Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rear our Feathered Friends
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Welcome to a paradise that birds call home

SGSBirdsParadise - a platform that brings together the birds, the bird lovers, the dreamers, the conservationists, the conversationalists, the volunteers, trainers, breeders, shoppers, service providers and general public - truly making it a paradise of the birds, for the birds and by the bird lovers. Infinite Compassion, unparalleled vision, a dream in all its grandeur, self-less service, end-to-end care and immaculate implementation - all culminated in the SGSBirdsParadise.

If you ever came across an injured or uncared for bird, if you ever saw a bird of critically endangered species, if you ever felt there could be an extinction of a species, if you thought a bird needs some service ? you are at the right place. SGSBirdsParadise is an all service platform for birds to be taken care, with the help of all the bird lovers.

Bird Families of Shuka Vana




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SGS Birds Paradise

Partcipation in nature is a true reflection of social maturity. This is the guiding philosophy of our social media footprint. Through acts and deeds we walk the talk of conservation and rehabillitation. Visit our FB page and tell us about the feathered friends you like!

SGS Birds Paradise


Enchanting Videos of Birds

If a picture is worth thousand words, a video of a bird in its habitat is but, priceless. See our video collection!

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