Sachchidananda Satya Sandesha (message from Parama Pujya Swamiji) in Prajavani Kannada daily newspaper - April 17, 2021

  • 17 Apr 2021
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Humanity is the real Dharma

There is an allegation that the increase in human conflict in the world is due to existent of different religions. This is only half truth. The complete truth is that if there were no defined religions, then due to extreme human conflict, all of us would have become extinct, like the creatures on Mars. It is this faith or Dharma that has made man, who was living like an animal in the forest, to become civilized.  It is this faith that has wiped out his demonic traits and developed humanity in man. The origin and purpose of religion is lost due to man’s aberrated mind.

During churning of the ocean of wisdom, along with the elixir of knowledge, the poison of ignorance also emerged. We need people like Lord Shiva who can drink the poison of ignorance and give us superior knowledge. Only then the birth of religion is meaningful. While savoring the knowledge of Dharma, one should be cautious to not allow the darkness of ignorance to creep in. For us to develop such sense of righteousness, a virtuous mind is necessary.  We must be noble; not trouble anyone and consider all like our own family. One without such a mindset, who only worships God for show, will never understand the true significance of Dharma.


Our tongue has the capacity to understand the if the food we eat is good or bad. But our mind does not have the capacity to differentiate between supreme knowledge and ignorance. It is Dharma that enables us to grasp this difference. If Dharma is properly established in our mind, we will develop the intellect to distinguish between good and bad knowledge. If this Dharma is not properly established in the mind, man becomes profane. Such persons who hate others will never grasp the true form of Dharma. The world is scorching due to fanaticism of people who have failed to understand the true essence of Dharma. Dharma is overwhelmed by the narrow-minded radicals, because of which the world is suffering today.


Some individuals are unhappy to see countries being burnt down due to conflicts between men of different faiths. Out of displeasure, they are questioning the need for such faiths that has led to severe calamities. Is it fair to blame the use of vehicles just because accidents occur? It is wrong to blame Dharma for the blunders committed by men. Right from the beginning, various faiths have attempted to eradicate the narrow mindedness of humans. Many efforts have been made to bring in harmony between different faiths. As a result, many inter-faith conflicts have come to an end. Despite these efforts, persistence of such conflicts in many regions implies the decline in human mentality and short-sighted ignorance. Dharma doesn’t exist in such places, what exists is sheer ignorance in the name of Dharma.


The ability to perceive a human as human is true Dharma. If such a compassionate vision is lost, Dharma is blinded and unrighteousness reigns. During such difficult times, incarnations like Lord Krishna have descended to guide us in the path of humanity. Probably, there is no place in the world, other than India, which has seen many inventions and practices with respect to Dharma. It is due to this that India has emerged as the noble land where various faiths harmoniously coexist. When the ignorance in the faiths dissolve and knowledge of Dharma blossoms in the spirit of “Sachchidnanda”, the lamp of humanity will shine all over the world, forever.


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Jaya Guru Datta