Pujya Swamiji Birthday Message - May 26, 2019 Morning

  • 26 May 2019
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Om Gam Ganapataye namah

This month/ year is exceedingly auspicious for Ganapati worship. While dispelling all forms of obstacles, this Lord rewards the devotee with health and knowledge.

Each deity has a unique capacity (shakti). Why do we need so many deities? If we were to question thus, then we would need to answer the question- why does a human body need many limbs? Just as a body attains completeness only when all limbs exist, all the deities, who are His limbs, give Him that completeness. Just as each of our limbs has its own uniqueness, each deity has his own unique energy.

This human body which is complete in all aspects must be utilized in the services of that Supreme Lord who is complete in all aspects. Many ancient seers have sung that eyes must be utilized to see the Lord, ears exist only to hear His glories, hands exist for His service and the like. Strangely, that Supreme Lord whom we seek to serve and glorify remains beyond perception!

What to say of this fabulous creation which remains beyond the grasp of science? From eternity scientists have been investigating into the secrets of this creation, but it continues to elude them. Research will continue even in future. A human body is considered to be extremely complex mechanism. To repair a limb that has been broken is a humongous task for doctors. To breathe life into a corpse is beyond the medical field. When the human body, which is just a fragment of His creation, is considered complex, what to say of the complexity of the universe which is beyond every form of measurement?

Does any human being or government have the ability to prevent a tsunami, earthquake or any other natural disaster? Definitely out of compassion people go and offer services to the victims to the best of their ability. Governments strive to rehabilitate them. Nevertheless, it is beyond human capacity to prevent the natural disaster from occurring.

The Supreme Lord’s grace alone sustains us! It alone protects us! If we lose this grace, we are orphaned. His compassion transforms poison into nectar. When this compassion ceases, even nectar can turn poisonous. Saints of the past have sung that the Lord’s grace causes the entity to reside in palatial buildings, wear silken garments and eat in golden plates. When this grace is lost, even a morsel of rice becomes difficult to get. The man who was accustomed to wearing silken robes, is reduced to rags.

Remember that His grace has given you the ability to wear decent clothing. It has ensured you get belly-full food every single day. It has enabled you to live happily with your spouse, children, parents and extended family who care for you. If this grace is lost, everything is lost.

All of you have implicit faith that I will take you away from these worldly bondages and towards that Supreme Lord who is the cause for this magnificent creation. ‘Datta nāv chal padi’- I am rowing Datta’s boat and all of you are seated in it. You have to ensure the boat does not topple. Be vigilant. Lead a life that is balanced in righteousness (dharma) and truthfulness (satya). Give sufficient freedom to the person leading you, to take you on the path of dharma.

With this implicit faith in Swamiji, all of you have arrived here today. Your faith is laudable. It is true that in some past birth/s all of us were together- you were my disciples. Who knows-perhaps it was during the incarnation as Rama, Vamana or Krishna? In this birth, once again you are following me. The secrets of that past should not be revealed.

In Bhagavatam and other Puranas it is mentioned that Spiritual Gurus would, together with their thousands and lakhs of disciples, proceed for Krishna’s darshan. I must have been one such Guru and all of you would have been my disciples at that time. We have once again met in this birth and are presently travelling in order to have the darshan of Lord Datta – the Supreme Lord who remains imperceptible to the eyes.

It is only the past birth connection that has drawn you closer to Swamiji. In its absence, it would be impossible for you to reach here. Unmindful of the time & distance and disregarding all personal problems going for Sadguru darshan is itself penance! This is exactly what you are doing. The deep bonding that you have with me across multiple births triggers you to eagerly arrive here for darshan. Else, it is impossible.

At some point in your past birth/s you had all made a promise- ‘Swamiji, wherever you incarnate we shall follow you’. The Lord has erased that memory of the past from you and hence you are ignorant of it. I however remember the promise you made. Occasionally, when I see some devotee that promise made by him/her comes to my memory.

If at all we are destined to take more births in future, then let us all travel into Krta yuga (the first and the best among the four eons, wherein righteousness reigns supreme). All of you will definitely follow me into Krta yuga. In this birth, you are readying for the journey into that yuga.

We must thank that personal problem that caused us to initially associate with our Sadguru. No doubt it introduced you to Swamiji, but then you learnt to disregard it and instead shifted your focus to Swamiji. Your love for Swamiji has caused you to remain unconcerned with the difficulties plaguing your life.

Over the decades, listening to Swamiji’s words of advice, you have learnt to remain indifferent to personal problems. You have learnt to adjust to them and even more importantly, learnt to withstand them courageously. Swamiji has showered upon you the capacity to remain neutral even under total distress. He has taught you the art of living contentedly within your meagre means.

Have you attracted Swamiji or has Swamiji attracted you? Is Swamiji following you or are you following Swamiji? Remember that both are happening at equal scale. I have been attracted by you and you are also attracted to me.

At times, you initially are reluctant to travel to Mysore for the festivities. ‘I had been to ashram last year. Let me plan next year’- you think. But then, as the time for festivities approaches, you will be the first to arrive here. Isn’t this strange? Unknown to you, there is an attraction that drags you towards Swamiji. Just as iron pieces get attracted to the magnet, we are attracted to Sadguru. Gradually, with Swamiji’s association all of you transform into magnets. Seeing you, others in your neighbourhood are stunned. Due to associating with you, they transform into iron pieces and attach themselves to you (magnet) and then through you they arrive here.

By placing implicit faith in Sadguru, serving Him and heeding His words, you automatically imbibe His good qualities. This is reason why one should follow a Sadguru.

I bless that all the leaders who have won the recent elections (India) work hard for the well-being of the country.