No one knows where the atman goes after death. We can only assume where it went. To which of the countless Brahmanda does the Atman travel to ? The count of Brahmandas are as many as the sand particles in all of the oceans. Many don’t even know where their children are at this moment. How will we know the movement of Atman? We all one day have to enter the womb of time. We have to achieve  something good in that time we have. 


Educational less, concentration less, penance less, quality less, Dharma less - who is he ? He is an animal who goes around in the form of a human in this society. Such people are dead weight to this Mother Earth. Such creature is a waste and useless. Hence we have to practice some spiritual practices and try and emulate in our daily lives. In Ramayana, Valmiki depicts Lord Rama as one with all good qualities. Let us try and emulate at least one such good quality. With good education, most get ego. So, first quality to be practiced is Sattvic Guna of Vinaya. Otherwise, your PhD is nothing but a Pachadi (pickle). Some of those who have some degrees have such ego, they always look down upon others. Develop Vinaya. Great people never show off. They silently do Sadhana. They do Mantra Sadhana, Guru Mantra Upasana and Sadhutva (humility). 


Old people generally have most of pent up anger. It is wrong. If you have good qualities, even strangers will help you. We all are stepping in to oldage. Every minute we get old. The more we grow, the more patient we have to become. Death is a growth. Understand it. The good moments you had while chanting Guru Gita won’t come back. We have to increase the count of such good moments. The Chitra Gupta will record hour diary with good marks. We have to make efforts to be involved more and more to be in such good moments. Only then we will not be a dead weight to Mother Earth. Be a flower.... not a donkey. Not light in weight.... you have many diets like Keto diet for that. Mita Ahara, Sambhaashana helps develop good qualities. Always sleeping. Sleeping when you are not supposed to sleep. Some get up from bed only to eat and return to bed. That is wrong. Follow my advice , you will live long happily. 


Those who get up before sunrise, raise your hands. Good. I bless you all. Those who did not raise hands, should make efforts to get up before sunrise. If you sleep by 10.30 PM, you can rise before sunrise. 


ETV has broadcast Swamiji’s Bhagavatha for years. It comes at 6.20 am. You should be up and ready to hear Swamiji by then. Swamiji is coming to your home. 


Chitra Guptas are sitting silently on our shoulders. They faithfully record all our good and bad deeds. Your laziness also gets recorded. All the records will be held against you when you die. One writes the good deeds and the other bad deeds. Chant Shivaaya Rudraaaya. Namah. Om Namah Shivaya, Rama Nama - all these brings merits and helps us a peaceful contented life. When you get up, offer prayers to Sun God for keeping you alive. While having lunch, thank Surya Deva again. During dinner repeat the same. Thank Surya for the food you get, the sleep you have and to excuse the many mistakes you do l. We trouble Mother Earth by walking on her, for misusing her love for us, for throwing garbage to her. 


Don’t turn to spiritual zombies while following my above advice. Do as much of the above in your mind. Manaseeka Dhyana.  Kshetra Darshana in mind is so good. Travel to Kashi, Rameswaram, Badri, Kailasa Yatra - all these in your minds. Mind is flower, heart is a fruit, tears of happiness is your Abhisheka, your sleep is your love for God. Your devotion should not trouble others. Play Bhajans for ten minutes. Chant Mahalakshmi Ashtaka. Your enemies disappear. Your internal enemies and external enemies get removed. 


Pujya Sri Swamiji then allowed the thousands of devotees to come in queue and offer prayers to the Guru Datta Padukas placed in front of him. 


In the evening, Sri, Ajay Shanti and Sri.VVR Murthy, members from ETV honored Pujya Swamiji for blessing the ETV television channel with Bhagavatham discourses. On November 16, 2018, the 1000th episode of Bhagavatham narrated by Pujya Swamiji will be telecast. Sri.Ajay Shanti spoke and thanked Pujya Swamiji profusely for blessing ETV with the historical discourses on the sacred Bhagavatham. He said that ETV has received numerous requests to re-telecast the entire 10th chapter of Bhagavatham which narrates the story of Lord Krishna. He requested Sri Swamiji to permit them to re-telecast. 

Pujya Swamiji honored them and gave permission to repeat the 10th chapter again which commences from Sankranti festival - 14 January 2019. 


Sri Swamiji then sang Bhajans. 


