October 23, 2016

  • 26 Oct 2016
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October 23, 2016

Speech of HH Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji – October 23, 2016 – Dundigal Ashrama, Hyderabad

Compiled by Bala Aati

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha !
Sri Saraswathyai Namaha !
Sri Pada Vallabha, Narasimha Saraswathi, Sri Guru Dattatreyaya Namaha !

Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Sadgurubhyo Namo Namaha !
Jai Bolo Anagha Swamiki Jai !
Jai Bolo Anagha Maataku Jai !

Ashtami after Navaratri is very special as per shastras. In the month of Asvayuja, on an Ashtami thithi on Sunday, we all performed Anaghashtami in the presence of Dattatreya. This was not a pre-planned program. This is a coincidence. There is an important program tomorrow in Hyderabad. Every year for Diwali, Telangana trip was happenning. Similarly this year also, Deepawali will be celebrated in Warangal. There is a huge Venkateshwara temple coming up in Nizamabad ashram. Kamareddy ashram is conducting medical camps. Karimnagar got a new land for the ashram. This was the scheduled program. They say, along with the flower, the thread in the garland also goes to heaven. Today’s dundigal program is one such program along with the other programs. Very Happy that today a new puja counter is being inaugurated. Names were registed in this counter for Purnaphala to Karya Siddhi Anjaneya Swami. That went on for 2 hours. I felt so happy for one thing. Despite you having many wishes and problems, many have taken the Purnaphala in the name of Appaji and Swamiji. I felt so happy for that devotion. When our sankalpa is made in the name of Sadguru, we benefit more than what we desired for. Who ever have tied purnaphala today with what ever wish, that will be fulfilled more than what you wished for. Many people have just then tied. I have seen them doing so. Inspite of that, they tied it one more time since Swamiji was sitting in the counter. Such an opportunity is very rare. We keep tying for various reasons and wishes. But, today you have tied for Sadguru. I’m very much moved with it. While tying, I asked a few people as to what they wished for. They said, Swamiji wished for the reconstruction of this prayer hall and we are praying that it should be completed soon. I felt so happy with that as well. We have many programs before us.

Navaratri Vaibhavam was a video about Appaji’s Navavarana Puja. Many saw that in Mysore. Those who have already seen this, share your experince with others and tell them about this. That was a wonderful movie. It was as if we were in Manidweepa, serving and performing archana there. It was as though we were there as the ‘Paarani’ (a decoration on the feet) for Mother Goddess. That was such a wonderful video. In the coming years, Navaratri Navavarana Puja may not be there. Some changes may come – said Sri Swamiji. When such changes come, we, our childre, our grand children should not feel bad for not being able to see that puja. For generations together, everyone should see the Navaratri Puja process. Film director Srinivas Bujji is famous. He is Swamiji’s devotee for past 20 years. After knowing Swamiji’s sankalpa, about 9 years ago he stayed in Mysore ashrama for 15 days and shooted the entire Navaratri archana process. It is getting released after 9 years. I feel it took one year’s time for each avarana. Though it is released after 9 years, it is as though it was taken just yesterday. Such wonderful is that video. We have seen it in Mysore. It was nice. But they say, watching it in IMAX theatre will be 100 times better. I have not gone to that theatre. I dont know about it. It was good in Mysore too. It will be played in IMAX theatre on Nov 21st at 10 am in Hyderabad. Those who wish to see this along with Swamiji, may take the tickets at the counter. The funds raised from this will be used for the reconstruction of the roof for this prayer hall.

Whenever Swamiji comes from the top to the prayer hall, people around Him are scared that Swamiji might look at the existing roof and will ask to change it. But how to change ? Its a herculean task. During Ugadi, it will be very hot. Kids will be there, elders will be there. People will be standing in Queue for hours together. Though there is shade, there will be lot of heat and devotees are suffering due to this. So, Swamiji wanted a new roof for this. This existing roof cannot be modified. It has to be redone entirely. Many engineers expressed the same. Safety of the devotees also is our responsibility. Last time when Swamiji was here, this was announced. Many came forward and promised to share this task. All of you go to the office, enquire the details and participate in this program and complete it as soon as possible. Stage also needs RCC roof. Swamiji will be coming for Koti Deepotsavam organised by Bhakti TV. Let us all get prepared for that program also.

