Narahari Teertha Swami Aradhana in Hanuman Temple Frisco

  • 22 Aug 2015 - 22 Aug 2015
  • frisco, Dallas, Texas, USA

Swami Narahari Teertha Aradhana was performed in Sri.Karyasiddhi Hanuman temple in Frisco, USA on 22nd August 2015. 

Being a Saturday, Sri Swamiji performed Abhishekam to Marakta Karyasiddhi Hanuman. Young children trained by Si.Srikanth sang Dhyana Shlokas of Bhagawad Gita. They had learnt the Shlokas in the past week and were already presenting the Shlokas. rSri Chakra Puja was performed in the hall. Vidwan.Harsha Nagarajan gave a wonderful Carnatic vocal concert during Puja. Sri Swamiji gave a discourse to the audience thus.....

Sri Maha Ganapataye Namaha. Sri Saraswatyai Namaha. Sripada Vallabha Narasimha Saraswati Sri Guru Dattareyaya Namaha
Today it is Sri Narahari Teertha Swami (Sri Swamiji’s father) Aradhana (the day he merged in Lord Siva/death anniversary). Vardhanti is another word some people use. Different names are used.
He was my father. Mother was alone in Nature, when she gave birth in a valley, seated in a cave on the edge of Kaveri River. The tribal folk said they saw the child in the water and retrieved him. They said they saw two babies. Only one was retrieved from the water. One grandmother of the jungle tribe at age 99 recently passed away with the secret she never disclosed to anyone about Swamiji’s birth. She used to come very lovingly to see Swamiji, calling him his grandchild. Was Swamiji born from the womb of his mother the natural way? May be. May be not. (Was I an Ayonija or a Yonija?) Nobody knows. There were no witnesses to the birth.
Sri Gandluru Narasimha Sastry (his name before he became a Sanyasi in his advanced years and acquired the spiritual name Sri Narahari Teertha Swami) was a calm and unperturbed man by nature. He became short tempered after marrying my mother Jayalakshmi for some time. Later he became calm again.
He loved music.
He was not a priest by profession. He was not trained for it. The need was there for a priest in that region consisting of many villages. So he assumed that post for the purpose of preserving Dharma, and served the community sincerely. He won the respect and trust of the people. He would ride a horse between twenty two villages to serve as a priest. Mother told him not to bring any gifts home, which were offered to him by his clients. He had to come and bathe before entering the home. Father distributed all the things that he acquired as gifts, such as rice, and clothes (sometimes a cow). He bathed and then entered the home. Mother followed the austerity of not accepting gifts from others. Father followed suit.
Bandameedi Palle, Gondireddipalle, Kandukur, and Proddatur
were some places where he owned some fertile lands. He never attended to them. If the farmers brought any produce or harvest on their own, he accepted. He never demanded from them. The family had plenty to live on. He had many homes and converted them all into one big house.
25-29 years we lived as strangers. Mother left me orphaned quite early, when I was barely 10-11 years. I was thrown out of the house after her demise. I survived on alms I had to collect from different homes. I never blamed anyone.
Today it is Tatagaru’s (father’s) Punya Smarana (day of remembrance). I must recollect some events. It is my duty.
When I was living in Kesare (a residential colony I saw him again. Kesare means mud. Lotuses live in mud. Then I took up a job in a Post Office because I wanted to live as a Karma Yogi. I never attended to the Postal work. People came to the Post Office for darshan of Swamiji. I was riding a bicycle those days. Even for Pada Pujas I went riding the bicycle or even walked to people’s homes. I walked to Manasa Datta’s home to receive Pada Puja. Today I ride in a Mercedes car and in an aircraft. It is not a big thing. It is silly for you to applaud for that. I took a horse carriage, a boat, a car, big aircrafts, to travel. I also d by dream, mentally, without a body also. For this you do not applaud. You are familiar with aircraft. So you clapped for that. Traveling without body is a more extraordinary way of travel. And you do not give an applause for that. That is what distinguishes your knowledge and ignorance. Swamiji speaks in the same breath about what is important and what is unimportant. That is Maya. That is where you have to remain alert. Applaud now. This you must notice. You do useless applause and leave of noticing what is important.
On 25-5-66 the new ashram was entered. Many devotees came for darshan from the nearby villages. I was remembering my father a lot at that time. I asked one day how is my son Narasimha Sastry? Everyone got confused. Who is the son here and who is the father? I had to send for him so that he would come and spend some time with me.
He asked me one day, will you do me a favor? I want to become a Sanyasi. He did not ask that I should initiate him. He wished for it. I did not offer. I was not prepared for it.
I said yes. You may take up Sanyasa Deeksha.
He took me to Bommeparti. Big events took place there. I do not wish to go into those details now. You may read the Life History.
He wanted to be initiated by a direct disciple of the Sringeri Math. But he said such a one will not do it. So he requested that I find the disciple of a disciple of Sringeri Math, who would be willing to give him Sanyasa Deeksha (initiation into asceticism).
