Dattreya Jayanti Day 2 - Parama Pujya Sri Bala Swamiji's message

  • 29 Dec 2020
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Offering obeisance at the Lotus Feet of Parama Pujya Swamiji on behalf of all.
By Pujya Swamiji’s grace, Dattatreya Jayanti is going on like it does every year. We did Ksheerabhisheka, Pujya Swamiji offered Maha Mangala Arati and we are now having darshan of Kalagni Shamana Datta decorated in Vajra Kavaca.
The Ashram Veda students played Chanda Vadya - they played the drums like Nandi and Bhrungi do in the presence of Lord Shiva. These Veda students played the percussion instruments in the presence of Shiva Swaroopa Swamiji. Many mistakenly assume it is easy to study Vedas since these kids do not go to school. Studying the Vedas is not at all easy. Vedic studies are possible only with immense divine grace. That is why Pujya Swamiji started Veda school back in 1978, even despite not having enough resources to run a Veda school back then. Many scholars provided their teaching services then, until when in 1985 we had a full-fledged Veda school. We were teaching Rigveda, Samaveda, Shuka Yajurveda and this year, we started Atharvana Veda. We can now proudly and happily state that Avadhoota Datta Peetham teaches all four Vedas. These Veda students are effortlessly excelling in Grade 10 and undergraduate programs as well (on the side). We asked the Chanda Vadya teachers how long it would take the Veda boys to learn the instruments. Pujya Swamiji had expressed the desire to the Chanda Vadya teacher (Teja) to have the Veda students play these instruments. Teja said he would need 3 months. Our students learned in 15 days. Due to learning the Vedas, the students’ power to memorize, comprehend and learn is excellent.
Pujya Swamiji started an important program today – Sakala Devata Vedokta Shanti. Devotees can get done through Ashrama priests any of the special Pujas they would otherwise have invited priests home to do. Coronavirus taught us many lessons. We need to embrace change in order to progress. When any small repair comes up, Pujya Swmaiji asks that we immediately fix it, to prevent bigger problems in the future. We should learn that proactive willingness to adapt. Pujya Swmaiji has gotten us used to an online Satsangs already – through Facebook, Appji, SGS Posts etc. Pujya Swamiji has been communicating with us online for a long time. An 85-year-old grandmother in Akividu learned how to use all these on her own and even taught her kids and grandkids. Swamiji is coming into our homes everyday through Facebook Live. What would be our fate if we did not have this? These live programs have been a great boon. Sri Mahabhartam is flowing like a beautiful torrential river. Many devotees used to come to Ashram and get various Pujas done on many occasions - during birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Now, they wish to continue doing those Pujas remotely, so Swamiji is giving us a way to do so. It is not possible to invite priests home during this pandemic. Sakala Devata Vedokta Shanti is now available under Poojas section on Dattapeetham.org. Whatever deity you are drawn to and worship, or have mantra from Swamiji for, or whatever other yajnas you wish to do for health, lifespan etc, you can do through this page. The icing on the cake is that information about the Puja you are sponsoring will be provided to Pujya Swamiji along with the offering of a garland. You can all participate in these Pujas. Pujya Swamiji also said that you will be able to witness the Purnahuti of your homa online.
Pujya Swamiji installed a Nanjundappa Shraddha Kuteera in the Ashram where you can perform obsequies for your ancestors, when you come here. This cannot be done online. If you are not in the Ashrama, you can instead do Gau Puja online that day while performing the obsequies at home. We started this program for your benefit. Make use of this and let everyone know. This will also benefit the Ashram. Make good use of this. May you all always have Pujya Swamiji’s blessings.