On Sunday 11th November 2018, Pujya Sri Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja and conducted the mass chanting of Hanuman Chalisa 19 times. The entire prayer hall was packed with over four thousand devotees who waved Hanuman flag and devotionally chanted Hanuman Chalisa with Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji interspersed    the chanting with stories of Hanuman from Ramayana. All devotees were given Hanuman Tora Raksha, Vada and printed Hanuman Chalisa. The program lasted for over two hours. The Hanuman Chalisa Parayana Maha Yajna was a grand success. 

After the chanting, Sri Swamiji called on devotees to regularly visit Ashrama and take Darshana of Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman. 



In the evening, Sri Swamiji gave Darshana to devotees in prayer hall and blessed Prasadam to devotees and sweets to children. Sri Swamiji also blessed dozens of fifth generation devotees during the three days visit to SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad. 


On Monday, 12th November 2018, being first Monday of the sacred Karthika month, Sri Swamiji performed milk and water Abhisheka to the green stone “Manikya Naga Lingeswara” Shiva Lingam, Rudra Mantras were chanted erudite Veda scholars led by Veda Brahma Sri Vishnunbhatla Salakshana Ghanapathi. Sri Swamiji offered Arati to Shivalingam. 

Sri Swamiji also blessed Kumkuma for the Lalita Devi Koti Kumkumarchana in Akividu Ashrama in the last week of December to coincide with the Hanuman Chalisa Parayana Maha Yajna and Pradhana Anaghastami with Pujya Sri Swamiji on 30 December 2018. 

Sri Swamiji also Blessed Hyderabad devotees with Yugadi festival visit from 3rd to 8th April 2019. 

Pujya Sri Swamiji’s discourse after Karthika Maasa Shiva Abhisheka in Hyderabad Ashrama - 


Shivaaya Rudraaya Namaha


Kartheeka Somavara means shiva shiva. Offering a bowl of water and a Bilva to Shiva on this sacred day gives immense blessings. Shiva is Abhisheka Priya. In spite of Shiva wearing Ganga on his head, he still likes devotees to offer Abhishekam. He is Gangadhara. When ever we do head bath, we should remember the sacred rivers of Bharata. Daily head bath is suggested. 

Don’t waste water. Use water minimally. Head bath need not mean waste of water. 

River bath or well bath in Kartheeka Masa is suggested.  One has to do head bath at least in one Monday of Kartheeka Maasa. Only exempt are those who are unwell or have adverse health condition. Dharma Shastras exempt them. They can at least do Nama Smarana of Shiva. Whatever you talk is Mantra, your breathing is yoga. Your eating is Naivedya. Your bath is Abhisheka. When you cradle your babies, Chant Naamasmarana like Namashshivaya, Rama Rama, Krishna Krishna Datta Datta,.... along with the baby sounds you make. 

Even birds in Ashrama, Chant Datta Datta. They attract me with these chants. If birds can Chant, why can’t you? Humans claim intelligence over birds. Think about it. Don’t be fearful. Chant Bhajans fearfully. When Janaka inquires Vasishtha Maharishi, he explained greatness of Kartheeka Maasa . King Janaka had no enemies. He was Ajaatashatru. He was a spiritual emperor. He did Tapas, he was scholarly. We have to remember Janaka Maharaja, Narada Maharshi in Kartheeka Masa. In the evening we have to light lamp for Lord Shiva. Wherever Swamiji is, devotees offer Deepa Dana. I am going to Koti Deepotsava today evening. Come and attend. Light a small oil lamp in a safe place at home. Ensure it does not cause problem to kids or home. The three wicks in oil lamp represent our three Shareeras and Manas, Buddhi and Five sense organs. All Devatas are represented in oil lamp. If we light , our Ashta Daridra goes away. When lit, Brahma Vishnu and Shiva are present in our home. Offer your worries when you light the lamp in the evenings. Ajnana goes away. 


Eka Bilvam Shivaarpanam - offering a Bilva leaf on this day is auspicious. Hanuman lives in the base of Parijaata tree. 


Vasishtha Maharshi greatly extolled the greatness of Kartheeka Maasa. 


Swamiji went to a home for Pada Puja. He then went straight to Puja room. He cautioned the house lady to be careful about the deepa there. The Puja room was not clean to my liking. Within 40 days the lady got burnt by that Puja room lamp and died. She ignored the advice. Be careful of your flowing sarees and other clothes around Deepa and any fire. 


