2nd Pushkara Brahmotsava of Sri Padavallabha Anagha Datta Kshetra, Peethapura by Sri Swamiji

  • 08 Feb 2024 - 10 Feb 2024
  • Peethapuram, India

2nd Pushkara Brahmotsava of Sri Padavallabha Anagha Datta Kshetra, Peethapura
8.9 & 10 February 2024

Pujya Sri Swamiji arrived in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram in the evening of 8th February 2024. 

Pujya Sri Swamiji took Darshana of Sri Anagha Swami & Anagha Devi deities. 

A welcome ceremony ensued. Sri. Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi welcomed Pujya Sri Swamiji to Peethapuram Ashrama. He narrated the list of developments that had taken place in Peethapuram Ashrama since Pujya Gurudeva’s visit last time. Important among them are

1. Construction of Annadana Mandira & kitchen. 

2. Construction of Veda Patha Shale building with class rooms, dormitory & residences for two Veda teachers. 

3. Construction of Yatri Rivas - 11 cottages accommodation building 

4. Construction of Sri Datta Sarovara - a temple pond  in front of Datta temple to the north. 


Pujya Swamiji spoke and said:

Paramatma Tattva is all pervasive. There is no space without that Paramatma energy 


Once a Guru asked his disciples to eat a banana where no one is watching. 

Many of them hid behind curtain/ cupboard and ate

One student said God is everywhere and he cannot find a place where God is not there to eat the banana.  

He came to be known as Purandaradasa.


Wherever I go and whatever programs happen, it is because of that energy. Peethapuram is my Guru’s place. Kuravapura, Audumbara, Ganagapura, Mahur, Peethapuram, Kashi and Gaya are Datattreya energy places. Dattatreya moves around these regions. Ganagapura is Bhiksha place, Peethapuram is resting place. Kashi is bathing place. 


Imagine an old tree in your backyard. For you it’s another old tree. One day a great Ayurveda doctor comes and says this is sanjeevenj tree. Imagine the change in respect you have for that tree. Peethapuram is like that. People around the world come here for blessings. You people are very lucky to live in this region. You are Bhagyavanthas - lucky souls.. This is know as pAda gaya kshÆtra. 


Mundane life of existence is inevitable. But leading a mundane life in such sacred place is extra blessing. 


Those who worship Anagha Datta know its greatness. God doesn’t need our sÆva. We need God’s graces. 


A pundit was traveling to Kashi with his son by walk. One day while traveling, it became dark. The nearby home lady invited the pundit to sleep. 

The pundit refused saying it’s beneath him to sleep in her home. And he would sleep on the foyer of her home. 

Next day morning he woke up to the house lady inquring her daughter to check if the dead man next door went to heaven or hell. The Pundit was shocked. Being a great pundit he couldn’t know if a deceased person goes to heaven or hell. But here was a common woman who knew.When he inquired,  the lady laughed and said 

If we do good and die, people who come to pay respects to the deceased speak highly of the deceased. If the person was bad or stingy, people will speak bad. 


If we are having food today, it is Datta’s blessings. All my projects here are complete. Those who participated are blessed. 


Datta blesses us by just remembering his name - smaraNa mAtra santushTa. May Datta pardon our mistakes and always bless us. Any tests that come our way is his blessing to wash our sins. 


Swamiji’s constant travels take me to many places. Where I go, whose home I stay and who gets blessings are all decided by Datta. I feel I am related to everyone. You decide if you feel so.


Pujya Bala Swamiji arrived from Akuvidu Ashrama that evening. 


On the morning of 9th February 2024, Pujya Sri Swamiji went around the Ashrama and saw the new developments. Pujya Swamiji inaugurated the new Yatri Nivas building. It has 11 cottages in two floors. 

Sri Swamiji then went around the newly constructed “Sri Datta Sarovara” temple water tank. Sri Swamiji then entered the pond from east and inaugurated the water tank on this auspicious day of “Mauni Amavasya”. 

Sri Swamiji walked all around the Sarovara and performed Purnahuti of Pitru Shanti Homa &offered Arati to the  Udaka Shanti ritual that was performed for sanctifying the Sarovara. 

Sri Swamiji then entered into the Sri Datta Sarovara waters and poured the waters from the Udaka Shanti Kalasha containing sacred waters from various rivers, lakes and seas. 

Sri Swamiji offered Vastra and Mangala Dravya to the waters. Sri Swamiji collected some water in Kalasha and sprinkled waters on devotees around. The water was sent by priest to sprinkle on the assembled thousands of devotees. 

Sri Swamiji blessed Alaya Dharma Kartha Sri.S.V.Ramanamurthy & family. 


