Sachchidananda Satya Sandesha: Pujya Sri Swamiji’s weekly message in Prajavani, Kannada daily - 21 Nov 2020

  • 21 Nov 2020
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Mankind cannot exist without Dharma

Dharma is the divine statute. It sets the necessary framework for man to lead a moral life. Those who have lived within the boundaries of this framework, have led a good life. The ones that crossed this boundary have faced many hardships and suffering. Because man has experienced this from time-to-time, the importance and existence of Dharma continues to be relevant even today. Dharma has never deviated from its path. Man has attempted to change the course set by Dharma. But such attempts have never been successful. Those who have ventured to deviate from the path of Dharma, have experienced the wrath of the Lord and have been punished.

Every festival is celebrated with the prayer that man’s evil thoughts be expelled and the world be peaceful. With new hope sprouting in our hearts, we exchange good wishes with everyone. But no festival has been able to push man from his narrow-mindedness to a broad mind. There is some unrest in everyone’s mind. There is no improvement in anyone’s mindset and the world is reeling under this misfortune. Due to this, every revolution is meeting the end without any results.

Greed is man’s birth trait! Only Dharma has the power to erase his animal-like qualities and make him human again. As it is said in the Puranas, every eon ends in deluge and a new one begins. But it is not false to state that it is man’s crooked mind that results in the Pralaya – or annihilation. Because, right from the times of Ramayana-Mahabharata, the hatred-jealousy-misery spewed by man’s mind has resulted in wars and led to the end of that Yuga. In every eon, man has been responsible for his own destruction.  But there has been no change in man’s thinking or his qualities. Hatred, envy, selfishness and depravity have only increased.

At the end of every period, man’s distorted guffaw is being revealed. But there has been no improvement in him winning over his 6 inner enemies. As indicated in the Puranas, man’s immoral deeds have not changed from the times of Narasimhavatara in Satya Yuga, or Ramayana in Treta Yuga or Mahabharata in Dvapara Yuga. In all the three eons, his excessive desires for women-wealth-land has raised its ugly head. Even now in Kali Yuga, history is repeating itself.

On observing all this, truly, the greatest danger to Mother earth is from man and not due to any other natural calamities. Hence, Dharma is born to control man’s negative traits. But, without realizing the significance of Dharma, man is losing his way. Until man realizes that he cannot exist without Dharma, his bad qualities will not diminish. His crazy desires will also not stop.

Only the path of Dharma is suitable for putting a leash around the distorted human mind. This will improve the relationship with people around us. Everyone should have genuine concern for others’ well-being and live a life without causing others any trouble. This should be the way of life. Keeping our surrounding environment noble and pure is indeed the path of Karma. Only Dharma has the power to mold individuals who can create such an environment. Such Dharmic individuals are always encouraged by the divine lord ‘Sachchidananda’.