Yesterday Hanuman Chalisa was wonderful. You all chanted the Shlokas with me. We had planned in some other place. But Swamiji changed location to Ashrama and energized this place . We should organise Hanuman Chalisa during all long visits. I also wish to do a a Bhagavatha Saptaha here. We have to plan ahead. Swamiji’s travels are already full for next two years. The Mexico concert was in plans for decades. About five years ago I had promised concerts on some American cities and it is planned next year. 


Now itself I find somewhat difficult to travel. All such hectic travels ends in about five years. 

Tomm night I travel to Mexico. 

Some people moved back to India from America and Swamiji is travelling to America more. 


Install sgsposts app and spread its message to the world. 


Om Namah Shivaya 


Sri Swamiji performs Abhisheka to Nagalingeswara Shivalingam in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad on the first day of Kartheeka month - 8 Nov 2018
After Abhishekam, Pujya Swamiji listens to the melodious Bhajan singing by Smt. Srilakshmi, mother of Ashrama chief priest Vid.Narasimha
Pujya Bala Swamiji takes Darshana of Raja Rajeswari deities upon arrival in Hyderabad Ashrama from Srisailam & Patancheru Ashrama - 8 November 2018
Singing of welcome song composed by Smt.Aruna & musically tuned by Vid.Sheshulata during welcome function - 9 Nov 2018
Sri Naranaya Rao offers welcome garland on behalf of Hyderabad devotees during Swagata Sabha - 9 November 2018
Pujya Sri Swamiji releases Avadhoota Datta Peetham calendar for the year 2019 - Hyderabad Ashrama - 9 November 2018
Pujya Swamiji performed Abhisheka to Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman in Hyderabad Ashrama on Saturday 10 November 2018
Sri.Girish from Astha TV took benedictory message from Sri Swamiji for the new Kannada, Telugu & Tamil language spiritual channel that is to be launched shortly - Hyderabad 10 Nov 2018
Sri Chakra Puja in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad - 10 Nov 2018
Hundreds of devotees who memorized the sacred Guru Gita text chanted from memory during Sri Chakra Puja in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad on 10 Nov 2018
Sri.Ajay Shanti, Chief producer Smt.Vijay Shanti, Chief Producer & Sri BVR Murthy - Production Manager ETV channel honor HH Swamiji on occasion of 1000th episode of Bhagavatham airing on ETV
Pujya Swamiji sang Bhajans in SGS Ashrama - Hyderabad on 10 November 2018
Pujya Swamiji sang Bhajans in SGS Ashrama - Hyderabad on 10 November 2018
Pujya Swamiji offers Arati to Sri Rama Parivar deities before commencing Hanuman Chalisa Parayana Maha Yajna in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad on 11 November 2018
Pujya Swamiji waves Hanuman flag to 15,000 people before commencing Hanuman Chalisa Parayana Maha Yajna in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad on 11 November 2018
Pujya Sri Swamiji sang Hanuman Chalisa 18 times and led thousands of people doing Parayana in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad on 11 November 2018
Pujya Sri Swamiji sang Hanuman Chalisa 18 times and led thousands of people doing Parayana in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad on 11 November 2018
The mega crowd singing Hanuman Chalisa Stotra in unison led by Pujya Swamiji in SGS Ashrama Hyderabad - 11 November 2018
The mega crowd singing Hanuman Chalisa Stotra in unison led by Pujya Swamiji in SGS Ashrama Hyderabad - 11 November 2018
Pujya Swamiji sings Hanuman Chalisa in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad - 11 November 2018
After Hanuman Chalisa Parayana Maha Yajna, Sri Swamiji flags Hanuman flag to devotees- Hyderabad 11 November 2018
Volunteers apply "Veena Nama" on willing devotees who came for singing Hanuman Chalisa with Pujya Swamiji in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad- 11 November 2018
Volunteers offer Puja Prasadam todevotees who came for singing Hanuman Chalisa with Pujya Swamiji in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad- 11 November 2018
Annadanam to devotees who came for singing Hanuman Chalisa with Pujya Swamiji in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad - 11 November 2018
Annadanam to devotees who came for singing Hanuman Chalisa with Pujya Swamiji in SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad - 11 November 2018
Pujya Swamiji offers Abhishekam to Manikya Nageswara Shiva Linga on the occasion of first Monday of sacred Kartheeka month- SGS Ashrama, Hyderabad - 12 November 2018
Pujya Swamiji offers prayers to Manikya Nageswara Shiva Linga on the occasion of first Monday of sacred Kartheeka month - 12 November 2018