Sri Swamiji then walked to Sri Dattatreya & Anaghadevi temple and offered Arati. Pujya Swamiji heard the various miracles devotees had experienced by praying at this temple. 

Pujya Swamiji arrived in Sankeertana Mantapa and performed Sri Chakra Puja. Thousands had assembled to have Darshana of Pujya Gurudeva on the sacred Mauni Amavasya day. Sri Swamiji blessed the Purnahuti of Chandi Homa, performed on Amavasya. 

After Puja, Sadgurudeva spoke and said:


We are in sacred Sri Padavallabha Kshetra. Digambara Datta means Datta envelops entire sky. Sripada Vallabha was Datta Roopa. Datta had 24 Gurus. We have to take all important qualities of these 24 Gurus. 


Silently listen to Swamiji. The more we observe mains, our nervous system gets strengthened. Earlier our ancestors used to observe at least an hour of Mauna daily. They used to be healthy. House chores were done by them. That used to be their exercise. The physical activity kept them healthy. Our generation lives with medicines. 60% of population survives on medicines. The more medicines we take, the more the disease becomes resistant. One has to eat when you feel hungry. Hunger is an important aspect. You have to stop eating when you still don’t feel full. Control of sense organs is very important. Ramakrishna used to keep kallusakkare in tongue and resist mouth from watering. Then remove it. Our constant craving for food is diabolical. We are haunted by desires for something happening to close family members. Son has to get married. Great grand son has to get married. All these desires drain your energies. 


You all are born near the sacred place of Peethapuram. We are participating in all these sacred events in Amavasya. You are lucky to be witnessing all these activities. After several births as insects and animals, we have finally assumed human form. Make good use of this human birth. Satsanga is important. Visiting temples is important. Fasting is important. True desire is for your family members to be devoted to God. 


Remember the story of Satyavan Savitri. She goes to great lengths to bring her dead husband to life. In that effort, she got many of her boons sanctioned. She asked for boon to get children. Yama said okay. She then said make my husband come alive so that I can get children. Yama was now bound to bring her husband to life. Her Bhakti achieved all this. 


My father used to teach Bhagavad Gita. The shloka, Ananyaschintayamtomaam….


There was a Pundit who used to collect grains and feed his family. One day he did not get any grains. Then he remembered this Shloka. He got angry and cut that Bhagavad Gita book with a knife. Angrily he went in search again. A boy came to this pundit’s home with a bag full of grains saying it was sent by a merchant for the familiy. The Pundit was not home and his wife received the grains. She observed the boy was bleeding in mouth region. Upon inquiry, the boy told the pundit’s wife that  someone cut his tongue and he wanted. When the Pundit’s wife turned angry and was about to curse the person who cut the boy’s tongue, the boy said his dear devotee cut his tongue and she should not curse. 

When the pundit returned home his wife told him the story. He was stunned. He was saddened that he did not have Darshana of  Krishna who came as the boy with bagful of grains. He rued his action of cutting the shloka in Bhagavad Gita book. 


Don’t do anything with doubt. While bathing in Ganges, don’t doubt if your sins get washed away. Best way to give donation is secretly. Gupta Daana is the best way to do charity. Sometimes names are published only to enthuse others to donate. I still prefer Gupta Daana. Don’t extract Sanmana for doing charity. Giving charity and getting honored for it nullifies the puNya of charity. Nobody publishes their name if they help to build a burial ground. I prefer cremation over burial. Land is limited. During Covid millions died. Most were cremated. Many families could not even see the deceased. 


I urge all my Datta devotees to write wills when you are alive. You can also mention that you should be cremated and not buried. Some say there is no Punarjanma if cremated. 

The aura of those who do constant  Japa are effulgent. 


Sadhu should have pardon nature. Wealthy should have quality of doing charity. Have faith in God. Do charity. God will doubly bless you. Children too learn to be charitable while observing elders doing charity. 

Old age is very difficult. We will be weak and cannot do our own work. We would have become dependent. 


Finally after two Pushkaras, I have inaugurated a pond in front of Dattatreya in this temple. The devotees helped as much as they could. I bless them all. I have returned after many years. My visit was pre Covid. Now Covid has become a landmark to recognise events as pre Covid or post Covid. 


I like Peethapuram very much. I was born here many lives ago. 


Anagha Devi and Anagha Swami temples in this Peethapuram Ashrama are very powerful here. Pray and meditate in the temple. They speak to you. 


Now Annadana for all. 


The municipal commissioner of Peethapuram, Sri. Kanaka Rao was honored & blessed. 


