Message on Day 4 of Ati Rudra Yaga in Kasi, November 17, 2019 Morning

  • 17 Nov 2019
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Sri Ashwini Kumar says he went to Kedarnath after he had Darshan of Lord Datta in Mysore. When the earthquake and devastating floods hit Kedarnath, he was stuck in the Shiva temple for four days without food. He says he lost half his family there. He says he is alive due to Lord Datta’s grace.


Today is the very auspicious day of Vrischika Sankramanam. It is also Sunday, Panchami and we offered Purnahuti in the fourth Homa pit. As a representative of the government, the Union Minister Sri Ashwini Kumar came and prayed for universal welfare and the wealth of knowledge and health. Without good health, we cannot do anything. Health is a great fortune. It is this great fortune that Sri Ashwini Kumar serves (as Union minster of health and family welfare). Our Indian government has great devotion for Lord Shiva. We are so blessed to do the Homa here in Kedar Ghat. Many scriptures have extolled the greatness of Kedar Khand (the region near Kedar Ghat). Skanda Purana says that sleeping one night in Kedar Khand removes all sins and grants liberation. Dipping at Kedar Ghat removes all sins.  Swamiji started the discourse on Kasi Khanda yesterday. We finished one section yesterday; we have two more sections to go.


We have seven days of Ati Rudra Yaga left which means we have seven days of the great blessing of witnessing the Yaga and listening to the sacred chants. Each day has a special significance. And each fire pit has the name of one of the Ekadasa Rudras. We are only pouring arjyam (ghee) into the Homa – no other material offerings are put in the fire. Each of the eleven priests at each fire pit gives up the consumption of ghee that the eleven priests at that fire pit would have in one month. They fast and worship the Lord. There is also another system of doing Homa with other substances poured in the Homa. An American devotee who is no longer with us, Krish Raman, had resolved (and prayed) to have Swamiji do Ati Rudra Yaga in Kasi. He did another Ati Rudra Yaga in his village at the end of which he left his mortal coil. But his children prayed to Swamiji to perform Ati Rudra Yaga in Kasi per their father’s desire. That is why Swamiji decided to do Ati Rudra Yaga at the same time that He was inaugurating the Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashram in Kasi. Per Swamiji’s resolve, this Homa is happening on the banks of of the holy Ganga. Lord Shiva is very happy today.


Sri Ashwini Kumar is very desirous of serving people. The government has the same attitude.They want medicines to reach every poor household in India. He also inaugurated a small medical shop in Mysuru Ashram. Swamiji has today made a resolve to start a hospital in Kedar. This will not be a big one where they keep you alive with artificial means. Rather, it’ll be a simple hospital that will relieve the pain for those who are passing away. I told him of my resolve. He said he will definitely think about it. I am happy. He is a good devotee of the Ashram. On this day of Panchami, may the Lord bless him. Kedareshwara himself saved him. Otherwise, he would not be here in Kedar Khanda. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Siva. The fact that he is here today is proof. Today is a good day.


I am happy that he is representing the government here. I did not invite many people because I want to spend time with Datta devotees. But those are destined to be here are here. May Lord Datta bless him, his family and his government. I wish and bless that he serve the public even more. Jaya Guru Datta. Sri Guru Datta.