Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji’s speech at Dashavatara Venkateshwara Swamy Temple, Amaravati

  • 05 Oct 2021
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Jaya Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!


In order to uplift all the beings in Kali Yuga, the Lord took the special incarnation as Venkateshwara Swamy. Formerly, the Lord of the seven hills used to be conversing with the devotees in person. However, the desires of the people gradually increased. Despite being close to God, they failed to understand the Lord and displayed sensual traits like anger, desires etc. From His Goloka, from His Vaikuntha, the Lord took many incarnations. He came down to this Bhuloka (Earth) and incarnated on the seven hills signifying the seven chakras of our body. The sensual traits, their power and conflicts in the people snatched them of the opportunity of being with the Lord directly. Hence, he became an idol.


When we come to the Lord and see his form, we must not think of the idol as a stone. It has been consecrated and the Lord is sitting there in a stable form. Garuda is always watching the Lord. Garuda means intellect, which is a constant observer of the mind. When the mind and the intellect unite, the body becomes Yogic body and the entire world is filled with Yogic power. In Lord Subrahmanya Swamy’s temple, a peacock (Mayura) will be watching the Lord in the form of intellect. In the temple of Mother Goddess, the lion will be watching mother, signifying intellect. Hanuman’s temple has a camel, signifying intellect. If we go to Datta temple, we do not see any vehicle unlike in other temples since we (as intellect) will be watching the Lord directly. This is the specialty of Datta temple. Someone had asked me this question - ‘Why does Lord Datta not have any vehicle?” The answer is - we are the intellect here. We have offered ourselves to the Lord. He is the Sadguru. Datta was seen in all Yugas. However, we never cared because we have desires. Those who cared got uplifted, became Mahatmas and merged in HIM.


Dashavataras - The ten incarnations of the Lord:
The Lord took so much difficulty on himself to uplift the Earth. How was the Earth and the beings born? We have all come because of karma. We cannot eat paddy. We obtain rice from paddy and then eat cooked rice. Likewise, only when we cross this period of Corona, we will go to the path of salvation. We will be born again and again - this is our only task! We must put in efforts to avoid births by taking refuge in Guru and Datta. But, we do not want that. We are only interested in marriage, kids, hoarding wealth. We die one day only to be born again. Only one in a hundred thousand people wish not to be born again. Millions of people say that they want liberation. If there is a fight between a wife and a husband, they say that they will abandon the house and go to HImalayas. Nothing happens if you leave the house. You must give up all feelings in your mind. Those who want to leave the house are only thieves. No wife and husband should say so, especially in front of the children. We were also born during the several incarnations of the Lord. We were born 80 lakh times. We are now in the final phase, where we have to be very cautious. Else, we will have to start over from the beginning.
First incarnation of the Lord is Matsya (fish). He safeguarded the Vedas - the first set of letters (knowledge) for us. We can listen to each other only because of sound. Had the Lord not uplifted the Vedas, then we would not have had speech, and we would have been mute. Vedas are the first letters.


The second incarnation is Kurma (tortoise). In order to protect the divine qualities and the world, Lord incarnated as Kurma. If this incarnation was not there, then we would not have existed or we would have been mixed with demons. The Lord first uplifted letters (sound) and then this world (all of us). Nothing that we see would have existed, otherwise. If there was no incarnation of Kurma, all of us would have become demons and we would have been destroyed.


(Sri Swamiji cautions the crowd - Pay attention or else leave the assembly. This is a very important matter. All you need is food, water etc. This is your karma. Surrender your ears to me. Why are you troubled so much to listen to these words? You are so foolish, for you cannot stay focussed in a place even for a second, and do not want nectarous words. I generally do not talk. I remain in silence. You must catch hold of my words with total attention. All you want is food, TV and sleep. You are so shameless! But you want Swamiji, Swamiji’s darshan and solutions for your problems. How is it possible? If you want Swamiji, then you must listen to the words of Swamiji also. Doctor gives medicine and only if you take the medicine will you be cured of the disease. We must listen to every word of Sadguru.)
The next incarnation is Yagna Varaha Swamy. The Lord uplifted the entire Earth. Had the Lord not uplifted Earth, we would not have existed. You must know how you were born, why you were born in that house, in this place etc.You must research. You are not interested in such research because your focus is on job, money, children, marriage, pregnancy, operation, court problems etc. This is all you have and nothing else. During Covid lockdown, I sat everyday for two hours to give lectures. 20-25k people were uplifted since they followed Live. There were some who went crazy during the days when there was no Live. They sat prepared from 6 pm onwards every day. My Datta devotees have such a good habit. Many followed Live and many did not follow also. Many used to cry when there was no Live, and they sent several messages to me, out of care for me and my health. I gave Bhagavatam earlier and now I gave Mahabharata (the meaning of all 1 lakh shlokas) and thereafter I gave Ramayana (the essence). Swamiji has described the incarnation of Yagna Varaha Swamy and its significance in Bhagavatam. Lord uplifted the Earth for the sake of Devatas. We would not have existed otherwise. Prostrations to such Lord for uplifting Earth and all of us!
Prostrations to Matsya, Kurma and Yagna Varaha Swamy!


