Bhajan and message on Sanskar TV – June 8, 2020

  • 08 Jun 2020
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Bhajan: sumukha gaṇapati


Lord Ganapati is the form of Omkara and the remover of obstacles. That is why, before embarking on any task, it has been our timeless tradition to offer respects to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is formless, changeless and omnipresent, but the Puranas describe his special form in many ways including “gajavadana” or elephant faced, “sūkṣma netra” or small eyed, “lambodara” or big bellied etc. You all know the story behind this form, but the secret behind this principle of Ganesha is also important to learn.


In reality, worship of Lord Ganapati is worship of Nature. In certain special Arka trees (Calotropis gigantea), the form of Lord Ganapati is automatically formed in the root, making such a form of Ganapati very ideal for worship. This form of Ganapati is called Arka Ganapati. Such a Ganapati is enthroned in Pujya Swamiji’s collection of daily worship. If you visit Mysuru (Ashrama), you can surely have Darshan of the Ganapati.


Lord Ganesha is the granter of subtle intellect. Those who worship Lord Ganesha gain intelligence. That is why, parents in every household should teach their kids do to Ganesha Puja so that children can be sharp and intelligent and tread the path of the noble. Lord Ganesha grants yogic accomplishments. He is the presiding deity of the mūladhāra (base) chakra. Therefore, yoga sadhakas (aspirants of Yoga) knowingly or unknowingly are also worshiping the Lord. If you examine closely, you will see that His form is like Omkara. This why Lord Ganapati is present wherever Omkara and mantras are chanted.


Being without attributes and form, the Lord is beyond Sattva (noble traits related to goodness/wisdom), Rajas (traits related to activity/desire) and Tamas (traits related to inaction/ignorance). His glorious form has many mythological stories related to it. But the secret hidden behind all of this has been sung for you by Swamiji. Everyone including demons, humans, gods worship Lord Ganesha because he is the formless Parabhraman who controls creation, sustenance and dissolution, and nurtures the entire cosmos. The only way to know him is to pray to him with the trifold purity of body, mind and speech and to contemplate on him with devotion. Those who do so will attain the eternal bliss of Sachchidananda.