Summary of Pujya Swamiji’s message during Welcome Function in Vijayawada

  • 05 Oct 2021
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Mother Goddess is the main deity for this Patamata Ashrama in Vijayawada. The consecration of Mother was a historic event. It’s not an ordinary matter that you are here, you will do so me Pujas, and leave. Every step, every word, every breath is a significant event in the life history of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji. This is an event that will stand forever in the life history.


Yajna Varaha Swamy protected the earth. We are all caught in the cycle of birth and death. I told you many times that we have taken birth millions of times starting as insects and microorganisms and then evolving to animals, followed by birds, and then humans. Humans are outnumbered by animals and other creatures which are in turn outnumbered by insects and smaller organisms. The bird species is the smallest, humans are slightly larger in number than birds. The highest is the count of insects and organisms. The birds are rapidly declining in population. As soon as they are done, human race will decline. All the preparation for that destruction is happening. Then, slowly the insects and microorganisms will be destroyed too and there will be dissolution with fire or water.


Bhagavatam stated that the four yugas repeat themselves. We do not know for sure if we will be born again as humans because we are committing so many sins. Even if we do not physically commit them, we mentally commit those sins. We lack peace. We are seething in envy within. Family members have mutual distrust and envy, and family has distrust and contempt for society. We cannot even greet each other warmly with real happiness and peace. Grief and discontentment are big parts of our life. That is why we are getting destroyed. We are turning into microorganisms again.
Science too has now discovered this – we are not going anywhere; we are only turning into insects and microorganisms. We start over in our cycle of 8 million births. These are not my words, this is what Science is now saying. If I had planned this speech, I would have played the documentary for you on the TV here. Bird species appear towards the end of evolution right before the evolution to humans. We should escape this cycle. I have said this thousands of times. We do not want this cycle. We are exhausted. We feel deceived. This life has no contentment. We are dying unhappily too. No one is dying laughing. There is still discontentment and unfulfilled desires. There is always one last thing we want - maybe we desire a grandson, may be resolution of a pending court case etc. before we die. Such people cannot come to Guru because they are hankering after other things. Dispassion should not be limited to lip service; it should be implemented in actions. Our latent tendencies – vasanas – do not leave us very easily.


The remedy for this is Guru mantra. We are gathered in the presence of Guru and are about to worship Mother in Her very presence here in the Ashram. So, how can we be sinners? We are truly fortunate. We have neither sin, nor grief. All that is only in samsara/worldly life. When you think about Guru or Mother Goddess, you forget everything else. 99% of our heart is in it, only 1% still sticks to this world. Upanishads teach us that if we cannot learn their (Upanishadic) essence, we will be relegated to demonic wombs. But the same Upanishads also assure you that you will learn, and you will surely unite in God.


Many wondered if Swamiji would visit this place again. Instead of thinking about samsara, think about Me, that is better. There is no greater fortune. Many would cry, "I did not see Swamiji today, I hope Swamiji is fine." That makes me happy. Many tune in and wait at 6:30pm to have Darshana of Swamiji on Facebook. You might curse Covid for what happened, but for Datta family, this was a great fortune. That demonic corona virus made me sit in one place for two hours every day for one a half year. Corona Devi is like Sheetala Devi. She takes the sacrifice she needs.
In Swamiji’s life history is mentioned that March 4, 2020 will mark a turning point in this world and will usher in rishi tradition again. Wearing this mask is nothing but rishi tradition. Our saliva should not fall on others. Jains always wear a mask, and you would mock then. Now, you are all wearing a mask. I would ask you to cover your mouth while talking to Swamiji because your saliva should not fall on Swamiji. You would not listen. That is a sin and Swamiji suffered a lot too as your ailments got transferred to Him. This disease spreads through the air. Within hours, it spreads to hundreds and thousands of people.


This disease spreads so fast, but why does not devotion spread as fast? Because it is not a disease and because it leads to Vaikuntha. I have told you repeatedly to be safe and wash your hands frequently. Some even change clothes as soon as they go home. Some shower too. Fear has gripped the world due to this disease. Someone asked why we have this disease. This is due to the slaughter of cows. If cow slaughter continues, there will be even more terrible diseases in this world. As the slaughter of cows and the consumption of beef continues, the world will be ruined. We should not befriend beef eaters and should never give our child in marriage to such a family either. If no one eats beef, cows will not be sold or slaughtered. Wherever there is more cow slaughter, there the disease is more widespread. California is just beginning to understand this and is slowly giving up meat. Some cities have completely given up meat. Do not just go by what I am saying, you can study for yourself. Do some research using internet, magazines, TV etc. Italy was a country of luxury, but people died a terrible death due to Covid. What use was all your luxury, people died like orphans.


