Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rear our Feathered Friends
What We Do

Bird's Paradise mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

Photo: Jan DeNapoli/Birds Paradise Photography Awards, Top 100

What We Do

SGS Birds Paradise provides a platform for all bird lovers to be able to come together and help our feathered friends in need or otherwise. SGS Birds Paradise can be counted for help in ensuring

  • Ensuring smooth conduct of any bird related event, by providing volunteer help for the event
  • Provide a detailed list of bird related events happening around your location
  • Provide a platform to share your bird experiences, ask questions, seek feedback, get information, tips, tricks and help rearing your feathered pets
  • Let you adopt birds in distress, malnutrition, abandoned, rescued et al a. Adopting a bird can mean sponsoring a bird's welfare in an aviary in the United States, India, Asia or anywhere in our network of aviaries
  • Provide an opportunity to all bird lovers to participate in the activities of significant benefit to the feathered friends
  • Provide an opportunity to participate in health improvement activities of all ill-treated/abandoned/injured birds
  • Provide a homely care for all the birds in a world class aviary and

Promote Birds Adoption Through Companionship Or Sponsorship

For a healthy ecosystem balance between flora and fauna is very essential and birds play a vital role not only in balancingthe ecosystem but they also act as anindicatorfor human's healthy living.We address the need of halting extinction of birds by takinga tangible approach in getting individuals to adopt birds. However not everyone who is concerned about endangered birds and would like to help protect the species has the opportunity to get out in the field and do something about it. For these individuals, great way to help the cause is to help other individuals or no-profit organizations in their endeavors. SGS Birds Paradise seeks sponsorship from such individuals to support remote adoption.

Support Research Institutions & Fellow Non-Profit Organizations

SGS Birds Paradise consortium consists of large number of partner organizations and groups, all of whom share common goals. Partners support our goals by encouraging their members/subscribers to take part in events and projects that lead to a better understanding of bird adoption and conservation. Several partners run their own events and projects, with support from SGS Birds Paradise. If you would like your organization or group to join the consortium, please email us at

Build A Platform To Share

One of the core objectives of SGS Birds Paradise is to promote collaboration among like-minded players i.e, bird loving individuals, conservatories, aviaries, breeders, vendors, ornithologists, etc. SGS Birds Paradise operates as a platform where individuals and organizations with an aim to conserver birds, their habitats and the biodiversity, come together to share the know-how, support each other's causes, build awareness, and helpmake regulatory process safe for birds.

Recruit Volunteers

As a network of participating likeminded individuals and non-profits, we help organization recruit volunteers for specific events. We maintain a national database of all volunteers and match them with organizations based on demographics.

Spread the Music

There are twelve zodiac signs in eastern and western astrological systems. Each individual is born under a particular zodiac sign and the person's character, personality, and the circumstances that occur in life are determined by the influence exerted by the stars and planets associated with each sign. SGS Birds Paradise's visionary and founder Sri Gapanathy Sachhidananda Swamiji has revealed recently that each sign is represented not only by a specific color, but also a specific species of parrot bearing that color in its plumage. He also composed a healing music album with bird and nature sounds called Birds Zodiac. This album helpsrelease an organic chemical called Dopamine in listeners. Dopamine works on central nervous system as a neurotransmitter which helps control the release of various hormones in the body. Some of the notable functions of Dopamine are Movement, Memory, Pleasurable Reward, Behavior & Cognition, Attention, Inhibition of Prolactin Production, Sleep, Mood, Learning, and Insulin Production. Please download Birds Zodiac album from iTunes.