Pujya Sri Swamiji celebrates Ratha Saptami festival at Surya Temple SGS Ashrama, Kurnool

  • 15 Feb 2024 - 17 Feb 2024
  • Kurnool

Pujya Sri Swamiji celebrates Ratha Saptami festival
Surya Temple SGS Ashrama, Kurnool
15, 16 & 17 February 2024


Pujya Sri Swamiji visited Sri Suryanarayana temple in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on from 15th to 17th February 2024. Pujya Sri Swamiji was here to celebrate the Ratha Saptami Surya festival on 16th February 2024. 


In the evening of 15th, Sri Swamiji was received in the Ashrama by trustees of the Ashrama. After Darshana of the shrines in the Ashrama, Pujya Sri Swamiji was given a welcome function. The inaugural lamp was lit by Pattikonda MLA Smt.Sridevi and local Corporator Smt.Shweta Reddy. Sri.Gandluri Dattatreya Sharma, noted scholar in Telugu & Samskrutam welcomed Pujya Swamiji with a scholarly speech peppered with self composed Telugu poems on Pujya Swamiji. 


Pujya Swamiji blessed the audience with a Anugraha Sandesham. Important Sandesham was:

On the eve of Rathasaptami, Sun God will give us health. Homa Agni gives us wealth. Ganga Mata, removes sins. Chandra reduces TApa. Datta Swami gives  all these blessings. He also gives us JnAna and takes us to his lOka. It is your good fortune and this area’s good luck that you have all these in this temple. Only a few who come to the temple get this Blessing. This Surya temple, the shrines, the priests and committee members are serving with devotion. Committee members have personally contributed to the development of this temple. Though a bit small temple, the temple is clean. 


Original thought was to get ten acres in the outskirts of Kurnool town and develop a large temple. But Swamiji said temple must be in a bustling location to allow people to come easily. Surya Deva is my moola purusha, Ratha Saptami is my clan founder Soorappa Poundareeka’s birthday. 


In line with the devoted invitation from devotees, Sun God brought me here. The Sun God idol here is majestic - like sun rise or sun set. 


Varied programs have captivated the devotees of Sun God here. I am happy. Many thousands of Datta devotees from USA, make it a point to visit this temple. 


Only when we sacrifice, does God make us progress. A Upasaka who goes to river, offers arghya from the river water to river and chants Mantra which means - O river Mata, I offered your water for my Arghya prayer . May the puNya from my worship benefit you too. May rains feed you water plentifully. 


Kshaama comes to clean up environment and to wake up people. If we are very comfortable, we forget God. when in difficulty, we constantly remember God. When Rama Lalla pratishtha happened in Ayodhya, even cynics talked at length about the event. But they did Rama Nama Smarana. Imagine when you pray Rama with devotion. Arabians when they come to visit Shukavana, they chant Rama Rama to make the parrots repeat. Some birds chant Datta, welcome, Sa Ri Ga Ma…. 


Recently Amit Shah’s wife visited shukavana and wanted to see talking birds. Many birds talked back to her. To make birds chant, we chant. Purandara and Thyagaraja Swami have composed Kritis with parrot phrases. There are some philosophical Kritis also.


Due to the long tour from Perthapuram my throat was affected. But I still came for Surya worship. Some people even record my coughing sounds. They say bad energies get away with Swamiji’s voice. They believe Swamiji’s voice to have healing energies. 


Why did we take birth? We took birth because God makes us born. We don’t remember what we were in previous births. We can’t remember what we ate last week. 


If we visit a temple, our thoughts should be on that temple. Don’t ever compare other temples with the temple you are in. That is wrong. Be satisfied. We are already in good state. Mind is a beautiful instrument to be good person. If we are devoted, children may also become devoted. You pray first. Don’t order or expect children to pray. Lead by example. Observe all festivals. Festivals are not about food menu and feast alone. Temple visits should be done every week. Then only kids will follow at least some. Unfortunately these days, children are sent to dorm schools and then shipped to America for further studies. They will marry and settle there. Aged parents are hesitant to go to US because of cold climate there. Children will not return to India because of the hectic and chaotic life here. Please have four children.  Hindus will lose population edge if we dwindle like it is now. Have more children. At least some may become good Hindus. India is Vaikuntha. India is Bhoo Kailasa. Americans yearn to be in India. We dream of American life. 


India is Gau Loka and head region of God. 


Even great scientists in India still follow our traditions. I pray for their empowerment.


Without Sun, life ends. We heard in stories how prisoners were kept in dark rooms without sunlight & they suffered. Sun light is energizing. Surya Namaskara is a wonderful discipline. I know some who are 90 who do Surya Namaskara. They are healthy. Knees get strengthened. You realize too late when you can’t even bend. Try doing it. In early days or Surya Namaskara, you will feel strained and wish to stop. Soldier on and you will see magical health. You will be blessed with less jealousy. Jealousy is a disease. Jealousy stems from comparing with others. 


Come and see Surya Puja and Surya Arghya tomorrow. May all worlds be blessed. May your children be well. May they learn Bhagavad Gita. Don’t hurt others. Don’t forget those who helped you. Pray for those who helped you. 


Gandluru Sharma has written an amazing poem in Pujya Swamiji life. It will be printed soon. May he record on audio also. 


The assembled devotees had the blessed opportunity to come to Pujya Swamiji and touch Datta Padukas. 


On 16th February 2024 - Ratha Saptami, Standing in front of the towering Surya statue above temple, Pujya Sri Swamiji performed Surya Arghya Puja at Sunrise at 6.40 AM. 