Annadanam was performed to over 6,000 people. 


In the evening the first ever Teppotsava for Dattatreya was held in the Sri Datta Sarovara. Procession idols of Sri Datta and Anagha Mata were placed in a Teppa and carried around the new pond three times. Datta Ashtottara was chanted by devotees as they witnessed this historical first. 


Pujya Gurudeva spoke and explained the five Utsava that are traditionally performed - Mantapa Utsava, Pallakki Utsava, Ratha Utsava, Teppa Utsava & Dola Utsava. Sri Swamiji expressed happiness that all five Utsava was being done to Dattatreya on a single day. In the morning, Mantapa Utsava was performed. In the evening Ratha Utsava was performed. Teppa Utsava was just completed. The Murtis were carried back from Sri Datta Sarovara to the temple in Pallakki Utsava and finally Dola Utsava would be performed. 


Later in the evening, Bharata Natyam by over 60 children from two different dance schools took place. Sri Bala Swamiji blessed the artists. 


On 10th February 2024, Pujya Swamiji blessed the Trustees of Peethapuram Ashrama. Sri.Prabhakar was selected to be the new Executive Trustee of Peethapuram Ashrama. 

At 11 AM, Pujya Swamiji offered Purnahuti of the second Pushkara Kumbhabhisheka (24 years) Homa. 

Sri Bala Swamiji accompanied by priests performed Brahma Kalasha Abhisheka to deities. 

Pujya Sri Swamiji gave Darshana to devotees in Sankeertana Bhavana. Sri Swamiji in a heart felt discourse narrated events from early Kesere days on 1964-66. Sri Swamiji spoke:


Jaya Guru Datta

Jai Veera Hanuman ki JAI


Hanuman performed the powerful Anagha Vrata. This Vrata is from Krita Yuga. 

It has two main Kalashaa. One is Yoga Mata Anagha Devi. Anagha Mata is swaroopa of Maha Lakshmi, Saraswati & Durga. 

Anagha Swami is the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. 

Around them are the eight yogic powers are sons. Anima mahima……:


Karthaveeryarjuna performed this Vrata. Dattatreya himself came in the form of a priest and performed the Vrata for the king Karthaveeryarjuna. Ladies too can become priests to do this Vrata. Naivedya can be whatever you have cooked that day at home. 


Once in my youth, when I was around 18, I would sit behind a curtain and announce the names of those who came for Darshana. People would come to see that amazing thing. Snakes were my companions. Mysoreans used to throng in large numbers just to see this Tamasha. Swamiji used to do Ganapathy Homa daily. One day a truck brought a load of jelli stones used for construction and concreting. Swamiji used to make these jelli stones to kallusakkare. Those who got this kallusakkare would get their problems solved. Swamiji had promised Jayalakshmi Mata to stay put in mysore for 50 years. 

Swamiji used to give vibhooti from the Ganapathy Homa Kunda. Those who used to comb Swamiji’s hair then, found strands of gold in it. 

Once a rich woman who used to come to Homa regularly had a request. She wanted to offer food cooked by her to Swamiji. She was unsure if Swamiji would eat or not. She was non vegetarian and wondered if Swamiji would eat food cooked by her. She came to Swamiji for some health issue. She was cured. Why she had this cooking desire was curious to some. Why don’t you offer apple or some fruit? Why should you cook for Swamiji - were the counter by other devotees to her.  Swamiji kept postponing her request. 

Swamiji one day told her to bring her food tomorrow. If you bring unsuitable food for me, I will not eat and you should not come to me for six months. She agreed and left. 


Next day Homa was crowded with throngs of people. The electric colony staff were disturbed by this throngs of crowds. Rumor had spread that Swamiji would eat food cooked by this person. She brought a big silver vessel. She held in her hand. She was anxious. Swamiji opened the vessel and the vessel contained sugandharaja flowers only. It was filled to brim with flowers. She claimed she had brought Puliyigare. Seeing this miracle she fainted. She offered her wealth to Swamiji. Swamiji refused. 

Because flower was inedible, she was asked not to come for six months. Next day was Ekadashi. She passed away within six months. 

Swamiji worshiped with Sugandharaja flowers for puja. 


One thing Swamiji cannot tolerate is noisy crowds. Swamiji’s right ear has  defective   hearing. Doctors in Coimbatore treated to cure the defect. But it was unsuccessful. 


Swamiji was very different and difficult then. Swamiji would shut himself in room for days. Swamiji would often be angry. Two elderly mother like ladies would care for me by cooking food. They considered Swamiji as Gopalakrishna. 