Thereafter, all of us were born as different beings and humans as per karma. Some became Kings, some became great devotees while some became Mahatmas. The Lord then incarnated as Narasimha Swamy to kill all demons. Prostrations to Narasimha Swamy!


The next incarnation is Vamana, son of Kashyapa. Emperor Bali was an egoistic person. Therefore, the Lord sent him beneath to the nether world to subdue his ego. Prostrations to Vamana! Without this incarnation, we would not have had any temples and we would have been mixed with demons. I would not have been talking like this and you would not be listening to me. I would not have seen you at all in the first place. The entire history would have changed if Bali was not sent underneath Earth. The Lord encompassed everything with just three feet. Prostrations to Vamana!


Many egoistic Kings tormented the Maharshis and destroyed the lives of noble men who were into Vedanta and spirituality. As Parashurama, the Lord slayed them all. Prostrations to Parashurama!
The next incarnation is Sri Rama, who is also called Raghu Rama. The Lord protected us for 10,000 years. We were also born in Rama's time. During Rama’s time too, we spoke rubbish. We are born again because of karma. Prostrations to such Rama.


The next incarnation is Balarama. He brought nectar to the world through cultivation. Today we are cultivating and eating because of Balarama. Without Balarama Swamy, we would have not known about cultivation at all. Today, we grow so many acres of crops. If we do prostrations to Balarama, then we will get a good crop. The farmers blame the Government for everything. Think of Paramatma instead, for, he is the supreme. Prostrations to Balarama!


The next incarnation is Sri Krishna. This incarnation, also called Purnavatara, is filled with compassion. Prostrations to such Sri Krishna amongst the Dashavataras!
Those who deny the existence of God are Mlechchas/atheists. Henceforth, the number of atheists will increase in this Kali Yuga. We need not fear. We must train our children. In the future, there will be a time when our great grandchildren will suffer. The Lord will then incarnate as Kali and destroy all the Mlechchas, leaving only few. Let us all become the few protected by the Lord in the future. This can be several generations down the line in our families or the families of our relatives or friends. Let all such families be happy, leading a life of devotion. We will not see that time period because we are fortunate. Hence teach devotion to children nicely. People will die in all places like anything as part of the destruction. The Corona pandemic is like a training for us in the present day. No one knows how long anyone will live. I keep saying, ‘Will you live for 100 or 200 years?’ Therefore, we must do good acts as long as we live without procrastination. When alive, one must write the Will properly, else that will only bring destruction and problems after.


Swamiji's Will has also been written already. Do I really need to do that? I need not do like you all but we never know when we will have to depart from this world. I keep telling my children to be good, do good and be careful. I have already given instructions to Prasadi and Balaswamiji where and how to keep my physical body, what should be done, how many rooms should be constructed in Mysuru Ashrama etc. I have kept everything ready. Do I need to do all this? It is all because we have no control on our breath. We breathe but the Lord can take back the life force any moment. We never know. I will know but I cannot reveal it. It has also been said in Life history that I cannot reveal anything. Hence, it is a problem for me. It is for this reason that I will be cautioning people. Hence, we must give training to our children and keep the will ready. Prasadi and Balaswamiji completely know about my will. No one knows when anyone has to leave the world. There is no guarantee. I tell the same to all my devotees. Some do not listen but I scold them and get them to register their Will. Keep it ready in some place. That is it! I warn all the aged people also. Do not assume that you will live more. There are many who have problems today because of not registering the Will. The children approach me for a solution but I remain helpless. They just have to go around the courts and continue to have disputes in the family.


Therefore, the Will must be written for the purpose of spiritual and noble activities, so that the money does not go to any individual. Whatever we have earned must go into a noble cause. I am talking about all this, because Kali Purusha is there. Many say that they spoke to a person just in the morning, but soon after he died. Life has no guarantees. Lord Kali is also in this Dashavatara. Prostrations to the Lord who has taken these ten incarnations which is Sri Krishna himself. Krishna is not just the one who held the flute. True meaning of Krishna means ‘one who removes difficulties and ignorance.’
This is the prayer I do to the Lord. With this prayer, the Lord will uplift us. The Lord’s form is so beautiful here. We must seek pardon for all our mistakes. We commit sins through speech, eyes, ears, hands, legs and nose. We must ask forgiveness for having done sins through all senses and beg Him to give us merger with Him, for we have come from Him.


This is a puppet show, where each puppet is different. One has no hand, another has no leg while the other has no eyes or ears. The basis of this puppet show is Sri Krishna and Datta. At one point of time, we suffer with desires, anger etc, while at other times, we suffer with hunger. Some say they are depressed. When God is with you, what depression do you have?
We do not know anything either, except offering prostrations to the Lord. May everyone be good! Narayana! Let Narayana bestow good intellect on all! Let the Lord give the right intellect as per what is to happen.


Swamiji’s darshana with no mask is like Bhairava avatara. So far, Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has taken Bhairava avatara. Although devotees have seen me for several years without a mask, they still want to see me like this. Many do not like it if I wear a mask. But, we have a fear of Covid. Many used to eat food wearing shoes. Now, every individual is following Covid regulations diligently. This situation of Covid has prevailed because many beings and cows are slaughtered for their flesh. When this will stop on this Earth, it will bring good to Earth else it will not. Until we protect cows, the situation will continue to be like this.
Jaya Guru Datta!