• 09 Feb 2019
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Sri Maha Ganapate Namaha

Sri Sarasvatyai Namaha

Sri Padavallabha Narasimha Sarasvati

Sri Guru Datta Suryaya Namaha

You witnessed Sri Chakra Archana just now. We performed Abhishekam (rituals where libations are poured on the images of the deities) to the main Sri Chakra and the main Saalagrama with herbal water. The herbal water that flowed on the Sri Chakra, the crystals and Saalagrama develops a special energy. That is the holy water you are drinking. This is not the pancamrta teertha that you might get at other places. It is not rose water or sweetened water or any other flavored water. There are many kinds of flavored water you can get in other places. But in our Dattapeetham, the holy water is made from herbs. It will improve your health and knowledge. Please drink it, do not sprinkle on your head. At least a drop of the water must reach your belly.  There is a saligrama – a knot – in your stomach. At least a drop of the sacred water must fall on that knot. The point of convergence of nerves is referred to as a “granthi” (knot). There are 14 different kinds of knots many of which are referred to in the Lalita Sahasra Nama and Vishnu Sahasra Nama. These knots must always be healthy. Any disturbance in those knots causes the organs to malfunction. When those knots are healthy, we are active and healthy and performing all our usual functions. There are 21 knots corresponding to the five organs of action, five organs of perception, the five subtle elements, the five elements of Nature and the mind. The 21 different kinds of leaves we use in the worship of Lord Ganapati correspond to these 21 knots.

Raise your hand if you have heard or chanted the Kavaca mantras. Many of you did not hear them. Every day listen to a Kavaca mantras (from the album Kavaca Manjari). If you listen to either Ganapati Kavacam or Siva Kavacam or Datta Kavacam or the other Kavaca mantras, your health will be robust. Through the Kavaca mantras, we are calling out each part of the body and praying for its protection with powerful seed letters embedded in the mantras. Listen to one of the kavaca mantras every day. Play it just after the Suprabhatam in the morning or listen to it while taking a shower. You can listen to them on your smart phones (by download the kavaca manjari app). Swamiji recorded the kavaca mantras several years ago. Thousands are listening and benefiting. Why don’t you?  

Why listen to film songs just to kill time?  Listening to film songs associated with divinity and devotion may be okay, but why are you listening to meaningless songs and destroying the time have?  Instead of wasting time, download and listen to these Kavaca mantras.  It is good to listen to Kavaca mantras while taking your shower. Through the Kavaca mantras, we are asking for health and protection for each knot, each nerve and each organ of the body. There is a mantra for the deity of every organ. Everyone listen to these Kavaca mantras without fail. Download to your smart phones (App Store, Google Play Store). The album does not even cost much. It is no more than the cost of a guava fruit or some snacks.  You buy some fried snacks or junk food on the train. You spend money for instant gratification and invite poor health. You buy coffee and tea on the train and feel good momentarily. The vendors fry the savory fried snacks in the same oil they fry chicken in. You all like chicken and eggs very much.  The same oil is used to fry everything. That oil has terrible odor.  They even fry onions and garlic in the same oil, which you relish with as much delight as you relish the stomach pain that ensues from eating fried food. Eventually though that turns into cancer. If you eat savory fried snacks cooked in the oil that the chicken was fried in, cancer is inevitable. You may ask why those that do not eat such food also get cancer. They eat or drink something that is forbidden too.  We should stop eating fried food that is cooked unhygienically.  We buy from vendors on the street where the food is contaminated by insects and flies. The flies that sit on the dirt on the street also sit on the food and leave their feces on it. The snacks with the feces from the flies taste so good to you.  You relish it. You eat panipuri, bhelpuri, sevpuri and what not with great delight. That is filled with the feces of cockroaches, houseflies and mosquitoes. Sometimes, they even include the cockroaches in the snacks. We relish that too. We are so happy eating that unhygienic food.  The stomach then starts its job.  Once that infected food enters our system, our sense organs deteriorate. Slowly, cancer, heart problems, bladder stones, suffering, insomnia, vomiting, diarrhea etc enter the body and yet people will not stop eating junk food.  Their greed is so great. You reel off the names of movies, names of various snacks and food items so eloquently, but mantras you cannot recite. All this is the cause of diseases. 

When swine flu hit, people killed tens of millions of pigs. What did the poor innocent pigs do? Tens of millions of cows were butchered when bovine flu hit. Now, they are killing monkeys due to monkey disease. Remember that humans, not animals, are the cause of all diseases. Humans can contract diseases from other humans sitting next to them. But the government did not choose to kill humans. We do not kill humans when humans get cancer. But the helpless animals are slayed. Chicken were killed by the millions when there was a disease that spread through them. To be fair, there is no disease due to pings, cows, monkeys or chicken. Now, they are talking about diseases from pigeons and already killing pigeons. Pigeons actually prevent diseases. They eat the germs that cause diseases. I do not know what science found, but they are killing millions of pigeons recklessly.  They are killing birds due to bird flu. We are sacrificing them on account of our own poor practices and carelessness.

The Sun God is the bestower of good health. We cannot extoll enough the greatness of Sun God even with all scriptures, songs and praises. Sun God bestows health to all Gods. Sunlight kills a lot of disease-causing-germs. Even germs inside the house die from the heat of the sun. We get rains due to the sun. The coolness in the atmosphere is due to the sun. The warmth in our body is due to the sun. We are performing the consecration of such a glorious Sun God.

You or your family has committed many of the sins I talked about, knowingly and unknowingly. “I do not eat meat, but my family eats”. That is wrong too. “I do not eat meat at home, we only eat when we go out”. Also wrong. “I do not kill the animal. Someone else kills and we eat”. That is wrong too, isn’t it?  We give these strange excuses to cover up our misdeeds and sins. That is why, pray to the Sun God to forgive all your sins. You consumed the holy water from Sri Chakra, Saalagrama and crystal (Sphatika) worship and Abhishekam. That will increase strength and remove the disease in your body. What you drank today is amazing holy water. No other institution gives such teertham.  It is only available in Dattapeetham. It contains 32 herbs that are prepared by doctors. We only use two pinches in the water. It is good for your health. This is how we do Sri Chakra Puja. Of course, it is performed per Vedic injunctions amidst chants in worship of Mother Goddess and other deities. 

Swamiji has arranged for many programs here in the sun temple once the consecration is complete. You can perform Surya Abhishekam. There are small Aditya Saalagramas for you to do Abhishekam yourself. You will be given Prasadam for this worship. You also have the divine opportunity to sponsor Annadana at this temple.