On the occasion of Ratha Saptami Surya festival, Saura Homa & Aruna Homa were performed. Pujya Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja inside the Surya Narayana temple. The majestic & large Surya statue in the temple was captivating. Thousands took Darshana in the temple. 

Pujya Swamiji came to the prayer hall below the temple hall and gave Darshana to devotees. Pujya Swamiji blessed people with discourse. Summary of the message was:


We did  Surya Aradhana, Surya Namaskara and Arghya offering 


Offering Arghya offering without Mantra chanting is allowed. When Arghya is offered, Pitr Devatas are happy. Caring elders who are alive is very important. Don’t banish them to old age home. Only in unavoidable circumstances join them in old age home. Many Indians in America are facing this dilemma. They have carved their life in USA. Parents are in India. Parents well being is a big worry for them. Some service companies care for elders. I have found some to be extraordinary careers for elderly people. Even own children cannot care them that much. 


Serve the old aged. Those 80 years and above are aged. Old age is a difficult. Old people generally get easily irritated. Indriyas are fading in old age. We will also become old one day. The young today will become old in some decades. They will face the same dilemma. Old will be reborn as young again. We believe in life after. Thankfully we don’t remember our earlier birth. The good we do in this life will help us in upcoming births to get good. 


Kabir Das said - I am giving you the gems given by God. Keep them safe. Come take it. I will share them around. I will throw them around. Come and collect. One day you will find these gems useful. Keep them safely. Don’t let them get stolen. Kabir Das Playing Ekanaada, went around singing. Singing, He went from village to village. 


The gems he was meant was the good message in his Kirtans. 


Those who follow Swamiji for a long time know the value of advice from Swamiji. Recent comers are loud and impatient. Some come to temple for bragging rights. Claiming I went to Kashi 10 times or visiting Char Dham many times is a brag. People go to Amarnath and complain mobile signal is not there. People go to Himalaya temples and worry about issues back home. Now a days Mobile phones have become an irritant child. Whenever you go, whatever you do, be fully present. Today on Ratha Saptami, do Sashtanga Namaskara to Surya Deva. Do it mindfully. 


Swamiji has written thousands of Bhajans. Many have deep meaning. Read and understand them. The meaning are precious gems and pearls. 


During morning Puja today, Swamiji kept lamp on head. One boy had a question about this. He knew Swamiji would always abides by Vaidika systems. He searched many books to check if any Purana contained the method Sri Swamiji worships Surya. He found in Bhavishyat Purana. His name is Kuvalaya Datta. Today he sent an essay. 


Lord Krishna taught Surya worship method to Dharmaraya 


When Surya Aradhana is done, Shani Deva and Yama Dharma don’t torment us. 


We live in Samsara. Problems are part of life. We don’t know when the end comes. We have to do spiritual practices, listen to Sathguru, travel to pilgrim centers when we have strength. 


Get regular medical check up done. Many have heart issues and asthma issues here. I urge you to be healthy and be with me for some more years. Our permanent home is with God. We are on this planet temporarily. 


In the evening, Sampoorna Bhagavad Gita Parayana was done in temple prayer hall. Pujya Sri Swamiji blessed the participants. Devotees sang Bhajans. Pujya Swamiji in a short discourse said - he is not swayed by how wealthy a person is. Swamiji is swayed only by the devotion shown. 


On 17th morning, Pujya Swamiji blessed the trustees & Matru Mandali members of SGS Ashrama, Kurnool. Sri Swamiji travelled from Kurnool to Jayalakshmipuram at 9 AM. 

Pujya Swamiji takes Darshana of Raja Rajeswari Devi in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool - 15.02.24
Pujya Swamiji offers Arati to Surya Narayana Swami in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool - 15.02.24
Trustees of SGS Ashrama, Kurnool offer welcome garland to Pujya Swamiji - SGS Ashrama, Kurnool - 15.02.24
Sri. Gandluri Dattatreya Sharma, scholar in Telugu & Samskrutam welcomes with Telugu poems on Swamiji composed by him - in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool - 15.02.24
Swagata Sabha for Datta Prabhu in prayer hall in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool - 15.02.24
Surya Puja on occasion of Ratha Saptami festival. In front of the gigantic Surya statue atop Surya temple in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th February 2024
Surya Puja on occasion of Ratha Saptami festival. In front of the gigantic Surya statue atop Surya temple in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th February 2024
Sunrise above Pujya Gurudeva on Ratha Saptami festival. In front of the gigantic Surya statue atop Surya temple in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th February 2024
Surya Puja on occasion of Ratha Saptami festival. In front of the gigantic Surya statue atop Surya temple in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th February 2024
Pujya Swamiji prepares Payasam on the occasion of Ratha Saptami festival. In front of the gigantic Surya statue atop Surya temple in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th February 2024
Raja Rajeswari Devi shrine in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Shrine in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool
ShivaLinga Shrine in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool
Dattatreya Shrine in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool
Pujya Gurudeva performs Sri Chakra Puja in Suryanarayana shrine in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on the Ratha Saptami festival - 16.02.2024
Thousands watched Pujya Gurudeva perform Sri Chakra Puja in Suryanarayana shrine in SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on the Ratha Saptami festival - 16.02.2024
Annadana was performed to all devotees on Ratha Saptami at SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th Feb 2024
Pujya Swamiji listens to the Sampoorna Bhagavad Gita Parayana held at Surya temple, SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th Feb 2024
Pujya Swamiji blesses the food prepared for Annadana at Surya temple, SGS Ashrama, Kurnool on 16th Feb 2024