Concert, Pratishtha & Kumbhabhisheka of Panchayatana Devatas at TDYC, Chicago

  • 17 Jul 2023 - 24 Jul 2023
  • Chicago, USA
Sagara Chandra Raga Sagara concert, Pratishtha & Kumbhabhisheka of Panchayatana Devatas at TDYC, Chicago
17-24 July 2023

Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji final stop on this historic US tour was Chicago. 

Pujya Swamiji arrived in Chicago on Monday, 17th July 2023. 

On 18th evening Pujya Gurudeva performed Sri Chakra Puja in the large tent put up in the lawns of Sri.VR Raman’s home. Many devotees attended and listened to Pujya Swamiji’s speech in Tamil. The summary is

I am happy today. We were fortunate to watch Sri Chakra Puja, listen to Veda Mantras and Vishnu Sahasranama.


Swamiji urges people to follow Bhakti mArga. In krita Yuga, it was tapas, in trÆTa it was Dhyana. And in Dwapara it was Tapas. Bhakti is the main path for this age. Many are scared of Gods. Have devotion instead. Humans are full of desires. Telling your wishes to God is not devotion. Building temples and doing Annadana is also not devotion. True Love for God or parama prÆma is devotion. Surrender to God’s will is important. We are not Rishis to give life to God. We are family people. Having desires is not bad. Excess of anything is bad. We have to have plans for a good life. Stay healthy. This is karma bhUmi. We have to do karma or action. All three - bhOgi, yOgi and thyAgi have to do karma AcharaNa. Having moderate wishes and success and devotion is a balanced way of life. You can only do so much for family. They too have their karma to do and follow. Old age is a difficult time. Some find it ver difficult to be happy in old age. Only when you have a Guru and follow spiritual practices, will you be contented. While children are busy with modern education, ensure some spiritual lessons for them. It will help them later. Don’t expect children to follow spiritual path if you are not in spiritual path. It blunts the effect of Karma. 


This place had good SthaLa Bhukti and the yajamAna of this place had narA bhukti for Sri Chakra Puja to happen. Shila bhukti is when a stone is selected to be made as a statue for worship. Your helping nature also is worship to God. Feeding people - Bhootha trupti is also good work. During Covid many people,strangers out of compassion, helped many.  The well off too suffered during Covid. Good spiritual practices should start when the baby is in womb. NAdara gave nArayana mantra to PrahlAda was in womb. Prahlada became great devotee. Why should we worship? Does God want our Pujas and naivÆdya and flowers? He created it all. Puja aids our concentration. Puja is not a game or a play. Puja aids in channeling all energies of our five senses towards God. 


This is Satsanga. Invite ten people and do Satsanga. Call at least five people. Do Satsanga. 


It is getting dark and food is served today. Take prasadam and we shall have programs in coming days in Datta temple. It is a small temple. 


May good happen to all. May vishnu bless you all. May Datta bless you with good health. The more wish you have, the more births you have to take to to get them realized. We can only pray for strength to face our Karmas. Be careful before you wish for. Being wishless is good.


Jaya Guru Datta 

Veera Hanuman ki Jai

Srirama Chandra Murthy ki Jai 

Jai Guru Datta - Sri Guru Datta 


Sri Swamiji blessed the Deeksha Vastrams for the upcoming Pratishtha Homes at Krishna Datta temple at Trinity Datta Yoga Center in Carpentersville, a suburb of Chicago. 

Sri Swamiji blessed and honored ENT surgeon Dr.Venkateswan and Pediatric Anesthesiologist Dr.Suresh. Food was served to all. 


On 19th July 2023, Wednesday, Pujya Swamiji’s music for meditation concert titled “Sagara Chandra Raga Sagara took place in Lake Michigan aboard “Spirit of Chicago” - a large 400 people boat. 

