Sachchidananda Satya Sandesha: Pujya Sri Swamiji’s weekly message in Prajavani, Kannada daily - 12 Sep 2020

  • 12 Sep 2020
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Half-witted are dangerous to this world

The proverb ‘Little knowledge is more dangerous’ is very relevant in the current times. All problems in the world find their root cause to be man’s lack of knowledge. Those with limited knowledge are extremely selfish. We are enveloped by narrow-minded people in all fields at all times. Due to this, despite centuries having passed, there have been no solutions to the problems of the world, they are only getting worse.
Just like the cruel animals that chase & prey on gentle, meek animals of the forest, that feed on grass, without troubling anyone, similarly, in the cities, noble people who lead a peaceful life, consuming Satvik food, without troubling anyone, are harassed and oppressed by the evil-minded. If animals are engaged in consuming beings, in the case of man, it’s the exploitation of others’ lives. There is no belief in the thought of ‘Live and Let Live’. Humanity is disappearing, the selfish mindset of people as ‘I, mine’ is further worsening the condition of our earth.
Just as a businessmen deploys devious means to trap customers, politicians, officers, workers are all engaged in evil ways to make money. They are all forgetting to live a life that is righteous and helpful to at least a few people around them. Out of selfishness, man, who is alive today and dies tomorrow, pompously shows off! Despite knowing the fact that he’s not going to live eternally, he is engaging in loathsome deeds to build his life by destroying another’s life.
Because of such self-serving people, a poor country like Bharata is unable to see the light of progress and continues to reel in darkness. Development of a country is not just the development of one house, or one state or one region. Every single family’s wholesome progress is the true progress of the country. If attempts are not made periodically to identify and elevate the economically backward classes, they will continue to remain backward. It is crucial to understand why a certain section is not making any progress and make continuous efforts to alleviate their problems. For this, more important than government aid, is the prominence given and effort made by the neighbourhood to improve the lives of such people, who are very much a part of the same community. Eating a lavish meal when your neighbour is starving is equal to eating in front of a corpse! Our happiness should not be expressed when another person is in grief.
Of all men created by God, no one is greater, no one is lesser. God, who is the creator of the nature, has blessed every human born with the same bounty. One who thinks that this wealth belongs only to him is asinine. If one limits the wealth for his needs and utilises the rest for the benefit of mankind, heaven will be found here, on earth. When selfishness perishes, and noble thoughts sprout, that will be the world of ‘Sachchidananda’ - ‘Truth-Consciousnesses-Bliss’.

Jaya Guru Datta