Bhajan and message on Satsang TV - June 9, 2020

  • 09 Jun 2020
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Bhajan: śāradē varadē mā


sarasvati namastubhyam varadé kāmarūpiṇi

vidyārambham kariṣyāmi, siddhirbhavatu mé sadā


Everyone must have chanted this shloka in their childhood. It is a custom in every household to offer respects to Mother Sarasvati before starting one’s studies. This is chanted as a prayer in all the schools and as part of opening prayers in Gurukuls.


Mother Sarasvati is usually depicted in white robes, playing the Veena. In the spiritual perspective, this has special significance. The rock is a symbol of a dull or ignorant mind. Mother Sarasvati enthroned on the rock indicates strengthening of our knowledge. The white lotus also indicates pure intellect. Mother Sarasvati removes our vile sentiments and grants knowledge. Veena is a symbol of man’s spine. Spine is the center of Yoga Chakras which means that Yoga is strengthened when we worship Mother Sarasvati. Mother Sarasvati is also called akṣara rūpiṇi. You all know that the common meaning of akṣara refers to the alphabets of the language we learn as part of our education. akṣara also means indestructible. Mother Sarasvati is the mother of all living things (moving and fixed) and worshiped not only by the Gods and Goddesses, but by humans as well. Mother Sarasvati’s presence is felt in every mantra in the Veda, every technique of worship (upasana tantra), every scale of music, every song, every instrument, pleasing speech, sounds and scriptural statements.


The Mother’s white robes are sign of purity and cleanliness. The Lalita Sahasra Nama addresses the mother as niṣpāpā pāpanāśinī. That means Mother Sarasvati is free from sins and also frees her devotees from sins. Mother Sarasvati looks at the noble and saintly people with compassionate glances.


While composing this kriti (musical composition), Swamiji’s mind was absorbed in Kashmir’s kṣīr bhavāni. That is why Swamiji has mentioned kṣīr bhavāni in this composition. The one who is steadfastly meditating on Mother Sarasvati will certainly attain saccidānanda, or eternal bliss.


Ma Sarasvati ki Jai

Ambe Sarasvati Ma ki Jai