Pujya Swamiji arrived at the Navy pier in downtown Chicago where the boat was anchored at 6 PM. The boat was filled with devotees numbering about 400. Sri.KK Malani and Pastor Kudos Badmos offered garland to Pujya Swamiji. 

Devotees were spread across three floors of the large boat. About 150 devotees were on the same floor of Sri Swamiji’s music. This was the first time ever that Pujya Swamiji’s concert was taking place on a moving boat. Sri Swamiji played the three Ragas - Brindavani, Vijayanaagari & Sarasangi as the “Sagara Chandra Raga Sagara” meditation music. The new Raga - Vijaya Naagari” was being played for the first time in a concert. Vid.Jaitra Varanasi on violin, Vid.Mani Narasimham on support keyboard, Vid.Shankar Ramesh on Mridangam and Vid.Mahesh Bhat on Tabala accompanied Pujya Swamiji. 

After the concert, Sri Swamiji and devotees watched the fire works on Chicago city line and the crescent moon added to the visual delight. Devotees sang “Nava Chalpadi” Bhajan as the boat returned to the dock. 


On July 20th Thursday, Pujya Swamiji arrived at Trinity Datta Yoga Center at 11.15 AM. Pujya Swamiji first visited the Pratishtha Yaga Shale and performed Jaladhivasa to the new stone and panchaloha idols that were being sanctified. Vid.Subhadracharyulu, Vid.Bhaskaracharyulu & Vid.Vishwaksena conducted the rituals. 

Pujya Swamiji was shown around the renovated temple hall and Pujya Swamiji took Darshana of Krishna Dattatreya & Anagha Devi. At 1.15 PM, Pujya Swamiji arrived at the neighboring new Gurunilaya. Sri Swamiji performed Gau Puja and fed the cow apples before entering the new Gurunilaya. Smt & Sri.Murali Murthy performed Guru Puja in the new Gurunilaya they had offered. 


In the evening, the village president of Carpentersville, Mr.John Skullman came for the welcome function and welcomed Sri Swamiji to Carpentersville. As new Gurunilaya had commenced, some neighbors came and welcomed Sri Swamiji to the neighborhood. 


Pujya Swamiji sang bhajans at the temple and spoke thus:

This will be a Five elements temple is in Trinity Datta Yoga Center. 

Ganapathy Agni and jala Tattva 

Subrahmanya is jala and Agni Tattva 

Shiva is also same 

Mother goddess pruthvi and Agni Tattva

Krishna Datta is Akasha Tattva 

Akasha represents emptiness and is wondrous. Wandering planets dot the Akasha 

This is a panchabhUta Tattva temple.

This system is also known as pAnchAyatana temple.

This is vishnu pAnchAyatana temple. 

God is everywhere and in different forms. Different dharmas have differing views on God. Upasakas worship akASha Tattva. We have chosen the path of devotion - Bhakti mArga.- Parama prÆma Bhakti. This is ultimate devotion without second thoughts. You should feel like a puppet in the hands of God. God is everything. God is the puppeteer. How much ever rituals you may do, when the judgement day come, you are alone in front of God. Like all rivers merge in ocean and become indistinguishable, everything merges with God. All practices and rituals merges with AkAsha Tattva.  Everyone is free to practice their dharma of their choice or preferably the dharma practiced by their forefathers. After the merge, it is oneness. The qualities of the river will be subsumed by the qualities of ocean. Ganga river is big and energetic. Ganga also merges in ocean. Kaveri river maybe important to Datta devotees. But Kaveri becomes nothing once it merges in ocean. Differing ocean names are made by humans. But they are all one big body of water. 


All the deities in this temple merge with daharAkAsha. Some people like Ganapathy, some like krishna, some Devi. But the source and aim is only one. Tam eka dÆvam sharaNam vrajAmaha. 


Bakery will have different items. The base ingredients are mostly the same. Combination of ingredients differ. Chocolates are made by so many different companies. Sugar and cocoa are base ingredients. Imagine you all are sugar. 


