Kurnool Feb 11, 2019 Morning

  • 11 Feb 2019
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Sri Maha Ganapate Namaha

Sri Sarasvatyai Namaha

Sri Padavallabha Narasimha Sarasvati

Sri Guru Dattatreyeya Namaha

You heard Bala Swamiji narrate the story of Parvatamma Chikkamma through his experiences with her.  Chikkamma brought up Bala Swamiji’s mother, in whose name she opened the school Saraswati Sishu Vihar. She also breathed her last in her granddaughter’s house (the daughter of Smt Saraswati ji). She did not want Pujya Swamiji to worry about her wellbeing, so she stayed with her granddaughter. She only wanted Swamiji to be in the Ashram when she breathed her last.  When Swamiji returned to see her a few days before she passed away, she asked where Swamiji was going next. Swamiji said He would go to Kurnool for the consecration of Sun temple. She said she would be there too. She is here. She is walking around here.

She had great compassion.  Although she had no devotion towards God, she had tremendous love for me. Listening to her story on the day of her Vaikuntha Samaradhana (13th day after passing, when the departed soul is said to enter Vaikuntha) is your good fortune. I initially thought I would complete this event in Mysuru and only then come to Kurnool. That would have pushed out the consecration out by a few days. But Chikkamma said she would be in Kurnool with me. So, I left Mysuru after the seventh day rituals. Many Ashrams including Vijayawada and Jayalakshmi Puram remembered Chikkamma today and performed Annadana in her memory. She is a mother very dear to me. Many of you saw Chikkamma. 

I had put Chikkamma in the kitchen store (when she was actively serving).  Outside the one hour she worked in the store, she set up another store from which she would collect money and offer to Swamiji. Andhra devotees realized she was charging less than the market price for the items and would pay more than she asked for, so that she could collect funds to give to Pujya Swamiji. 

Devotee Chandramohan is now reminding me of Chikkamma’s service in the store because I see that he set up a stall here to sell clothing and bedsheets, the proceeds from which will fund food and medicine for Shuka Vana birds. I will bless the items you buy.

You all heard the story of Chikkamma. She always liked to offer service. We performed the sun temple consecration yesterday. We now have a magnificent Sun temple here. Participate in the Puja, Abhishekam and Nitya Archana. Get membership in this temple. It will help with clearing the loan. The sun has no barriers of religion.  All religions worship the Sun god.