We searched. It was a challenge. There was a sacred center called Siddha Ganga. Swayambhu Siva Lingam is there. Water naturally flows over the Lingam. The Kshetra is near Chikamagalur on Chennai road. A tapaswi (an ascetic) was there. He would not speak. He throws stones at you and hits you when you approach him.
More than me, it appeared as if my father was an Avadhoota. It took 15 days to convince this tapasvi, after sharing with him many details about Swamiji’s Life History. He refused to give initiation to someone whom he had not seen before. He was praised and flattered that he had inner vision and knows everything. He was somehow brought to Swamiji. He gave Sanyasa deeksha to Narasimha Sastry as per Swamiji’s wish. Narasimha Sastry was quite advanced in age, was in his 80’s or so. He insisted that since I was born in Kaveri River, his initiation should occur in Kaveri River. The access was very difficult to go there. So we took him to another place where a branch of the River Kaveri flowed. A small ashram was set up there. The blind ascetic was very short tempered. By smell he detect everything, as if he were able to see with his eyes. He would declare: A 12 year old boy stands before me, and so on. It would be accurate. He would say: An unmarried 42 year old woman is here. He would be right.
The initiation ritual was conducted in a very sacred and private manner.
We avoided Mysore anticipating huge crowds and a disturbance. In a secluded area, in a thatched hut he stayed. After giving the deeksha, he decided to leave to some unknown place to relinquish his body. He would not accept anything. No food. No prostrations. We believed that he was Lord Dattatreya Himself. We left him where we found him. It was a wonderful incident. Narahari Teertha was 99 when he left his body, ten years after receiving the deeksha. He wished to stay in the Kottam (thatched hut). I protested that there were no amenities there. Tatagaru got all the qualities of his guru. He would ask that he would stay with his daughter. Then change his mind again. His changing demands were in the extreme. Only Swamiji could deal with and satisfy his demands. He loved me very deeply.
Son, I have brought 3 Lakhs to give you, he would announce in public in front of thousands of persons. Not money. Only Siva Mantra Jape count. He would say that he wished me to progress tremendously. He was giving me the fruit of all his prayers. Another time he would declare he is giving me 11 lakhs. It would be the count of another Japa of his. People thought it was money he was giving me. Kali Yuga. I cannot disclose to others what it is that he was giving me in private. If I disclose that it is Japa power, the power would be lost. If I remain silent, it leaves the public with the wrong notion that my father is wealthy and he is gifting me with loads of money.
People are idiots. If Swamiji draws close to him his sister, mother, or even a granddaughter, they say Swamiji likes girls. He likes women. Only thieves or people with perverted minds get such thoughts and express them. Those who think like that of themselves, say that or think that about Swamiji. They expose their own traits by such talk and expressions. You always misconstrue. Those who suspect others, and those who blame Guru, are the true culprits with such a nature.
Terrible moods he would go into, my father. He wanted to live in Bommeparti. I built him a home there. He would at once change his mind. Go away to his daughter’s house. Dr. Amma, who is here, knows all this. She was very fond of Nannagaru (father). Venugopal, and Ranga Rao, who are here, have seen him. It was very tough to serve him. He is like the Avadhoota you read about in books. Chandra Rao’s daughter in law also knows him. She is here. All loved him.
He tormented only me. At midnight he said he needs a specific type of trunk. Insisted and persisted till he got it. Very adamant. What will you keep in it? I would ask. You don’t know. I have certain things. Only a certain brand soap he would demand to have. Never used it. Bring this. That. Non-available items. He used a very small towel. Declared to me many times, “I scolded them nicely”. He would then laugh about it. Everyone respected and feared Tatagaru. They would try to satisfy him and accede to all his demands.
One day, Swamiji suffered much grief. Because Swamiji is in a human form, the sorrow overwhelmed me. Father lived in the Kottam. The bathroom was far away. He did not mind it. I offered to build him a place with more amenities. He refused. The volunteers are very blessed who served him. He was an extraordinary Avadhoota. It was very difficult to please him. He would give both praises and beatings.
He was a great Tapaswi and a Vedanti. He composed extempore and sang songs. He would not allow me to write down the lyrics. He could not stay without me. He could not stay with me in the room next to mine. He complained that if he stayed with me, people pester him to arrange interviews with Swamiji. He insisted on living at a distance in the Kottam (hut).
11 days after he received the Sanyasa deeksha, he went inside. Overnight, his whole body turned white suddenly (white skin patches – Vitiligo). Many doctors came. He refused treatment. He refused to be touched. Some Shaktipata he gave to someone, I knew that. I had a suspicion. I asked father the reason for his sudden onset of skin problem. Gently. He said: 14 years ago, I had a sister. Swamiji had never heard of her. He knew only of Venkamma. Before Venkamma, he had another sister.
Anyone here, who was present at his deeksha ritual? No.
