Bhajan and message on Tez TV - June 11, 2020

  • 11 Jun 2020
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Bhajan: hē hanumān bahu balavān


śrī mahāganapate namaḥ

śrī sarasvatyai namaḥ

śrī pādavallabha narasimha sarasvati

śrī guru dattātreyāya namaḥ


buddhir balaṁ yaśo dhairyaṁ nirbhayatvam arogatāṁ

ajāḍyaṁ vākpaṭutvanca hanumat smaraṇāt bhavet


Merely remembering Lord Hanuman increases wisdom, strength, success, courage, fearlessness, good health, skillfulness in speech and alertness. There may not be a single village or city in India where there are no Hanuman temples and Hanuman devotees. Everyone gets impressed with the greatness and venerability of Lord Hanuman. Lord Sankat Mochan Hanuman protects the faithful from all difficulties. Special worship of Lord Hanuman takes place not only in India, but in various countries around the world. Swamiji has installed in Trinidad, West Indies, a Hanuman moorti that is over 50 feet tall. Hundreds of thousands of people there chant the Hanuman Chalisa everyday. Swamiji has consecrated many Karya Siddhi Hanuman temples in the various Ashrams across America, Malaysia and India where many devout people have Darshan of the Lord and experience bliss. The amount of love, faith, reverence and devotion accorded to Sri Rama in the Ramayana is also accorded to the son of Pavan (God of wind), Lord Hanuman. Why? It is not only because Lord Hanuman is an aspect of Lord Siva, or because He is very strong, intelligent, valorous and knowledgeable, the granter of the eight yogic accomplishments and future Lord Brahma; but it is because despite being so competent, he has no trace of ego. Lord Hanuman liked to see himself only as a devotee and servant of Lord Rama. Wherever the glories of Lord Rama are sung, Lord Hanuman is found with tears of joy, standing with his hands together (in Anjali mudra). That his greatest duty is protection of Sri Rama’s devotees is evidence of his devotion to his master.


There are nine types of devotion described. 1) śravaṇaṁ – listening to the Lord’s glories 2) kīrtanaṁ – singing glories of the Lord 3) smaraṇaṁ – always remembering the Lord 4) sevanaṁ – always immersed in serving the Lord 5) dhyānaṁ – always immersed in the principle of God 6) arcanaṁ – worshiping the Lord 7) vandanaṁ – offering obeisance unto the Lord 8) sakhyaṁ – friendship with the Lord 9) ātmārpaṇaṁ – surrendering oneself entirely to the Lord (with body, mind and possessions). The complete incarnation of all these types of devotion is Lord Hanuman. Those who worship Lord Hanuman will become prosperous with the nine types of devotion and will be able to cross the ocean of worldy life (samsara)