Parama Pujya Swamiji's benedictory message at New Jersey - July 9, 2022

  • 09 Jul 2022
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Jaya Guru Datta.
oṃ namo hanumate namaḥ
śrī mahā ganapataye namaḥ
śrī sarasvatyai namaḥ
śrī pādavallabha narasimha sarasvati
śrī guru dattātreyāya namaḥ
The New Jersey Bala Datta group is growing. Last time too you all gathered here despite it being a working day. Satsanga is very, very important in our lives. We can learn a lot through Satsanga. The first lesson is to slow down and be peaceful. The second lesson is to adjust to situations. From Satsanga, we evolve to Nissangatva (non-association), but that is different.
First, we need patience. Patience is the greatest penance. Satsanga teaches us patience. Second, it controls our intellect. We must control our intellect, mind and senses and unite them. It is very hard to do that. Only with Pranayama do they sometimes unite. Some people feel like they can unite the three, but soon realize they are inconsistent and go out in search of truth. They are confused. It is very harmful for health to have a mind that is so fickle – it is happy sometimes, unhappy sometimes, is plagued by doubts at other times and so on. This certainly affects our health. Our blood pressure is affected and that slowly brings a host of diseases to our body.
Why? Because, we have no patience. We have no satisfaction. We have no happiness. We are always grieving. We should give up that grief. Do not compare against others and grieve.  Compare against yourself and be happy with what you have. Rise step by step. We cannot grow overnight. Even God as Vamana grew step by step slowly before he occupied all the worlds with his three steps. Why cannot man be patient? We want instant results. How can life work like this? Mentally, we expect that everything must work at the push of a button. We leave what we have and go in search of something else. This creates problems for us. We lose what we had and we cannot get what we search for. We do not want to wait even two minutes. You want to cross the street in a hurry. Two minutes will not cost us anything, but you want to ask Swamiji your question and get results right away. You plant a tree and expect fruits immediately. You must wait a few years. How can you get results as soon as you see Swamiji? That will not happen. Your mind has to ripen before you get the results. I need to know you and you need to know me. You marry and you divorce, all very quickly.
So, Satsang teaches us peace and patience. Then, it teaches us contentment. There are great benefits in Satsanga. It is not about just getting together, talking, eating and leaving. During Satsanga, you must think and talk bout Vedanta. In Bala Datta classes, you are learning our tradition. The Bala Datta group must grow. Send all your children to Bala Datta classes. Children must learn patience and discipline early in life. Religion is secondary, they must first learn discipline. You are all (including adults) children and have lots to learn. When children learn patience, they will absorb more of what they are taught. Sage Bharadawaja kept asking for extension of his life span so he could learn more of the Vedas. He asked for 2000 years once, 5000 years once and so on. During one instance, when the sage asked for more lifespan, Lord Brahma pointed to a mountain and said the Vedas were as big as the mountain while the sage had only learned a stone’s worth so far. Lord Brahma said that the sage had to unite with Paramatman to learn it all.
What is our duty as a human? We grow up, earn money, get married, bear children and die. What is the use? The children also turn out like you hankering after money. Are you taking care of your parents? You send some money to them when possible. Some of you are unable to visit them because you are stuck here. The parents cannot come here because it is too cold for them to live here. You have some guilt in your heart. You try to live happily somehow.
Satsanga is an effort to attain that peace. The rest of the worldly activities get you away from God while Satsanga gets you closer to God. This place is not too far from where you live. You may have to leave your homes 1-2 hours before the event to get here. Do not miss these programs. Everyone should try to join the Bala Datta group. Use time productively. If you wish to gain Swamiji’s grace, you must install SGS Posts on your phone. It is a free app. Install Bhajanmala app on your phone. The swara (music notes) for bhajans are now being added to the bhajans. Watch the live programs on Facebook. Swamiji narrated the entire Mahabharata via Facebook Live.
I like New Jersey very much. We have it simple; if not this temple, we can meet elsewhere. The Swami Narayana temple is cooperating with us very well. May the spiritual programs taking place here always be in our heart. Everyone that can, should come for the Guru Purnima event in Dallas. If you miss it, come to the Dvi-sahasragala Parayana. We will never find such a program anywhere else. This is a very rare event, do not miss. It will be very unfortunate if you do. If we can listen to the Bhagavad Gita chanting in so many voices, we will be freed from our sins. If you are unable to attend in person, watch online. Chant along and do Parayana at home.