He said, this sister was strictly following Dharma. She was wealthy. She donated her money towards worthy causes. She engaged in Annadanam. Suddenly one day she got Bolli – Vitiligo. This is real history. True story. This is an unforgettable and indelible story. Not from a book.
If she served food to people, they felt repulsed towards her. I swore that day, I would take it away from her if I had the power. But I told the illness to come to me after I left this body.
At Sanyasa Deeksha, the body is given up symbolically. Atma Pindam is relinquished. A new body it is considered, after one becomes a Sanyasi. During the initiation, he remembered and expected the illness demon to descend upon him. But he pushed the thought away, since he was chanting and receiving some Maha Mantras. Therefore, 11 days later it came.
He was fine till then. All at once, it spread over the entire body.
Tatagaru said: I know you will ask for it. No. I will not transfer it to you. It was once transferred from her to me. It will not be transferred again.
Never ask Swamiji to take your pain or disease. Only tell him of your troubles. That is all. A real devotee will insist that Swamiji does not take on the devotee’s troubles. It is very wrong to ask Guru to take upon himself the troubles of devotees. The devotees are not immortal. They will die anyway. Guru, who has the capacity to benefit the whole world, will become incapacitated or reduced in his ability to help others by suffering the troubles of others.
At the time of Sanyasa Deeksha, one is treated as if the person has died. Last rites are done. A second body is taken symbolically. The awareness or ownership of the old body is given up.
Such an individual was Tatagaru. Today it is his Aradhana. He gave me Ajna (order). So I disclose this secret today. Please forgive me. I apologize in the presence of everyone. On Mother Goddess Durgamba he sang many songs. Adi Sankara’s songs, four or five, he used to sing.
He was always like my friend. We were not like father and son.
Always smiling. Eager for Swamiji’s darshan. You are Vishnu, he would say to Swamiji. Rings in my ears. Dasari Jaganmohana Rao made a crown at a great expense for Swamiji. Tatagaru rushed him, eager to see Swamiji wearing it. He only saw it when it came for testing the size. Unfinished. He made me wear it, so he could see. He did not live to see the finished crown. Such love and adoration he had for Swamiji.
Soon after that, he said, I will not trouble you. He stayed with his daughter in Mysore. He told me not to travel for a year after Navaratri. I knew why he had said that. I said okay. He woke up one morning. He did not have his usual morning coffee. He was very advanced in age, in his 90’s. He sat in the lotus position. Namassivaya, he said. That was it.
He stayed healthy. For small ailments, he took medicines from the doctors upon their insistence. He never swallowed them. Kept them under his pillow. He recommended that procedure for others also. Keep the medicine under the pillow to be rid of headache. Do not follow his advice.
His daughter, who was very innocent, said, a week before he died, he said to her: If one dies lying down, it becomes difficult to place the body in Padmasana. He left his body in that position. He was buried like that. He kept a smiling face. Natural look. No distortion. Very remarkable and indescribable.
He had earlier said, take me to Bommeparti, and place me next to Jayalakshmi. Not now, when the time comes. I will stay there. Visit Jayalakshmi now and then. No matter if you do not come to see me. As it happens, I cannot go there often. But I take him everywhere. It is his sankalpa/will. In USA, we have celebrated his Aradhana in Baton Rouge, Huntsville, California, at JDRC, and now for the fifth time in the country, we are doing it in Frisco.
He used to say to Swamiji, You are Vishnu. Your wheel/Chakra is in your feet, while Vishnu has it in his hand. You will travel a lot all over the world. He blessed that most of my life will spent in the sky. Perhaps he meant, in flights.
Just to be instrumental in my birth, he assumed this body. He always lives in my heart. He is my friend.
I pray to him now to bless me and all the devotees with a calm mind, humility, and bliss. He has reached the highest state. I pray that he grants it to all the devotees.
For a minute we will view the YouTube video and then perform the puja. In this video, he is referring to the incident when Swamiji as a child swallowed home-made rat poison and survived. He called me Neelagreeva Siva, who can swallow anything and survive.
Hanuma, the parrot here, was instrumental in Swamiji staying here for forty days at this ritual of Kumbhabhishekam. It said in front of a packed audience, “Hanuma” and “Jaya Guru Datta” in 2013 at Swamiji’s request. That is why, Swamiji is staying here as per his promise. Thereafter the parrot became very sick. I prayed that Hanuma should live to be present to witness the consecration of this temple. When it became ill, its vocal chords became affected.
Sri Guru Datta

Sri Swamiji later performed Rudrabhishekam to small Shiva Lingam. 
The second day discourse on "Hanumad Vilasam" was held at 7 PM> 
Weekly Saturday Hanuman Abhishekam
Vocal concert by Vidwan.Harsha Nagarajan
Pujya Sri Swamiji performs Rudra Puja on the sacred occasion of Swami Narahari Teertha Aradhana
Sri Swamiji speaks to parrot named Hanuma, a resident of Hanuman Agraharam
Bhagavadgita Chanters around Pujya Swamiji
Afternoon cultural program dancers
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