Finally, all different principles of panchabhUtas merge into daharAkAsha. There is no start point or end point. Like a ball has no start and finish. 


Sarva dharman parityajya …. Said lord Krisjna. Merge into me. The nameless, placeless God. God has no gender. But people have made some steps to reach that God. Charity, Annadana, being kind to others, service to the needy, are worship of God. Don’t feel pride in doing seva to others. Both you and the served are children of God. 


Bhajans is one of the sAdhana to reach God. Mediation, pUjas reading scriptures and charities are all paths of SAdhana. You are free to pick up whichever path you wish. It is your choice. Remember it is all service to God. It is only a path to reach God. Your intent is to make God happy. Make sure your path does not hurt others… including your family members. Being truthful and grateful are two important tacts. 


Read and re read what Swamiji spoke today. These are opinions of Swamiji on God, Bhakti, Dharma. 


Also practice to be happy. Don’t be bogged down by worries. Whatever has to happen will happen. Face it bravely. Be sensitive to societal conditions. 


On July 21st, Friday, Pujya Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja in the temple. Sangeetha Seva during Puja was by Nitin Datta Adarasupally (vocal), Chidatma Datta Chaganti (mridangam) and Suryaninad Bhamidi (violin)


After Puja, Sri Swamiji spoke thus:

Jai Sri Krishna

Jai Guru Datta

Sri Guru Datta


Tomm pratishtha of Ganapathy, Shiva, Devi, Subrahmanya, Krishna, Rama Parivar & Hanuman deities. Sri Swamiji will also install Thora thread tying sthambha pillar. 


The already installed Datta and Anagha dÆvi mUrtis were sent to Chicago 20 years ago. A devotee said they are building a temple and sought idols. Swamiji sent idols. I don’t know what happened, the temples were not built. What to do the idols? Devotees suggested to put in DRC. I said no. Keep in Chicago. Then, Lakshman Agadi, a devotee came forward to keep idols in their home. For 19 years they kept in their home. Agadi and his wife had staunch belief that they had the best chance to worship Datta. I never wanted an Ashrama in Chicago. Jagan and others had staunch wish to build a Swamiji center in Chicago. They checked many places. Finding a worship place was a huge challenge. They finally found a church and Raman family supported this church place. Datta and Anagha were brought here from Agadi’s home and installed in this center last year. Now panchAyatana mUrtis are being installed tomorrow. Agadi’s wife had great belief that Datta and Anagha would find a temple. Krish Raman had the strong wish for a temple. Swamiji devotees did not want these idols to be part of some other temple. They have Swamiji alone as their goal. Swamiji devotees are madly after Swamiji. Dattatreya Hare Krishna …::: Swamiji has all these qualities. You are lucky to be following an Avadhuta. Unless you have great puNya, you won’t follow Swamiji.


During krish Raman times,  a local temple were approached to have Datta shrine. Somehow Swamiji was not for this. Two energies in one place is not good. Our system of annnadana, Swamiji’s ways and means are difficult to understand. It is difficult to comprehend. For outsiders Swamiji devotees may seem different. New people may find Swamiji and devotees half likable. We don’t have secrets. Our systems differ. 


The decision to get this church was a 15 days decision. It was decided in Chicago airport during Pre Covid times. Swamiji took the immediate decision to permit them to proceed.


India launched a moon mission recently. The main scientist took a model rocket to Tirupati Balaji temple. Non believers criticized saying scientists should not have such blind belief. There is a power behind science.

Can’t scientists celebrate Christmas ? Science and spirituality are two different paths. Scientists too pray for success. It may be Christ or Shiva or Venkatramana. God is our friend. Can’t we discuss a project with our friend? God is family member. What’s wrong in discussing with family member?  

Won’t we pray Ganapathy saying - sarva karyÆshu sarvada?

Swamiji says - satkAryÆshu served.

Acharya teaches us knowledge. They are to be respected. We get teachers in school and collage. House guests are to be considered as angels. 


