Sachchidananda Satya Sandesha (message from Parama Pujya Swamiji) in Prajavani Kannada daily newspaper - May 29, 2021

  • 29 May 2021
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Humanity without humans

As time passes, man becomes weak both mentally and physically. He has become captive in the pretentious life which he has created himself and has stepped into the path of self-destruction. Rather than focusing on what is essential, man has put his mind and energy into matters and materials of no consequence and is experiencing its ill-effects.  Man has made his own life so fragile where he fears for life even for mild fever. He is shaken by trivial problems.


People in the olden times would not budge due to any hardships, they would move forward without hesitation. They have embraced the troubles with the belief that “Difficulties come to humans and not to trees”. They learnt to live with these life-long problems without disgust. They never thought of committing suicide. They never engaged in wretched acts of killing their own children. Unlike the women of present era who complain about taking care of one or two children, mothers in olden times cared for many children. Their strength and determination to give their children a good future was unparalleled.

There is bounty in the present times, when compared to yesteryears. There was scarcity for food and clothes. Their sacrifice during most enduring times has given us a life with peace. The present generation is always comparing their life with that of others and are spoiling their peace of mind. There is no comparison between the attitude of people of yesteryears who were contented with what came in their share, and the present generation that is always suffering with the craving for materialistic things like buildings and cars that others possess. In olden times, people had the courage to face any difficulty. But everything has turned upside down now. Everything is within reach. And yet, humans are dissatisfied and are always making a fuss.


In the present times, people very easily dream of happiness, but are not ready to work hard and tread the path to materialize it. Man is now earning money by dubious means. As a result, vicious people are fleecing money even from homes of the bereaved. Greed and desires have accompanied man since birth. But these traits were not so pronounced in earlier times. As the modern world is advancing without any control, man’s greed has also increased at an equal pace.


The corruption which was limited to a few thousand of rupees post-independence has sky-rocketed to thousands of crores of rupees. Everyone’s mind is set on money now. People have lost the discriminative ability to evaluate good from bad. We are observing the consequence now during corona crisis. Where there is no humanity, humans cease to exist. If we do not realize this Supreme Truth, the modern men’s troubles will never end. Hence, all of us must forget greed and engage in the noble company of Sachchidanda and nurture humanity.


Jaya Guru Datta


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