Benedictory message of Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji during Vishwaroopa Vijaya Yatra at Solapur, Maharashtra

  • 02 Oct 2023
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On this auspicious occasion we have gathered here at Shanti Sagar auditorium to perform Anaghashtami Vratam. Today being Sankashta Hara Chaturthi makes it even more special. All of us assembled here today during this special time to perform this Vrata together as a group is possible only by Lord Datta’s sankalpa. After Chaturmasya, we started the Vishwaroopa Vijaya Yatra with the Darshana of Lord Narasimha at Yadagiri Gutta, thereafter we went to Nirguna Paduka Kshetra, Ganagapura and then visited Vishva Roopa Datta Kshetra established by our Guruji HH Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji at Ganagapura. Then we headed to Pandaripura and had the Darshan of Vitthoba and then arrived here to Solapur. It is nice to see you all.

Maharashtra’s name is befitting because many Mahatmas took birth here in this state. So many renowned sadhu-sant (saints) were born here and this state gained repute after them. We have come to Solapur because of a devotee couple. Whenever they come to Mysore they invite us to Solapur and I say I will come, and they immediately ask when? Right now? This has been going on for a while and we have come to Solapur now. It has been 10 years since the last time we were here. After seeing you all do this vratam, I felt it was worth coming to Solapur.

Lord Datta has Solah (16) incarnations. Solah word resonates with Solapur. HH Swamiji has consecrated these 16 kshetras. So I felt Datta is present in the name of Solapur. Whenever we utter the name Solapur or think of it, I feel we must think of Lord Datta. He will come to us as soon as we chant His name or think of Him. You have heard about this Anaghashtami Vrata and the Vrata story in English. As the story goes, Kartaveerya was born with crooked limbs and he thought he was unfit to become a king. Then his Guru - Sage Garga stepped in to guide him - when there is Guru in life where is the need to worry? Sage Garga asked him to go to Sahyadri Mountain range and seek Adi Guru Datta’s refuge, He is the foremost among Gurus, said Sage Garga. Kartaveerya went there seeking Guru Datta’s refuge and he was tested a lot. Guru always takes a lot of tests in order to help us pass, not to fail. Guru loves the disciple immensely, and that is why He tests. He uplifts us through these tests and even gives fulfillment to our lives. Kartaveerya passed all the tests and obtained everything by the grace of Guru. And to obtain the complete grace of Lord Datta, Kartaveerya uttered a specific name of Lord. In spite of doing a lot of service and undergoing all the tests, Lord was not still pleased with Kartaveerya. But when he uttered this specific name, Lord was immediately pleased. That name was - Anagha. Lord is immensely pleased when He is called Anagha. Anagha Mata is His Yoga Shakti. Lord had bestowed amazing blessings on Kartaveerya and even made him an emperor.
Anagha means - one who is devoid of sin. You must offer worship with devotion, and purify yourself (become Anagha - sinless) by performing this Anagha Vrata. Everyone goes through trouble and suffering because of sin. So keep visiting temples, be devoted, do your sadhana, perform this Vrata and absolve yourself of all sins. This Vrata was originally illuminated by Lord Datta Himself. But in Kali Yuga everyone forgot about it. HH Sri Swamiji who is an incarnation of Datta re-introduced this Vrata in this Yuga. It fulfills all our wishes.

First learn to be content with what you have. Then you think of what you want to attain. But we are first dissatisfied thinking about what we do not have. That is incorrect. Walk in the path illuminated by Guru and keep walking. Never forget to chant Lord’s name; keep chanting constantly without fail. All the sages of this land (Maharashtra) - Sant Tukaram, Sant Namdeva and many others, have always preached to chant Lord’a names. You will obtain everything with it.

I was happy to hear there are many Telugu speaking people here at Solapur - almost 8 lakhs of them. All of you keep doing this Vrata every year and keep serving Lord Datta. We have just visited to a Datta temple, keep worshipping Lord and performing this Vrata, and keep visiting these temples. It is really nice to see you all assemble and do this Vrata as a group. Soon, all of you come to Mysore and have your Darshana. Right now Pitr Paksha (fortnight to worship Pitr Devatas) is going on. Whoever is supposed to do Pitr Karma, do it without citing any excuses. You must do this karma to obtain everything, if you do not then you will face certain obstacles. If your parents are alive you must serve them, and if they have passed, then you must perform Pitr karma.

Tomorrow we will be leaving to Kolhapur for Darshana. We will remember you all there and then head to Mysore. All of you come to Mysore soon.

Make it a habit to practice Yoga, Datta Kriya Yoga teachers present here will give you lessons in person and online too. All of you learn Yoga and let your children learn too. Be healthy, be devoted to Lord, and to our motherland and then look for comforts of this mortal body. Leading a life this way leads to fulfillment.