Pujya Sri Swamiji in Hanuman Hindu Mandir, London

  • 21 Mar 2022 - 24 Mar 2022
  • London, England

Pujya Sri Swamiji in Hanuman Hindu Mandir, London
21-24 March 2022


Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji arrived in London from Chicago on Monday, 21st March 2022 at 11 AM. 


Pujya Swamiji was received by devotees with Purnakumbham and chants of Datta Stavaat His Ashrama - Hanuman Hindu Temple, Euro Datta Yoga Center in Brentford, London. 


Pujya Sri Swamiji inaugurated the newly constructed Guru Nilayam upon arrival.


In the evening, Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja was offered by Pujya Sri Swamiji to Maha Ganapathy in the temple. 


Sri.Jitu Dave, secretary of Datta Yoga Center gave welcome speech and said it was a blessing to welcome back Pujya Swamiji after a long gap of four years. Pujya Sri Swamiji’s previous visit to London Ashrama was in 2018. 


Sri.Manubhai Patel, Chairman of Datta Yoga Center offered welcome garland. 


Sri.Prasad spoke and briefed the audience about community services offered by various Ashrams of Pujya Swamiji during the covid pandemic, Mata Jayalakshmi’s birth centenary year and Pujya Sri Swamiji’s 80th birthday celebrations and upcoming tours. 


Pujya Sri Swamiji blessed the devotees with discourse. The purport of the message was:


Jai Veera Hanumaniki Jai

Jai Veera Hanumaniki Jai


Anjaneya madhi patalananam

Kanchanadri kamaneeya vigraham

Parijatha tharu moola vasinam

Bhavayami pavamana nandanam


I have no words. I am very happy to visit London Hanuman Temple. It is a beautiful Ashrama, beautiful Hanuman Mandira. The Gujarati and Telugu devotees have participated and co-ordinated with good devotion. They have been maintaining this Temple collectively. I am happy.


For the last 2.5 years we all have been facing a big karma, which is Corona. We must suffer the outcome of our Karmas. Many people have asked me why Corona emerged. The reason is due to the killing of animals, this Karma is to be shared by all and experience the same. Everything will be good if  the killing animals stops. It is difficult to eradicate animal killing in the Kaliyuga. So we must face it and experience our Karma. We have to welcome this Karma with happiness. There is no other choice. 


We lost so many good Souls….no business….. no finance…. This is all Hanumans Leela and Sri Datta leela and we must face this…..

Last 2-3 years were miserable for some people, in fact the whole world was part of this suffering, London is not an exception. 

Lord Datta is always balancing this world. Some new births and some deaths “Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi maranam.

We die then we are reborn. This is a continuous process, always happens, it is his leela. No questions asked, just carry the experience. 

I feel that the gravity of Corona has deteriorated drastically however, there are low levels of these issues, which keep cropping up in the world. 


It seems many Telugu devotees attended today, how many are you representing here? could you raise your hands please? ok, reasonable number ……. I am very happy. 


We have faced Corona and we have won this battle by the Gods grace. Many people who went all the way to Yama Dharma Raja also returned. We also lost some of our people. However, we all assembled here due to mere grace of the Lord. 


We always fight with our Karma and we survived by his grace. Today, tomorrow and day after we will all assemble here at Hanuman Temple. Pray to God in a proper manner. 

Bhagavan gave us this human form, what is the objective of this birth? What do we need to do in this birth? What is our duty? 

Many people think taking care of Children, Grandchildren are duties.  Actually, they not duties, they are related to your Karma and they are to be experienced. Constructing a new house is not duty, taking care of children is not your duty. The real truth about duty is realising the maya of Bhagavan, practising spiritual thinking, Bhakti, vairagya and acquiring jnaana, doing seva to Sadguru. Continuously practising these in this birth is our duty. This we call it as Swayam dharma. 

What is Dharma? Many people say our Dharma means Hindu dharma. Which is not correct, Dharma means human dharma, the aim of Human Dharmas dharma is Satya. This was explained in Subhasita in a single shloka.


