Sachchidananda Satya Sandesha: Pujya Sri Swamiji’s weekly message in Prajavani, Kannada daily - 19 Sep 2020

  • 19 Sep 2020
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Mind needs noble thoughts
Most people in the society have a very strong impression that they are perfect, and others are flawed. If one considers this as an expression of self-confidence, then they are wrong. Self-confidence and beliefs are strengthened only when one patiently accepts others’ opinions and suggestions. If the mind does not accept anything that is forthcoming, it implies that the mind is diseased!
The body and mind survive by accepting external inputs. Just as a body that stops consuming food becomes unwell, so also, the mind becomes sick when it does not deliberate over appropriate topics and accept them. If the mind does not respond to external subjects, it may then only ponder over one negative internal thought, that can assume a dangerous form, and drive one crazy. Precisely for this reason, just as good timely food is essential for the body, noble thoughts are necessary for the mind to dwell on and remain healthy.
One who is not willing to ask for forgiveness from others when he’s wrong, and who does not have any repentance, is considered to be weak mentally. When someone thought of as an enemy, comes forward and extends the hand of friendship, if a person does not reciprocate with similar warmth, without any hesitation, then such a person’s mind is said to be afflicted with diseases.
If among ten of your friends, you have discord with five of them, it is an indication that your mind is becoming the nest for ailments.
A simple way to keep the mind healthy is to not brood over the matters of those surrounding you, but to develop a cordial relationship with a smile. It is unfortunate that most people are interested in gathering information about other’s personal lives, more than what is necessary. And they deliberate on others’ behaviour. When this does not appeal to your mind, it leads to displeasure and discord. People around may additionally fuel this by their gossips and it burns more fiercely. There is an adage in Kannada that says, ‘It takes a year for the potter, but just a minute for the stick to break it.’ The life and death of relationships is also like this.
It takes many years for a tree to grow, but just a minute to chop it down. It takes nine months for a human to be born, but not even nine seconds are required to lose life. This means that good things need a long time. Bad happens in no time. Similarly, earning merit is very difficult. Engaging in sin is very easy. In this world, the noble do not shine as easily as the evil ones. Because, goodness or nobility has not been put out for sale by God. He has put it in a difficult place called sincerity and devotion. To imbibe these, a Sattvik (noble/pure) mindset is necessary. Dharma has come into existence to shape this noble mindset. If we learn the path of righteousness in this school of Dharma, the mind becomes pure. When noble thoughts arise in such a fertile mind, virtue takes form. This is the Sachchidananda Realization.
Jaya Guru Datta