Even Annadana team would have tough time estimating how many would attend the programs. The kitchen store was poor. Not much would be there. Suddenly food grains would appear in a cycle or car. One devotee who supplied vegetables then is a minister now. Somebody would bring rice and vegetables saying their master sent them. Cooking would happen then. Whatever was cooked with whatever was brought would somehow suffice for all. Food would be served on Banana leaves on most occasions. Even now Swamiji likes serving feast on banana leaves. A banana farm owner Srinivas would bring banana leaves. A large Pendal would be erected for the occasion.


Later on grass roof prayer hall was constructed in our own ashrama. Anantapur devotees would change the grass roof annually. This was in mid sixties. Annadana would somehow happen with the meagre donations and materials donated. 


People from a nearby village Shravanooru would bring vegetables occasionally. Lots of pumpkin would be donated. 


This is Swamiji life story. Somehow materials would get donated and Annadana would happen. 


I want to personally talk to you. May your difficulties vanish. I feel content just to see you all. Datta will come to your home in Sookshma Roopa. I feel datta and Anagha and Hanuman is sitting in human forms in this Sabha. Hence we should respect all. The other person could be God in human form. Be nice to all. Don’t hurt anyone ever. 


Jai Shree Ram


Hanuman was waiting for this loud Jai Shree Ram Jaikaara. 


I am very happy. 


I went to NASA and met several scientists. The question is not if God is there or not. The question is - are we good or not? Am I good to others? Am I good to my family? Am I caring my family and relatives? Serve elders with love and care. God will ensure you will be well cared when you are aged. Don’t talk abusively to elders. Even if you think they are bad people. Just because others are bad, we should not become bad. 


Today is Brahmotsava of Datta temple here. Get holy water sprinkled on you. Go and take Darshana 


Come to Mysore ashrama. 


Swamiji recently installed Rajarajeswari Devi in mysore ashrama. The Murti looks so beautiful. Watch Swamiji programs live online. Install sgsposts app.  


Sri Swamiji performed Aksharabhyasam to dozens of babies in this visit. 

Later, Sri Swamiji went to temple and took Darshana of Dattatreya & Anagha Devi. They had just received the second Pushkara Kumbhabhisheka. 


At 3 PM, Sri Swamiji started from Peethapuram Ashrama to Vishakhapatnam. Hundreds of devotees thronged to have Darshana of Swamiji and would not let the car move. The special unseen bond between the simple villagers devotion and Sri Swamiji was writ large. 


En route, Sri Swamiji visited Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swami temple in Annavaram. The executive officer & temple priests welcomed Sri Swamiji and Sri Bala Swamiji with Purnakumbham. Sri Swamiji and Bala Swamiji took Darshana of the deities.

After receiving temple Prasadam, Pujya Swamiji spoke and said the greatness of Satyanarayana Swami and the Vrata. 


Sri Swamiji reached Chintamani Ganapathy Kshetram, SGS Ashrama, Vishakhapatnam around 7.30 PM. 

Upon arrival in Peethapuram Ashrama, Pujya Swamiji took Darshana of Sri Dattatreya & Anagha Devi in the temple - 8.2.24
Pujya Swamiji receives welcome garland from Srijaya & Ramana Murthy family. SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram 8.2.24
Pujya Swamiji inaugurates Sri Padavallabha Bhavanam - a pilgrim guest house complex in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram - 9.2.24
Pujya Swamiji and Sri Bala Swamiji inaugurated Sri Datta Sarovaram, a temple pond in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram on 9th February 2024
Pujya Swamiji poured sacred waters from different parts of the world into Sri Datta Sarovaram - temple pond in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram 9.2.24
Magnificent Murti of Dattatreya presides over the Sri Datta Sarovaram in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram
Pujya Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja in SGS Ashrama Peethapuram on 9th February 2024
Thousands of villages from around Peethapuram region participated in Pujya Swamiji's visit during 8,9 & 10 February 2024
Dattatreya Swami & Anagha Devi were brought in Rathotsava from temple to Sri Datta Sarovaram in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram - 9.2.24
First ever Teppotsava in Sri Datta Sarovaram temple pond in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram 9.2.24
Pujya Swamiji lit Laksha Vatti on the banks of Sri Datta Sarovaram to commemorate the inauguration at SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram - 9.2.24
Children performed Nritya Seva to Dattatreya Swami in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram on 9.2.24. Pujya Bala Swamiji watched the program & blessed them.
Pujya Swamiji took Darshana of Sri Dattatreya Swami & Anagha Mata after Brahmotsava Abhishekam in SGS Ashrama, Peethapuram on 10.2.24