Swamiji is travelling today and I called to know if He started. I was told Swamiji is still in Datta temple in Prayer hall and when enquired they said, Swamiji is giving instructions about the upcoming 75th birthday celebrations. 75th is special for us, children of Swamiji. It is a Diamond Jubilee celebrations and it is important. We celebrated Swamiji’s Golden Jubilee birthday in a grand way, we celebrated 60th birthday also in a grand way as per the standards of that period. 70th birthday also was done in a massive way. This is 75th year, diamond jubilee and is called Vajrotsava. More over Hanuman Chalisa parayana is going on. Hanuman is called Vajrangi or Bajrangi which means one with a strong body. Our Swamiji is our Hanuman and we need to do these in a great way. We have been asking Swamiji about this for over an year and Swamiji just said, you do it. So, we listed down on the list of tasks and activities and the first and foremost in that is to perform annadana for atleast one lakh people during these celebrations. There are many poor people who are serving DattaPeetham. Something has to be done to them. We are planning for scholarship for poor and meritorious students. Swamiji’s birthplace Mekedatu is to be given an ambulance. Swamiji’s place Bommeparthi villagers should get benefitted in some way. Swamiji was brought up in Proddutur and we have seen Venkamma atta there. Single women should be helped there. And then, Army is protecting the nation. Their sacrifice there is helping us stay peacefully here. Some help from DattaPeetham has to be extended to them. Like this we made a list of activities to be done during the 75th birthday celebrations.

Today, Swamiji gave us much more clarity on this. There are many government schools. People who studied there know about the conditions of these schools. Many schools do not have proper bathrooms. They serve lunch to students. But they do not have proper kitchen facilities. There would be water seepage in the roof. So, such schools are to be identified and bathroom & kitchen facilities are to be improved for these schools is what Swamiji told us today.

This is a wonderful instruciton. Pls remember all these. In Bommeparthy, 90% of the population are poor people. Appaji wishes that every family in this village are given clothes. During Swamiji’s 70th birthday, many people wanted to perform 70 Anaghashtami vrathams since it was 70th birthday. They wanted to do this at various temples, at hospitals for the benefit of patients etc. Our Nuzividu ashram Ramadevi garu came and asked. But she was little doubtful if she could do it or not since she had knee pain then. With Swamiji’s blessings she completed 700 anghavrathams though the plan was only to perform 70. It was unbelievable for her too. Our Homeo doctor Sri Rami Reddy wanted to do 70 homeo camps and it crossed 100. Likewse, we need to do medical camps not just in our hospitals, but outside also. We also need to honour Veda Pandits who are protecting Veda shastras. Swamiji told all this today to me and I’m passing it on to you. Since all these are our Sadguru’s sankalpas, we need to work hard to fulfill them. We thought Annadanam is to be done for 1 lakh people but Swamiji wishes it to be done for 3 lakh people. I then asked Swamiji that we want to do annadanam for patients in Government hospitals and Swamiji happily agreed for it. You also can do this. On the occasion of your birthday, prepare some food at home and go and distribute in the hospitals. Thus, Swamiji told all these today to me and I’m telling you all. I’m not special. I’m also part of you. Now, it is our joint responsibility to work towards this. Let us all get started on this. I feel so happy that even children are taking part in this. The pocket money given to them is saved in kiddy bank and that is being given away to Swamiji. I feel so happy for this. This is a great devotion and samskara. It doesnt come so easily. Anything can be learnt but not the tendency of gving away. That is taught only by Sadguru. It doesnt happen in the outer world. Only in Sadguru’s presence we think of donating. The mind doesn’t do this outside.

