Sachchidananda Satya Sandesha in Prajavani Kannada Newspaper – 27 Feb 2021

  • 27 Feb 2021
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Trust shelters relationships
It is commonly said that the times are bad. Truly speaking, it is mankind that has turned bad, not times. Time has been doing its job well. But, with time, man is taking the wrong path. Even before he’s able to realize where he faltered, his path of desires has become very large and he is lost in this path. Because of this, despite having gained material comforts, there is no glow of satisfaction on his face. Instead, dissatisfaction looms large. It means that neither time nor man’s life as turned towards the worse. It is certain that man’s greed that has turned worse.
Man learnt to use all the natural resources for his benefit. But he did not learn to use the resource within him. Thus, despite being successful in the outer world, he remained unhappy internally. The importance that was given to accumulating wealth was not given to encouraging values and noble qualities. The time that was given to building floor after floor was not given to nurturing relationships. This led to bitterness in close relationships and the gap increased. As the relationships grew apart, man’s loneliness increased – both externally and internally. He is still not able to fathom what he lost or where he is lost.
While talking about the creation of the universe, Purusha Sookta of Rigveda states that as much unmanifest energy is present in the physical world, similar energy is also present in the human body. Just as the outer world is a treasure of wonders, so also, the world within us beholds many amazements. It means that if we learn to use our hidden strengths which are beyond our senses, we can achieve anything. With our intellectual power, a weapon can be used for constructive or destructive purpose. All depends on how we use it. Similarly, man can use his lifetime for either good or bad. It depends on his qualities.
It is for the same reason that since the Rigvedic times, internal beauty has been emphasized more than physical external beauty. But man has only given importance to flaunting, to please the external world. Because of this, he has entangled himself and become captive in the world of false pride that he created. He becomes depressed if there is even the slightest disturbance in his ostentatious world. He is struggling, unable to free himself from the shackles of mistrust. Just as money is circulated in the external world, noble qualities must be circulated in the world within. Because, one without good qualities, cannot be a complete man.
Despite great advancements in science, man’s intellect or knowledge is stagnating with a terrible stench! In these stagnant waters, the filth named hatred and jealousy are creating mental illness. In such an afflicted mind, arrogance due to wealth and position is ruining the relationships. Humanity becomes superior when the Tamasic traits are eliminated and the mind becomes pure. A mind that does not pulsate for friendship and relationships becomes a cave, while love and trust shelter good relationships. As this strengthens, it manifests as a life of ‘Sachchidananda’.