Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji's benedictory message during Divya Nama Sankeertana at Allen Event Center

  • 12 Aug 2022
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Jaya Guru Datta
Bhajan ID 17: Oṁ Oṁ Oṁ Gaṁ Gaṁ Gaṁ
Tomorrow we are doing the Bhagavad Gita Yajna. We prayed to Lord Ganapati with all our voices together to prevent any obstacles in our Sahasragala program and make it victorious.
We now pray to Mother Goddess in Her cosmic form. Mata Maheshvari is in Her cosmic form. That cosmic form is Maha Vishnu. Maha Vishnu Himself is Mother Goddess. So now, let us all pray to Mother Goddess.
Bhajan ID 625: Mātā Maheśvari Mantra Nilayeśvari
Now we pray with all the seed words we see in the Bhagavad Gita, and we pray to Her to forgive any mistakes we make while chanting. What are seed words? Listen now. Mother Goddess is giving us a hint. Mata is giving us blessings now.
We will now sing a new bhajan on Krishna and on Atma Tattva. The complete meaning of Bhagavad Gita is in this bhajan. This is the final order for all the sadhakas (spiritual aspirants). The bhajan is called Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma. It is a very nice bhajan.
Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma
If you can can see
Faith and surrender is pranipāta
Spiritual urge is pranipraśna
With these qualities do seva
Krishna will see your bhakti śraddha
Krishna is Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva
Krishna is māta-pitā bandhu sakhā
Krishna guides us in dharma-karma
Krishna is the only key to mokṣa
Follow Krishna always sincerely
In thought word, deed meticulously
Krishna is the inner light in me
Omniscient, Infinite, Sachchidananda Sea
You must sing the song in the correct tune. I do not need to. I sing freely. My song is freedom. Follow the rhythm. You must follow the tune like a railway track.
Bolo Sri Krishna Bhagavan ki Jai! Bolo Muralidhar ki Jai!
Gītā sugītā kartavyā
kim anyaih śāstra sangrahāyiḥ
yāsvyam padmanābhasya
mukhapadmādhi viniḥ smrtāḥ
The Bhagavad Gita emanated directly from the lotus face of Sri Krishna. We need to follow and respect the Gita properly. If we do so, we do not need to depend on the Shastras. This was said in the Bhagavatam.
Sarvaśāstra mayī gītā
sarvadevamayō hariḥ
sarvatīrthamayī gangā
sarvavedamayō manuḥ
All the Shastras are in the Gita. All celestials are in Sri Hari. All the tirthas (holy places) are in the Gita. The Manusmrtis and the Vedas are present in the Gita.
Gītā gangā ca gāyatri
gōvindeti hṛdisthite
caturgakāra samyukte
punarjanma na vidyatē
Gita, Ganga, Gayathri, and Govinda are the four sacred words that start with the syllable “Ga”. Those who ponder over these four names continuously will not have rebirth. Keep chanting these four names whenever possible. When you stand or sit down, chant the name ‘Govinda’.
śatcatāṇi samviṣāṇi
shlokanām prāhakeśavah
arjunah saptapanchāśat
saptaṣaṣṭim tu sanjayaḥ
dhṛtarāṣṭraḥ ślokamēkam
gītāyah māna mucyate
In the Bhagavad Gita, 560 shlokas were told by Sri Krishna, 57 shlokas by Arjuna, 67 shlokas by Sanjaya, and one shloka by Dhritarashtra. This is called the “Gita shloka Sankhyani” i.e. the distribution of Gita shlokas.
Just by recollecting the names Gita, Ganga, Gayathri, and Govinda every day, liberation can be achieved, and we can fulfill our life's purpose. This is the greatness of the Gita. Let us now move on to a Krishna bhajan.
Bhajan ID 823: Indireśa Govinda
Jai bolo Radha Krishna Maharaj ki Jai!
All the rivers are in our bodies. The vibrations will be stored in the body if you sit calmly after singing a bhajan. Close your eyes after bhajans. Do not waste those vibrations. It is good to sit silently after bhajans. The vibrations will be absorbed by the body. Now, let us sing ‘Dattatreya Trimurti Rupa’.
Let us sing the last bhajan, a Hanuman bhajan- He Hanuman (Bhajan ID 1005). After this bhajan, we can go home and get some good sleep. Do not miss out on sleep tonight. Do not watch TV late. You all have to sleep well tonight.
Swamiji instructs all students to sleep well and get plenty of rest.
Jaya Guru Datta