Pradhana Anaghashtami Message - December 19, 2019

  • 19 Dec 2019
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śrī mahāganapate namaḥ

śrī sarasvatyai namaḥ

śrī pādavallabha narasimha sarasvati

śrī guru dattātreyāya namaḥ


dhyāyet satyam guṇātītaṁ guṇatraya samanvitaṁ

lokanāthaṁ trilokeśaṁ kaustubhābharaṇaṁ harim

nīlavarṇaṁ pītāmbaram śyāma sundaram


hare kriṣṇa


We are observing Pradhana Anaghashtami Vrtam today. This is a very ancient ritual that was extensively performed during Kartaveeryarjuna’s reign, after which it was somewhat forgotten. Lord Datta appeared in Swamiji’s dream and inspired Swamiji to bring back the ritual in 1980. Pujya Swamiji published the book on Anagha Vrtam around 1990 to make it easy for people to perform the ritual.


We are starting Anagha Vrtam worldwide today. We are doing Aayata Anagha Vrtam in Warangal (with 10,000 couples) in February 2020. When Anagha Vrtam was performed by Emperor Kartaveeryarjuna, he gained supreme knowledge and the eight yogic accomplishments (ashta-siddhis). You all know the story of Kartaveeryarjuna who had two weak crooked arms, but earned one thousand powerful arms after performing Anagha Vrtam. For ten thousand years, Kartaveerya performed Anagha Vrtam everyday with each of his thousand hands. That is why his kingdom was prosperous. There was no sorrow in his kingdom. After that, thousands of kings performed the Anagha Vrtam. Where Anagha Vrtam was performed, the kingdoms were safe and peaceful and had timely rains because Lord Datta is Himself Maha Vishnu, Maha Brahma and Sada Shiva; and Goddess Anagha – the Mother of Yoga (Yoga Mata) – is Herself Maha Sarasvati, Maha Lakshmi and Durgi Parameshwari (Parvati). Those that lost kingdoms regained them, those that had no children could beget children. And in case they just could not have children, they learned to live with great peace of mind after performing Anagha Vrtam. That is the greatness of Anagha Vrtam.


Lord Datta, in the form of Yoga, is uplifting all the worlds. To bless those caught in this cycle of birth and death, the Lord appears alongside Goddess Anagha and receives Anagha Vrtam. Markandeya Purana and other scriptures also glorify Anagha Vrtam. Kartaveeryarjuna was the first to perform this ritual with Lord Dattatreya Himself officiating as the priest. After that, Anagha Vrtam was performed everywhere without barriers of caste, creed or status. It is the greatness of this ritual that anyone can perform it regardless of their marital status. There are no rules that demand that one sit with a spouse or be married, to perform this ritual. This is the most powerful of all rituals because the trinity of Godhead as well as the trinity of Goddesses are present. That is its specialty. Other rituals are performed only to individual deities. Anagha Vrtam is greater than Ananta Padmanabha Vrtam, Sri Satyanarayana Vrtam or Sri Varalakshmi Vrtam and the like because all Gods are present in Anagha Vrtam. Lord Datta Himself showed Anagha Vrtam to the world on this day. Now, per the resolve of Lord Datta, Pujya Swamiji brought it back. This ritual has the power to fulfill wishes. People have gained great peace of mind, found gainful employment, got married and got their wishes fulfilled. Their difficulties were solved or at the very least, they gained great courage to face those difficulties.


Study the Datta Darshanam book to understand the greatness and experience the power of Anagha Vrtam. Pujya Swamiji has explained it in a simple manner to make it easy for everyone to perform. Performing Anagha Vrtam will bestow auspiciousness. God will be in your house. Everyone – couples as well as those are single – must perform this ritual daily. I like this Vrtam a lot. Devotees normally keep asking Swamiji for fulfillment of a variety of desires. I have no answers. I am only the priest. You ask God directly. Pray to God. That is why, you have been given the method of Anagha Vrtam, choosing which you will attain fulfillment. Your sorrows and difficulties will be removed with Anagha Vrtam. All students must also perform the Vrtam. That is when we will get to the count of 10 million that we need. We will develop a small website where you can enter your count. Everyone – devotees of all Gods including Lord Datta, Sri Ram, Shiva, Devi, Durga, all Hindus, non-Hindus – can perform this ritual. Anagha Vrtam is not a trivial toy to play with. There is great significance in this ritual. It carries the great energy of atma-tattva (principle of the self). That is why I am ordering and requesting that all of you study Datta Darshanam. Anagha Vrtam is explained in the book. Do this ritual and see all your difficulties vanish.


Every household should perform the ritual and register on the website to send in the count. I wish to see 10 million counts of Anagha Vrtam in the one year starting today. Take the vow that you will perform this ritual every day. Many people are already doing it. Many Europeans and Americans already include Anagha Vrtam in their daily ritual. They exit the prayer room in their house only after they perform Anagha Vrtam. You can set up for the ritual with a kalaśa (metal pitcher with mango/betel leaves and coconut on top) each for the eight ashta-siddhis. There is no other ritual like this one where we sit with the ashta-siddhis in offering our worship. Everyone should participate.


After Kartaveeryarjuna’s reign in the ancient times, Swamiji is now publicizing Anagha Vrtam again. Let us all do it together. Anagha Vrtam bestows good energy, powerful memory, good health and peace – all of which are important for our lives. Many people have money, fame and name, but no peace. They always suffer from some physical ailments. There find no peace and contentment. That is why, you should perform Anagha Vrtam. In the ancient times, Kartaveeryarjuna performed Anagha Vrtam everyday as did all the citizens in his kingdom. People gained great knowledge and strengthened their memory and energy. We are all seeking knowledge, prosperity, wealth, fame or gainful employment. If you perform Anagha Vrtam with devotion, you will definitely be blessed with fulfillment.


Participate in this project on a daily basis. We need to protect this world. Everywhere, there is calamity and lack of peace. There are always altercations. We do not lead normal lives anymore. The world is weeping. People do not enjoy good health either. The circumstances we live in are not very good. We need prayers for the peace and protection of the planet. The immense benefits of Anagha Vrtam cannot be put in words. There are struggles and sorrows everywhere in the world. There is always danger of natural calamities. The environment is unhealthy. We need Anagha Vrtam to earn God’s grace and for peace and wellbeing at home.


Can you not spend 30 minutes to perform Anagha Vrtam at home? Do it once and you will feel like doing it again the next day. The third day, you will want to learn the story of Anagha Vrtam. There are inexplicable benefits in doing Anagha Vratam. I like this Vrtam a lot. Anagha Vrtam is the best medicine for your problems, questions, confusions. Please do Anagha Vrtam.


There was a miracle this morning. I had wanted to offer milk to Lord Datta and Goddess Anagha. I usually spend time with the birds and feed them in the morning. I call the bird’s name and it comes to me to take its food. This morning, I called out for “Datta” and a bird came and sit on one of my shoulders. I then called for “Anagha” and a bird perched itself on my other shoulder. I was drinking milk at that time. These two birds forcibly pried open my mouth and drank the milk from Swamiji’s mouth. They were not trained to do that. It all happened within a second. Photographer Nagaraj happened to be there, and he took a photo.