Pujya Bala Swamiji’s message at Chakicherla Sri Datta Brundavanagou Kshetram about protecting cows

  • 24 Sep 2021
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We had darshan of the deities here as well as Lord Chenna Nandeshwara and Goddess Bala Bhramaramba. Lord Subramanya verily walks this place. Space has also been allocated for the Lord to wander freely. The culture of the people in this village is very good. I am very happy. That is what will protect us.

We bathed in the sea and at hour of noon came here to have darshan of Gau Matas. We should consider being in the presence of cows as being in the presence of all Devatas. So, when asked where we are at the moment, we should say we are in the presence of all Devatas, not in Chakicherla Gaushala. The presence of one Gau Mata is enough for all Devatas to be present. But there are so many cows here. It is not a trivial matter than we are all gathered here today.

The scriptures say
gāvō mē purataḥ santu gāvō mē santu prṣṭhataḥ |
gāvō me sarvataḥ santu gavāṃ madhye vasāmyahaṃ ||

We should pray this way every day. Who had chanted this prayer? Sri Krishna Himself had, praying “May cows surround me from the front, the back and on all sides. I should be in the midst of cows”. Sri Krishna always had cows around him. Cows were very dear to the Lord. Lord Datta – our creator, sustainer and dissolver – one who takes care of every aspect of our lives including family, jobs, health, children etc. – also has Kamadhenu standing behind him. We sing praise of Lord Datta with "...kāmadhenu kalpavrkṣa...". The cow is not his vehicle. That is why Swamiji too built a big Gaushala. Because the space in the Ashram is not enough, the cows have been placed at Bannur farm.

A devotee couple asked Swamiji for permission to do Seva and Swamiji directed them to do Gau seva. The couple had no experience and did not know how. But when Swamiji directs us to do Seva, He will lead us, no doubt. This couple Ravi Shankar and Gayatri had first-hand experience with Pujya Swamiji invisibly leading them in undertaking Gau Seva.

(Pujya Bala Swamiji recognized various members doing Gau Seva).

Will we put our aged parents at an old age home? Our parents took care of us when we were children even when we soiled beds and our clothes. Similarly, Gau Mata is verily mother. Aged cows should not be discarded or sent to slaughterhouses. The animals that help a certain culture or civilization survive should be protected. For example, camels are very important in countries like Dubai. Camels help them survive, so camels are not used for meat there. But the misfortune in India is that we drink cow milk and yet slaughter cows. An infant that cannot get mother's milk drinks cow's milk. Without cows, the earth turns poisonous. Science says that one cow can help grow crops in 15 acres of land. I sleep in Gaushala during Chaturmasya. About 15 years ago, I had a respiratory problem, and the doctors were suggesting various medicines. I slept in Gaushala and the problem was gone.

Similarly, Nandi is the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Kamadhenu was created at the beginning of creation. Cows come from Kamedhenu. Nowadays, cow dung is also sold online for quite a bit of money. Not knowing this, many are discarding aged cows. We should be proud that such a thing is not happening in our village. If the cows are healthy, we are healthy. The food we eat these days has not much nutrition. We used to eat Ragi mudda (moist balls made from ragi flour) and that would keep us full all day, but the ragi balls these days do not. The nutritional essence of food is missing.

The ash from the dung can remove fevers. A little bit of ash applied on the body can decrease the body's temperature as proved by science as well. I did a little experiment with kids where I demonstrated the decrease in my body temperature by a couple degrees when I smeared ash made from cow dung on my body. In the old days, ash was always made of cow dung.

Our temples are our school. The cows are very important for our temples. Our dharmas taught us very integrated ways of living. Sanatana Dharma is timeless. No matter what anyone tries to do, no matter how much they defame and desecrate Sanatana Dharma, Sanatana Dharma will continue because it is based in Dharma and wishes for universal welfare. We should leave behind a good society for our future generations. But what are we doing?

I am very happy about the Gaushala here. May this progress even more with Swamiji's blessings. As long as there are people selflessly serving in this cause, we will have good Gausahalas. What do we take with us when we leave the planet? We do not even take the body. Only the good deeds come with us. The dharma, the sacrifice, the good deeds, the help we have rendered come with us. But our comforts and pleasures do not come with us. This place, this Kshetra has everything. You are taking care of aged, disabled cows and cows that have met with accidents. What does Rajasthan have? It has neither water nor crops. We know that some of the wealthiest people in the country – the Marwaris – come from Rajasthan. They take good care of cows. The Pandavas went to Virata kingdom during their exile because the king of Virata did great Seva for cows. Arjuna was ready to lay down his life to save the cows. He went alone with the cowardly Uttara to face Bhishma, Duryodhana, Drona and other great warriors in order to save the cows

Our tradition is to lay down our lives to protect cows. If we can stand up for the cows, our family, lineage, our society and our country will prosper. Those who live here are very lucky; come and have darshan of cows once in a while. Come and feed them bananas or some other fruits and vegetables. They will never forget you all your life. Gau Mata remembers our seva forever. Once when a person passed away, a Gau Mata came to his house because the person used to feed the cow every day. The cow did not leave until the body was taken away for cremation. How did the cow know?

The words uttered by a pure hearted person always come true. Gau Mata is also the purest among animals. Gau Mata's blessings go a very long way. She blesses us when we feed her. We should not feed Gau Mata with expectation of reward. Do not let aged and disabled cows be sent to slaughterhouses. Take it as your dharma and religiously observe the rule that cows must be protected. We should voice our opinion with courage to protect the cows. The cows that have been protecting us all along - we need to do our bit to save them. Do the Gau Seva that you can. Support Gaushalas as much as possible.

May there be Gaushalas in every town. Let us pray for the wellbeing of cows and support Gaushalas as much as possible. We should stand for the philosophy we believe in. We may have doubts in the beginning, but stand for what you believe in. Start with protecting one cow and then protect two and then expand your Seva to more cows. Serve cows without a business mindset. Where Gau Mata is, Goddess Lakshmi dances. These are all words of unquestionable truth.

We visited a town in Rajasthan where forty thousand (40,000) cows are being protected. No grass grows there, but they get grass from far away regions. The entire town itself is like a Gaushala. Another town has 3 lakh cows. They started small and then grew massively. Another place we saw had eight thousand (8000) cows. Just as we care for parents, we should care for cows that are like mother to entire earth. There are 90 cows here and this must gradually increase to 900 if everyone helps. Everyone does not have to do everything, just come together and serve the cows to the best of your abilities.

I came here specially to see the Gaushala. I am very happy to see the cows. May God give the devotees here more strength to care for the cows. The entire region will be blessed if we care for cows. May Gau Mata always bless you all. Help every being. 

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