Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rear our Feathered Friends
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Vision:

SGS Birds Paradise aims to be the full service one-stop platform for all bird lovers across the country. This platform offers tips to rescue, tricks to pet, feed, rear, raise, teach the birds, music with and for birds, support for birds, food for birds, opportunities to participate in bird rescue programs, volunteering and operational support for bird events, shows, education about birds, accessories for birds, bird adoption and support, bird videos, bird aviaries among many.

All the bird lovers will have material to satiate their bird love on this platform. Thanks to Sri Swamiji, who envisioned a need for such a platform and inspired the creation, maintenance, upkeep and support of one.

Our Mission:

SGS Birds Paradise' mission is support well-rounded advocacy of birdspecies conservation, their habitats, and working through collaboration, consultation, research, education and public-awareness activities.