Dhritikshama , damoasteyam ,

shaucham indriynigrah , dhirvidya satya

makrodho dashakam dharm lakshaanam,


Practice: Dhriti- patience 

     Kshama- forgiveness 

     Dama- courage to face the challenges


These are swayam dharmas or human dharmas which are to be followed always in all circumstances.


Always keep Mind and body in a clean and pure state.

Always speak truth, try this always, try to achieve it.


In family matters, you always face confusion and egos. You need to forget or neglect the confusions and your past. If something bad happened yesterday, you keep thinking about it, which is not right. Stop thinking about the past, because past is past. It has happened already and there is no need to think about it for the rest of your life. Those who always worry about the past will finally lose themselves. 


When you die you are leaving everything including your body and going away. However, your confusions always talking and influencing you which is not good.


You are wasting your precious time. God gave you the human form as a gift. You need to use this gift to do better things. This gift was not given to worry about your child, marriage or money. The gift was given to you for the purpose of manava janma rahitya and to reach Bhagavan.

You can also lead a happy family besides practising the above. 

I think you have read so many stories about Bhakti yoga, Gnana yoga. You need to follow your responsibilities and perform your duties related to Dharma. However, not to spend 100% on fulfilling the temporary things. Instead put 80% of your effort on yochan, samyojan, and spirituality. 

A question should arise in your mind, who am I? why I came here? what is my work? 

how many years will you are going to live? 100 years? 200 years? no…. you can live around 80-85 or 90-95 years or may be 100 years.


Of those 100 years, 10 years you will spend in old age, you can’t eat, you can hear, you can’t speak, you cannot act on your own and you are dependent on others. Old age is very miserable Karma. 

Prior to old age you should earn some good Karma, be in a hurry. That is the reason you should learn about Bhakti.

Have faith in Bhagavan, devotion towards Bhagawan, develop love for Bhagavan, think that Hanuman is mine. Hanuman is taking care of everything, protecting everything. Hanuman is my protector, he will take away all my sorrows. Practise dhayana and bhakti in these lines. During process a Gnana related question should arise, who am I? What is the connection between my soul and Hanumantha. 

How can we better understand this? in this regard the Sadgurus advice, teachings and lectures are helpful to great extent. You need to make use of it, not to miss any, listen all. You will get your questions answered one day. If you say you have no time then it will be very difficult to understand. That is the reason we need to surrender to Bhagavan with Bhakti and love. That is the real Kartavya. But constructing a house, giving birth to a child or performing a marriage are not Kartavyas they are karmas. Those are the results of your own Karma or sin. but not to call it as duty. Going to temple is a duty but fighting on a problem is not your duty, it your karma. It is due to your sin, so you need to fight your karma, but not your duty. When a child is born that is your karma, teaching the children is your karma but not duty. 

Sri Swamiji explained in the above what is your duty when you born as Human being. 

Please keep this in mind that personal duties are different to spiritual,


Many people here helped the temple through online donations during the pandemic. I am very happy, I am blessing all of you and your families of who helped the temple. I pray God for your wellbeing. 


That is our duty to support and protect our mandir. It is your duty to follow your sadgurus Updesha, words and teachings. The Gurunilaya was constructed well for your Guru. It is very good and I am very happy. My blessing to all of you.


Sri Swamiji has performed Sankashta Hara Chaturthi Puja during the pandamic. I hope you have watched online. If you are not able to watch a live program then you can watch later as the recorded videos are available on facebook. You can have darshan of Swamiji even if you don’t understand the Telugu language. An English translation is also available as part of the transmission. The live timing is 6:30 pm IST. You all should get the benefit of watching these programs, you will get energy by watching these programs, you become strong, you will develop love and affection towards Swamiji. You will get benefitted 1000 times if you do little seva. I don’t get benefit but you will be benefited. However, if you are well and safe then that will be a benefit to me. I am like a mic, there is no salvation or moksha for mic, even though many people performing ‘nama sankirtan’ daily through it. However, if you keep maintaining your body and mind with good condition then Sadguru will be happy, he can impart more knowledge to you, he can perform well and bless you well. So, if you maintain the mic, in good condition, use only for good deeds, then it works well and transmits the teachings clearly for many years. Similarly, if you maintain devotion and affection towards Swamiji, that will yield good blessings and guidance. It is your duty maintaining the good condition like thinking about your Swamiji, develop faith on your Swamiji, which bestows guidance and blessings to you in different ways. 