Panduranga in Maharashtra is considered as sakha. He is out well wisher. He supports us in our endeavors. God alone supports us in antarAtma. Abhangs yearn for sant sangati. I want to be reborn to be among saints. 


Kesarinandana Bhajan says - oh Hanuman - I will not be scared by your tests 

Garbhadavaasake Anjuvudilla - I will not be scared of life in womb. 

I will be fearless to the criticisms of my devotion from relatives and friends. They only teach us to be strong in our devotion. 


My work - my belief. I may be a scientist. Why can’t I be a believer? Guru showed us the path to God. I believe in Guru. So what? I don’t need external validation. 


A Hindi doha says - guru comes before Govind. Because guru showed Govind to me. Mic fellow prays that when Swamiji starts speaking, mic system should be well behaved and no feedback should come.  

He can pray whatever god he wants for a successful audio session. 


In Bhagavatha there is a duplicate Vasudeva. He was born with conch and shankha. He acted like krishna and went on a battle with vishnu saying he is the real vishnu. Can he become real vishnu because of shankha and chakra ? 


Non believers can’t stand devotees. They get irritated at bhajans. They are having negative qualities . We believe in punarjanma - rebirth. As long as believers are there, there will be non believers also. 


The inner most deep thoughts of a believer is his and he has all the freedom to have it.


Whatever the size of this ashrama - I am very happy we are in our own center. 


Baton Rouge is undertaking some development programs. Help them. Support them. Visit


Baton Rouge was the first datta temple by Swamiji. Chicago is second. It is datta mahima. It is not coincidence. Divine programs are never coincidental. 

Ayodhya program in May 2023 was a miracle. It was so hot and Swamiji was warned not to come because of possible heat stroke. When I set foot in ashrama land, it started to rain. All the days I was in Ayodhya was cloudy and shady. 


Same in Washington DC Inauguration Day. Storms were expected at 11 am. 

Rains waited till Swamiji returned to GN. It is not coincidence but divine act. 


On In the evening Pujya Swamiji performed Ksheeradhivasa of the deities in Yagashala. Later Pujya Swamiji blessed devotees with a wonderful Bhajan Kirtan session. 


At 9 PM, Sri Swamiji performed Yantra Pratishtha of Ganesha, Shiva, Devi, Rama Parivara, Krishna, Hanuman & Subrahmanya Swami. 


On 22nd July 2023, Saturday, The Chicago Ashrama was abuzz with preparations of Pratishthapana program of new deities. Devotees eagerly waited for Pujya Gurudeva’s arrival. Sri Swamiji arrived at Yagashala at 10 AM and performed Maha Purnahuti of all the three Homa Kundas where Pratishtha Yaga had been performed. Sri Swamiji then carried the Pradhana Kalasha from Yaga Shale to the temple area. At 10.18 AM, Sri Swamiji performed Kumbhabhisheka to Maha Ganapathy idol followed by Krishna, Shiva, Devi, Hanuman, Subrahmanya and Rama Parivar Murtis. Sri Swamiji sprinkled water over the new Utsava Murtis of the temple. Sri Swamiji also performed Abhisheka to Krishna Dattatreya & Anagha Devi Murtis. 


Sri Swamiji then inaugurated the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Thora tying program at Trinity Datta Yoga Center. Devotees came in queue and tied the thoram. Pratishtha Sevakartas came and offered Puja to the newly installed Devata Murtis. Sri Swamiji personally gave Thoram to devotees who tied the Thoram to the Thoram pillar. 


The Pratishtha Ritwiks were honored. Illinois State Senator Sri. Ram Villivalam came and received Blessings from Sri Swamiji. 


Sri Swamiji blessed the audience with Kumbhabhishekam Speech saying

Trinity is krishna datta and Hanuman. That’s why TDYC. When we think spirituallly, each devata represents a sense organ. When their blessings are there we are healthy. Our body is made of triillions of cells. They represent the trillions of stars in the celestial skies. Like the celestial bodies born and die, our cells too take north and die. 


