Sookti by Parama Pujya Swamiji on boldly facing destiny

  • 29 Oct 2021
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oṁ namo hanumate namaḥ
oṁ ayiṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ śiva rāma anagha dattāya namaḥ
śaśi divākarayoḥ graha pīdanaṃ
gaja bhuja mayorapi bandhanaṃ
mati matāṅca vilokya daridratām
vidhiraho balavān iti me matiḥ
How surprising is it that Rahu and Ketu torment and swallow the sun and the moon who grant light and radiance, and bestow life on all beings? Not even the sun and the moon are able to escape torment. How surprising is it that man is able to easily capture the elephant that can take on any predator in the forest, and the snake which can immobilize any being with its venom? We normally run away if we hear that there is a snake around. It is enough for someone to utter the word ‘snake’ or mention that there is a snake under our chair, for us to be filled with fright. A rope in the dark scares us when we assume it is a snake. The snake charmer though effortlessly captures that venomous snake with one hand.


So too, it is strange when we see the intelligent and the wise, virtuous and those of good conduct suffer due to poverty. It surprises us that fate is so powerful. Even the most powerful cannot escape what they are destined for. Many in this world do japa, Yajna, Homa etc. for their own wellbeing. They circumambulate temples countless times. They observe fasting as long as possible and undertake all charities as directed by their Sadguru, and finally ask why their troubles have not yet ended. Such people should observe the sun and the moon. The sun bestows life and light on all beings. He is friend of this entire world. How strange is it that rahu and ketu swallow the sun who is praised as ‘Mitra’ and the moon who has nectarous rays! Sun and moon only benefit the world, but never inflict harm on us. Protecting the nectar for the wellbeing of the Devatas is a meritorious deed, not a sinful one. Why then are such supreme beings having to suffer?


If such supreme beings have to experience suffering, who are we to complain? Our sinful deeds far outweigh our meritorious deeds. It is only after we experience suffering for sins that are a result of our karma, that we get our wishes fulfilled. The elephant is an herbivore, but it can fight even powerful predators like lion and tiger. However, God did not give it much intelligence. Similarly, the black cobra is dangerous due to its venom, but God gave it as boons, the qualities of inertia, hunger and extreme laziness. That is why, man with his intelligence is able to capture the two animals easily and use it as needed. We should practice realizing that our troubles are far fewer than theirs.


Moreover, fate is very strong. All the great souls had to undergo immense suffering. We do not experience the suffering they did. Potana who was very devoted to the Lord Krishna had much more suffering than we did. Our sufferings pale in comparison to Prahlada’s. Nor are we experiencing greater suffering than the great devotee Ramadas. If the great devotees have such suffering, what can be said of ours when our devotion exists only during difficulties. We should realize this. Only then, will the solution for all problems present itself with the grace of Sadguru.


Whether good or bad deeds, the fruit of those deeds must be experienced. Destiny spares no one. May God grant us the kingdom of devotion, this sookti teaches us. We should pray to God to give us the strength to experience the fruit of our sins. Do we have greater suffering than Sita and Rama? No. Do we have greater suffering than Prahlada? No. Then, we should be bold like they were.
Understand this sookti carefully.