Jaya Guru Datta


On 22nd, Pujya Sri Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja and blessed the audience with the following message:


Is Guru necessary? What is Vedanta? Can one know God thru Vedanta? People are plagued by these questions 

BG has given clear answers. 

So, anyway, in Bhagavatham, they says what is the God? It is only word.


Bhagavatha has one million shlokas

One shloka says and explains complete meaning about God, who am I ? creation, kaama, Karma, happiness, ignorance , ego. Srishti, sthithi, laya


In one shloka the meaning is explained. 


Destroyer is Shiva, he destroys confusion 

Brahma the creator also creates thoughts and inspires the mind to do work 


Vishnu protects the equilibrium and sustains the creation 


We all have to leave one day. The good things you do is what is left permanently. Good causes you do is your permanent address.

Your physical body goes away. But your hood deed and charities will be remembered .


Sri Swamiji chanted “Janmadyasya “shloka from Bhagavatham


What is meditation? What is vishnu? Everything you question is covered in the deeper meaning of this shloka.


Bhagavatham is the best teacher.


Attain near to God. The birth and death travels seems incessant. One day we have to get fed up and yearn for this journey to end. Real devoteee asks for no janma anymore 


Consciously breath and sometimes with sound. Soham is heard . Conscious breathing can also help in controlling bad thoughts . 


Practice conscious meditative breathing. Start with small and incremental exercises. Then the meditative silence will take you forward. Saints sit in penance for hours together leading to years together . Moksha comes automatically. You will become your own Guru. Music also helps to meditate and leads to calmness . 

These techniques are like sugar coated medicines. Guru’s words are like sugar coated medicine. Easy and sweet in the beginning but bitter in the center. 


Start your spiritual journey with 15 mins of conscious breathing. 


I prayed God for you all. Devotees from London and Europe are here in this Hanuman temple. 

Europeans have taken many courses from Swamiji. They are like Yogis. I visited Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Holland. 

In Denmark Swamiji took Vedanta classes four times. Those were wonderful days. 

I missed seeing you all for four years. What to do? Corona is also a friend. 

I told Jitu, If you all put mask, I will be maskless. If people don’t wear mask, I will be masked. Jitu wanted maskless Appaji. There is no government rules. It is a self imposed discipline. Sanitize well and protect yourself 


On 23rd March, Pujya Sri Swamiji conducted silent meditation to the chant of Om from 5 to 6 PM in the Hanuman Mandir. 


At 7 PM, Pujya Swamiji performed Salagrama Puja. For the first time in Europe Bhagavad Gita learners from England Germany and Netherlands chanted selected chapters from Bhagavad Gita. 


Dr.Uttam Veturi spoke about the Bhagavad Gita renaissance by Pujya Swamiji. 5 memorizers & 18 readers received medals and certificates from Pujya Swamiji. 

Pujya Sri Swamiji in His discourse said:

Today I am very happy that London group chanted some verses of Bhagavad Gita

In Kalli Yuga, God can be found in Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is God 

Meaning  of Bhagavad Gita gives you understanding of God’s Leela and how to go near God.

Lord Krishna himself gave it to Arjuna. It is very precious. It is an advice for Humanity. Not just Hindus. Throughout the world BG is chanted. The various doubts and questions of generations have been answered. It removes doubts. 

