Message during Divya Nama Sankeertana in Mysuru, December 21, 2019 Evening

  • 21 Dec 2019
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Bhajan - Indiresha Govinda

Sri Anaghashtami Vrata is very well known to Datta devotees and is very dear to them. For many years, thousands of Datta devotees have been performing this Vrata every single day without fail. They have experienced the innumerable benefits of this Vrata.

Anaghashtami Vrata is very great and ancient. In the past, people observed this Vrata and have been blessed. Even in this Kali Yuga, Sri Swamiji has been propagating the significance of this Vrata so that people perform it and live peaceful and happy lives.

Lord Datta first gave this Vrata to His dearest disciple Kaartaveeryarjuna. The Vrata was performed with utmost sincerity by Kaartaveeryarjuna and he was blessed with 1000 arms and all forms of wealth and prosperity. When this is the case, there is no doubt that our trivial wishes will be fulfilled by observing this Vrata. In addition to fulfilling the wishes of devotees, this Vrata also brings about a transformation in the hearts of the devotees. It not only fulfils the desires, but also makes them tread the righteous path. This Vrata destroys the sins that are committed in thought, in speech and in action. It removes difficulties and obstacles. It enables the fructification of noble intentions (Sat-sankalpa).

On Jan 6, 2021, on the day of Pradhana Anaghashtami, in Warangal, Sri Swamiji has wished that Anaghashtami Vrata must be performed by 10,000 people. As a precursor to this event, during the upcoming year, Sri Swamiji intends that 1 crore Anagha Vratams must be performed by devotees. Starting now, until the next Pradhana Anaghashtami, this target must be achieved. Hence, everyone must perform this Vrata at home without fail. There are no restrictions in performing this Vrata. Children and elders can perform this Vrata with devotion and sincerity. There is no discrimination on who can perform this Vrata in terms of caste, creed, gender, age – anyone can observe this Vrata. Individuals can also perform the Vrata. There is no rule that only couples must perform. Unmarried people, widows, widowers also can perform the Vrata. It is beneficial to all.

Performing this Vrata is very simple. On Anagha Vrata chart (Yantra), Betel nut can be placed to represent the Gods. The Vrata can be done with just turmeric, Kumkum and akshata (Rice grains with very little turmeric added).  Perform the Vrata according to your ability. Just Akshata can be used for the Vrata. Betel Nut can also be skipped. For Naivedyam, Panchakajjaya (Fried gram, dry coconut, dates, jaggery and ghee – all ground together) can be offered. Alternatively, fruits or sugar candy or even the food that you prepare for your consumption can be offered to God. This is also permitted. There is no rule on where in the house, the Vrata must be performed. If you have a spacious house, you can designate a specific place to perform the Vrata. If not, you can perform the Vrata where convenient and then place the Anagha Vrata Chart on a safe alter and the room / space can be used as usual. You can even write this Yantra on a small sheet of paper and place it in the Puja alter/room. There is no Udhvasana for this Vrata (the act of revoking divinity from the Yantra/Kalasha). If, during the Vrata, you need to travel, there is no need feel anxious that the Vrata has been stopped. During travel, you can mentally chant ‘Kaartaveeryaarjunaaya Namaha’ thrice and pray. Once you return, you can resume the Vrata. There is also no rule that you should not move/displace the Yantra/Vrata Peeta. There is no need to take head bath every single day during the Vrata. It can be done if convenient. It is necessary that one must take bath and wear clean clothes to perform the Vrata. It is good to consume Sattivik food.

Those with specific wishes and who wish for quick fulfilment of these wishes must try to enhance the austerities observed during the Vrata. If our difficulties have to subside, it is necessary to observe the austerities. Wishing for hardships to reduce while we still enjoy and indulge will not work. The Vrata Katha (story) need not be read every single day. If you have the time, you can read and also discuss the inner meaning of the Vrata katha with the family. You must develop such practices. You cannot say you are bored. Are you not bored of breathing continuously?? Why don’t you stop breathing? You will die. Similarly, consider chanting and remembering God as your life breath!

You cannot say you are bored. You are not bored of eating or sleeping. Never say you are bored. You must understand the significance of the Vrata. On holidays, get your children also to perform the Vrata and make this a habit. You must visit the nearest Datta Kshetra (temple) that Sri Swamiji has consecrated. Participate in the Anagha Vrata that is conducted there as well. Do not say that you’ve performed the Vrata at home and skip it at the temple. When you have time, you must perform the Vrata. Go to the slums, and the areas with lesser privileged people and get them to perform the Vrata. One Vrata done in such places will give the benefit of having performed 100 Vratas! The Vrata can be performed as many times as possible in the day. It can be done thrice. Many people can gather and perform the Vrata. As many counts can be submitted at Datta Peetham website. You must register and submit the counts. Every single day Swamiji is seeing the list of the people who have submitted and the counts. I’m seeing the names. Just by seeing your names in that list, your wishes and desires will get fulfilled since I tell the Lord and mentally pray for it. I see if you’re performing the Vrata every single day. Spread the word about this great Vrata. All must reap the benefits of this Vrata. The world must be benefitted. Hence, all must observe this Vrata. You must also get your family and friends to perform the Vrata. Go door-to-door and spread the message about this Vrata. Everyone must participate in this Vrata. By the end of the year, I pray that the 1 crore target is complete, and you are blessed by Lord Datta. There is lack of peace and tranquillity in this world today. The minds are agitated. Natural calamities are increasing. There are many violent protests happening across the world. This is not only in our country, but across the world. We pray to God that there is peace in our planet. May Lord Datta bless you all. Let us all perform Anagha Vrata. I cannot explain in words the greatness of this Vrata and the benefits derived from it.


Jai Guru Datta

Sri Guru Datta