Message after Sri Chakra Puja at KSHT - July 19, 2019 Evening

  • 19 Jul 2019
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Datta Yogi Raja's book Souls from Mercury is very good. It is true that we are all from different planets. Your eyes, face, behavior, longevity, direction you face at birth, way of living etc. indicate which planet you are from. All these are combined with astrology to calculate the star that relates to you. Whether you believe it or not, we all came here from different planets. After 8 million births, each being goes back to its planet regardless of whether the being was a devotee or not. Our Puranas also state the same. The Purana called Hari Vamsham especially describes the conversation between Vyasa and his disciple King Janamejaya on this topic. Janamejaya was the last powerful king on our planet. There were many smaller kings after. Hari Vamsham is a result of the conversation between Sage Vyasa and King Janamejaya. This scripture as well as Garuda Purana tell you a lot about yourself. They tell you what your destination is, what your direction in life should be and how you should follow that direction to your destination.


Research on mantras, Nada, Veda astrology etc. is not new. It happened in the previous Yugas as well. Parabrahman is the invisible God. Lord Brahma is his son/disciple who is our creator. Lord Shiva and other angels such as Surya and Chandra came later. The book Datta Darshanam too describes the process of creation. Study the Bhagavatam to learn devotion. Srimad Bhagavatam grants devotion (Bhakti), knowledge (Jnana) and dispassion (vairagya).


People ask for liberation. Every being wants to see God and wonders how God came into being, what He is like and what He is doing right now. There is no need for you to search everywhere to find the answer. As Pujya Swamiji said this morning during mantropadesam, meditate and ask your inner self. The powerful inner self, Jeevatma, will guide you towards Paramatman. Not everyone in this world has a Guru. But they have gained knowledge and have attained liberation, have they not? A poor villager may have no Guru and have no clue about Bhagavatam. He may be ignorant and egoistic, but he eventually attains liberation. God is very kind. We are all his children. We all come from Brahma. If you trace your lineage back to your forefathers - it will end in Brahma. So our source – our father and mother – is Parabrahman. We have taken countless births since we emerged from our source. You must study good books like this one  (Souls from Mercury) to understand. Many of your confusions will vanish. I was happy to hear the professor's speech about the power of Nada on human body. Many have experienced Swamiji's Nada. We had a powerful concert in Washington DC recently. I want to listen to the Nada from that concert once again. People are right away reporting the benefits they are receiving from Swamiji's Nada. They are able to control chronic ailments and are able to sleep much better, for example. Listening to a concert live is much more effective than listening to an album at home. Listening to the concert album at home may be about 80% as effective as listening to Nada live. If you have any opportunity to, attend the concerts. It has the power of Mantras, Vedas and Upanishads. We do not know how many times Swamiji will do concerts in the future. The stars in the sky are spectacular. They are an illusion. The oceans and the forests are also an illusion. I cannot explain enough the wonder of Mother Nature.


I went to the bookstall today. There are such wonderful books written by Swamiji there. Those books will not be reprinted. You may not be able to purchase them in the future. Collect those books for your own library. You will need them in the future. You never know when your children will need them. You never know how lives get transformed from the books you are buying. Some people’s lives changed reading Gandhiji’s biography. So, collect Swamiji's books. Do not waste the opportunity. I am not happy seeing the books sitting in the bookstore shelves. Pick them up, you can read them later. You will need these books in the future.