Sacrifice is not something that comes very easily. We calculate for everything. Isn’t it ? Such a mind is being changed by Sadguru and the habit of giving is being developed. This removes most of your karmas. This is vey rare. Demons, Devatas and Humans all three heard the sound ‘Da’. For human beings, Da indicates ‘Daanam’ – donating. By donating you prosper. It could be Annadanam – donating food, Vidya daanam – sharing your knowledge or Vaidya daanam – medical help. If you do not have much to donate, the food you cook for yourself, just put one morsel of it outside. Some ant, or insect or bird will eat it. Sadguru Himself in that form will take it and gives your the merit for this. Such great deed is daanam or donation for human beings. The feeling of giving is different from actually giving. We do promise but sometimes, you dont keep it up. It is like in the venkateshwara swamy story. If you promise something to Him and don’t do it, they say He appears in your dreams as a tiger and makes sure you give. But Sadguru does not have this trouble. He changes our minds and creates the habit of donating. That is the reason even Venkateshwara Swamy also likes Sadguru’s traditions. This samskara of donating does not come easily, These days, everything is a business including life. I wouldn’t say all, but most of them are even doing business with lives. We see so many such things in the news. This is due to selfishness. Fortunately Datta devotees do not fall into this category. Due to some penance or merit of yours or your parents we are at the feet of our Sadguru. All of you be like this. Improve your trait of donating. You will have more and more by donating. In Lakshmi Vyutpatthi, they say Goddess Lakshmi comes on a vehicle called ‘donation’ She does not have any other vehicle.

75th birthday has to be celebrated in a grand way. Do not come like visitors and go away. It is our responsibility to do this. I know you all will not do so. Reach to new people. Sadguru’s birthday is a nice occasion to reach to poor people and extend help. Plan from now itself. Don’t feel that it is all about money. That is very wrong. Seva is done in three ways of Than – physical, Mann – mental and Dhan – monetary. Many are serving as volunteers. They meet their own travelling expenses. Some cannot afford to bear this. For such people, others are helping them. During Navaratri, Kolatam people came from Srikakulam. They cannot afford their travelling expenses too. Others helped them and brought them here. It was very colorful to watch their kolatam. Have you all see it ? There are many sevas like this. Enquire and take part in it.

Hyderabad devotees felt sad that Swamiji will not be touring for one year. They came and asked to give Birthday celebrations to Hyderabad. We didn’t accept because Birthdays have to happen in Mysore. They said, 2 birthdays will come, one according to date and the other according to thithi. So, they asked for lunar birthday to be celebrated in Hyderabad. Both are very close dates one May 26 and other June 3rd. You all will be coming to Mysore and it may be difficult to rush back for June 3rd arrangements. So, we thought Guru Purnima is ideal. However, Swamiiji agreed for one of this – provided the roof reconstruction of the prayer hall is complete by Ugadi. So, complete this activity soon because, Lord Krishna said, what ever is done for devotees is reaching me. Food given to devotees is Naivedya for Him. The facilities created for devotees to protect them from sun or rain is like offering me a shade – said the lord in Bhagavatam. So, let us all feel that the roof that we are going to put here is an offering to Lord Dattatreya.

There are many more programs ahead. Let us all meet for Srichakra puja in the evening. Tomorrow, we will be starting to the other areas in Telangana and will reach Mysore by Nov 1st. Swamiji also will reach by then. Karthika Masam is coming up. Perform abhishekam to Manikya Nageshwara Swami atleast once. Perform deepotsavam during this month. Deepawali is coming up. Take care of your kids. Do not pollute the environment with unnecessary sounds. Avoid burning crackers. Do not spend unnecessarily. Crackers rate also is very expensive. It is not worth spending money on fire crackers. Celebrate deepawali with lights. May Goddess Lakshmi be in your houses and may you all be very happy. Celebrate Datta Jayanthi. NRI children from Dallas are coming to chant Bhagawadgita. If Hyderabad kids also learn, Swamiji may take you also to kurukshetra. Bhagawadgita is the pillar for our country. Try to learn it. Atleast learn 12th chapter of Bhakti Yoga. We never know when we need it. It has answers for everything. Swamiji will be going to Kurukshetra. Bonsai conference is coming up. New year is coming up. Let us all celebrate that as well. May you all have a happy life and may you gain strenght and forget your troubles and do more and more Sadguru Seva.

Jai Bolo Sadgurunatha Maharaj ki Jai !
Avadhoota Chintana Sri Gurudeva Datta !!