Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rear our Feathered Friends
How Can You Help

Bird's Paradise mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

Photo: Jan DeNapoli/Birds Paradise Photography Awards, Top 100

How Can you Help

All the bird lovers have something or the other to offer at the Bird Paradise, in addition to gaining access to a treasure of information, knowledge, tips and tricks. One can offer bird supplies from the feed, accessories, toys for birds, cage build outs all the way to misters and heaters. You can also adopt a bird, which means you take care of that particular birds' needs for life. Due to the number of birds and participants, this will not be a heavy burden yet provides a sense of belongingness to the bird and the birdlover both. You can also register yourself in the volunteer network which will be tapped to seek help in organizing, conducting and ensuring success of bird related events in and around your location. If you represent a bird related organization, please feel free to register as an organization and connect with the Bird Paradise regarding all your events, networking opportunities and you can seek help for all your needs. If you are a vendor, you can register so and gain access to a whole world of the bird lovers, aviaries, avian organizations, sponsors and individual owners that may need your supplies. Every bird lover can help the SGS Birds Paradise to be a real paradise for the birds across the world. The SGS Birds Paradise is actively engaged in supporting and helping aviaries across the world, rescue centers in the USA, India and other places in addition to supporting the wonderful rehabilitation center for birds called ShukaVana in India. Feathered Friends Forever is another center that is continuously supported by SGS Birds Paradise. You can become part of the large bird lover family by contributing towards many bird supplies being used in these various rescue centers, support by providing specialized bird food used in the aviaries, adopt a bird of your choice from the rehab of your choice to support the bird, sponsoring other supplies for the birds viz., toys, treats, winter/summer necessities. Please support this noble initiative generously. You can sponsor multiple birds on the names of each of your family members, feed them on the days of importance for your family (birthday, anniversary et al), sponsor healthy food for them and a lot more. Please feel free to reach us with any ideas you have to support the Birds Paradise.