Every one of the  shloka is loaded with meaning. So, study and listen to  Bhagavad Gita. You will get peace of mind. The doubts disappear. The seemingly everlasting sorrow and unhappiness can easily be calmed with any Bhagavad Gita shloka. It is like life’s dictionary. In olden days of india, auspicious events in homes, after lunch, they used to freely distribute  Bhagavad Gita books. Millions of books have been distributed over the years. 

We are the doubt plagued Arjunas. Paramatma himself has answered the doubts. It is the essence of all Upanishads, grammar and theology.  Bhagavad Gita comprises the entire spiritual dimension. Learn and chant  Bhagavad Gita. Listen to Bhagavad Gita. Each chapter has its own energy. There are thousands of good experiences for those who have learnt  Bhagavad Gita. 

Select one chapter and listen to  Bhagavad Gita before going to bed. Don’t listen to film songs while going to bed. Maybe they give some relaxation. But it is a temporary relaxation. All the 18 chapters are potent to help you.  Bhagavad Gita is human realization .  Bhagavad Gita is wanted by all. So, I urge everyone to study, memorize and chant  Bhagavad Gita. 


Information on our death is very secret. Many think they live for 200 years.! But that is ego play. If someone died two years ago, it means you are two years closer to your own end.


 Bhagavad Gita is a good chance to reclaim confidence.


I am happy to distribute medals to certificates to those memorized and chanted. I urge the  fluent readers  to try and memorize  Bhagavad Gita.


Tomorrow Sri  Swamiji leaves early in the morning and one day visit Dubai and return to mysore for some days


Don’t forget swamiji’s advice. Utilise  Bhagavad Gita efforts of Sri Swamiji.  Bhagavad Gita is an asset for humanity




Member of UK Parliament from Ealing, Southall, Sri.Virendra Sharma came and received Blessings from Pujya Swamiji. In his brief speech, Mr.Sharma dedicated himself to the work of community and sought Blessings of Hanuman and Sri Swamiji to overcome the hardships faced by people. 


Sri Swamiji cut a cake that was presented by kitchen committee members to mark the upcoming 80th birthday celebrations. 

Mathru Mandali members offered Vastram to Pujya Swamiji 


Sri Jitu Dave profusely thanked Pujya Swamiji for this visit and gracing the new Guru Nilayam. He prayed Pujya Swamiji to come during summer and bless Hanuman Hindu Temple. 


Devotees had the opportunity to come to Pujya Swamiji, touch Datta Padukas and receive Blessings on all three days. 


Pujya Sri Swamiji is scheduled to fly London - Dubai on 24th April at 9.15 AM. 





Newly constructed Guru Nilaya in SGS Ashrama, London awaits inauguration by HH Sri Swamiji
Pujya Sri Swamiji inaugurates newly constructed Guru Nilaya in SGS Ashrama, London
HH Sri Swamiji in Hanuman Hindu Temple, London - the Ashrama established by Pujya Sri Swamiji in Europe
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Arati to Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji offers Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji shows Arati to Devotees after Sankashta Hara Ganapathy Puja in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Pujya Sri Swamiji releases the Vastram of Hanuman Hindu Temple, London
HH Sri Swamiji's discourse in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
HH Sri Swamiji's discourse in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
HH Sri Swamiji's discourse in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
Parama Pujya Gurudeva in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
HH Sri Swamiji in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK
HH Sri Swamiji led Mauna Meditation in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK on 23 March 2022
HH Sri Swamiji during Mauna Meditation in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK on 23 March 2022
HH Sri Swamiji touches and prays the rare Shuddha Sphatika Shivalinga in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK on 23 March 2022
Bhagavad Gita chanting in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK on 23 March 2022
HH Sri Swamiji with Bhagavad Gita students in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK on 23 March 2022
HH Sri Swamiji with Bhagavad Gita students in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK on 23 March 2022
HH Sri Swamiji blessed Sri.Virendra Sharma, MP & Sri.Uday in Hanuman Hindu Temple, Datta Yoga Centre, UK on 23 March 2022
HH Sri Swamiji cuts a cake in anticipation of upcoming 80th Birthday celebrations