Mantras have specific mantras for each body part. Paatu paatu. When we pray certain deities, the connected body part stays health. 


God is Nirguna. We associate a Guna in a deity for our reference. Because we are saguna, we identify Guna in Nirguna.


In forests we have water bodies without known depth. Dead leaves marinate in them. If someone gets stuck, they are gone. Only an external person can help a stuck person get out. Datta helps us to get out of this stuckness called samsara. Kama Krodha is like quicksand. We have to be very careful before venturing in quicksand. We have to be very careful before entering quicksand called kama Krodha Moha lobha everyday. Sadguru is a stick who helps you warn quicksand.


Moha is terrible. We have to be devoted to Deva Deva Guru Dattatreya. Datta protects us from this deep ocean and thick forest called samsara. 


Unfortunately we think of children and not God in our last minutes of death. Today’s Kumbhabhisheka of deities is a step to learn to be devoted and attain jeeva Mukti. 


Maya Devi was Krishna’s sister. She asked krishna to build temples to remind devotion to devotees and rescue devotees. 


In RAmayaNa we learn that RAmayaNa is joining Atma and buddhi or manas and buddhi. Kama Krodha are like Ravana and kumbhakarna. Finally buddhi and mamas came together with the help of Hanuman. Rama blessed Hanuman and said May your temples come up everywhere. 


Ganapathy helps out Sadhana and remove obstacles in understanding ourselves. We installed Ganapathy today. 


We installed krishna today. He gives Ananda . We pray for Ananda to Krishna. He is the only beautiful. He alone is masculine. Everyone else with desires is feminine. 


Rama was installed to remind us that we can be divine while being human. Rama nAma is sweeter than grape juice said Thyagaraja. 


DEvatas to chant rAma nAma. 


Our accumulated sins are removed by Shiva. We have installed Shiva today. He removes the garbage in our minds when he is prayed sincerely. Shiva smaraNa is compulsory. 


Subrahmanya protects the heat in us. During Venkateswara kalyana, subrahmanya was in charge of food arrangements. The feeding happened from Tirupati to Srisailam. He gives us food and gives us health. 


This is not a doll play. It is not fun. It is not commercial venture. This is a vedAnta temple. God leads us in our efforts. 


You all are lucky to witness this temple Kumbhabhisheka. God plays with us. We are lucky to be his dolls. For God it is child-play. Life is also a child-play. Think deeply and you will understand that we are nothing but puppets. We yearn to return godhead. Understand Bhagavad Gita. Read Swamiji’s commentary on Bhagavad Gita with the help of Kuppa Krishnamurthy. Keep a copy at home 


Sri Chakra Puja was performed by Pujya Swamiji in front of Krishna Dattatreya. Music Seva was by Suryaninad Bhamidi (violin vocal), Sreelaya Bhamidi (flute) and Soham Kaje (mridangam)


In the evening Anagha Vratam and Ashtottara Puja to all deities were conducted. 

 Pujya Swamiji sang wonderful Bhajans including “Thamburi meeTidava bhavabdhi”


On Sunday 23rd July 2023, Sri Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja, Sangeeta Seva was by Rishabh Ranganathan (violin), Vassanth Ranganathan (keyboard) and Soham Kaje (mridangam). The teenage musicians dazzled with their music talent. Sri Swamiji blessed the musicians and expressed his happiness with their music Seva. Several devotees joined as new founding members of the temple. Trinity DYC offered school supplies to the local education board. 

In the evening young devotees from across USA sang Bhajans in the temple. Sri Swamiji made an impromptu visit to temples and listened to the remarkable and energetic Bhajan singing skills of devotee children. 

On 24th morning Sri Swamiji visited a crystal museum & shop in Evanston area of North Chicago. Later in the evening Pujya Sri Swamiji traveleld from Chicago to Bengaluru via Dubai.