It is due to this situation that I did not travel for two years. We sealed the Ashram. We were repeatedly requested to remove the seal during Shivaratri to allow devotees to visit. Some devotees visited for Shivaratri and left. But they infected about 50 Ashrama residents. How much I struggled to take care of them! I put them in a big building – Vajra Kuteera – to take care of them. I felt very bad. If we get infected, we should make sure we do not infect others. We should isolate ourselves. The disease takes 3-14 days for symptoms to show.


What did Swamiji do in the meanwhile? Swamiji took up the narration of the entire Mahabharata. Swamiji already completed narrating Bhagavatam for Bhakti/devotion. Swamiji narrated the Mahabharata to take us on the path of Jnana/knowledge. Then, Swamiji narrated Adhyatma Ramayana (not Ramayana) to teach Vairagya/dispassion. Devotees are praying for narration of Srimad Ramayana, but I am traveling again now and may not have time.


I am very happy. I was very busy last 2 years. From 4am to 11pm every day, I was extremely busy. I had not a single day’s break. If I did get a break, I would review what was being written. 30 children kept writing the Mahabharata for me. Bala Swamiji was also one of them. He is my student. Those devotees came and begged that I take two days break to give them a little time to finish their work. They know that once Swamiji picks up something, it goes very fast. I took a break for one week. My devotees watching me online missed me terribly. Then, I took up discourses on various sooktis for some time. So corona was good for some and not good for a few others. All of you got used to Darshana at 6:30pm on FB live. Many stopped watching movies too.
You must get vaccinated. If you do not, Covid can kill you. Kids are not vaccinated, so now Covid is infecting kids. Now the government is planning to vaccinate kids. Always keep a sanitizer on you.
Keep drinking the kashaayam every morning without fail. I already told you the recipe for that kashaayam. It removes heart blocks and remedies kidney and sugar problems. (Kashaayam is a concoction made from neem leaves, black pepper, edible camphor, turmeric, tulasi leaves boiled together).


Drink only hot/warm water. Do not drink cold water. Do not drink refrigerated water until it gets to room temperature. Cold refrigerated water and ice-cream are bad, but if you want to test it out, go ahead and have them. Do not wear shoes inside the house, do not eat with your shoes on. Our tradition (elders) asks us to wash our feet when we go home. We refused earlier, but now we shut up and comply
Hanuman, crystal Shiva, Goddess Raja Rajeswari, Ganapati are all here in the temple. A devotee, Kamal Kapoor, did great seva in helping us secure the land in Ayodhya for Ashram. Next, the devotee is going to work on Ashram in Badarinath. He helped with Kasi Ashram. He is very enthusiastic to work on Ayodhya Ashram. He is mad about Swamiji. The entire family is mad about Swamiji. This devotee is a big contractor, but he is mad about his Guru. He has 25 years of association with Swamiji.


I have many such devotees. I have protected them carefully in a box. I see each of you in different ways, each needs a different blessing, a different treatment. If you surrender with wholehearted devotion, you will understand, otherwise, it is impossible to understand. There are many saints, but there is a big difference between them and Swamiji. He even built a room for me right by Sarayu river. If you do not wear a mask, I will go to Sarayu river. If Sri Rama asks me why I am there, I will tell Him my Vijayawada devotees did not wear a mask. The devotee is such a busy contractor, but left everything to be here for this event. There are 16 more very wealthy devotees. I will not reveal them to the world. I will not ask them for a penny either. Many of you have pledged and donated for Ayodhya project. May you all be well with Sri Rama's grace.


This year, Mother's birthday on Durgashtami marks 100 years of Mother’s birth. So, we are doing some programs in Jayalakshmi Puram. We are whitewashing the walls of the homes of poor people. They are not that poor anymore and are doing much better now with timely rains and good crops. They want Swamiji to visit every year. They are doing many programs there in memory of Mother who is my Guru and your Parama Guru. On Durgashtami day, there will be a special Puja for Mother. So, everyone be ready.