Navaratri 2023 Day 2: Namasankeertana & discourse by HH Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

  • 16 Oct 2023
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Day 2: Dwiteeya; Goddess - Rāja Rājeswari
Bhajan ID 7324: Vijayate Vijayate Rāja Rājeswari
Second Day of Devi Mahātmyam:
Mother Goddess fulfils all wishes. Yesterday, we spoke about the rules of doing Devi Bhāgavtam parāyana. Today, we will talk about how Devi Bhāgavatam took birth. We should keep remembering Devi. We are already at Day 2. Time does not wait for us. We are also hurtling towards the jaws of death. Each second, each day is a step towards death. Nothing comes with us, only our sadhana does. Nothing that we have, comes with us. The idli, sambar, chutney do not come with us. The Pharaohs, the Egyptian kings, used to mummify the bodies and stock them with gold and other ornaments hoping that they would come back. The modern scientists later retrieved the valuables. No one comes back from death.
Mother is the gem Chintamani in fulfilling wishes. She resides in Kanchipuram. She is the fruit of all noble deeds, she is the form of Chaitanya. May she grant peace in my heart. Yesterday, we spoke about the rules of studying Devi Bhāgavatam. Today, we'll talk about how it incarnated.
In the past, Sage Vyasa asked his son Sage Shuka to get into a householder's life. The son said this was a frightening proposition as it was the cause for rebirths. It is rare to get a human birth, and that too, in the land of karma. “Why should I get into a householder's life? Why do you think we are different from Brahma? Always think you are Siddha. The desire of samsara doesn't escape us even in old age. I don't want this samsara.”
When there is poison, there is an antidote, a cure for it. When there is an ailment, there is always a medicine for it. If a question comes up, an answer is certainly there for it. So, no need to worry. If we are cold, someone will give us a blanket, if we need money, someone will give us money, we should have such hope/faith. So, do not worry about the future.
Sage Vyasa said - I wrote the Devi Bhāgavatam that has been appreciated by all sages. It removes the sins of samsara, fulfils wishes and dispels grief. O Intelligent One, listening to the story once grants Jñāna (knowledge) and Vijñāna (realisation) and the discernment between truth and untruth. Each episode destroys a demon within us. We have attachment to spouse, children, money etc. All these are delusions. When demons are getting slayed, it means these demons in us are getting slayed. So study with faith and devotion. You will get Jnana and also Salvation.
Once an infant was laying on a banyan leaf with his big toe in his mouth. That infant was Sri Hari. He opened his eyes and wondered who he was and why he was there, and who put him there. Parāshakti took pity on him, and with just half the shloka, Devi gave the answer: “All this is Me, there is nothing more ancient than Me. Knowing this is knowing Me.”
Sri Hari wondered, “Who spoke to me? Whose voice it this? Man, woman or neutral gender?” Then, Devi appeared in front of Vishnu in a peaceful form - with her four arms she wielded the conch, discus, mace, and lotus. Her face was like the moon, eyes wide and she had a gentle smile.
We should smile from within. Smiling externally with grief within is fake. You must bear happiness deep within. Always be happy. Smile from within. Don't unnecessarily smile in people's face. They will think something is wrong with you.
Devi’s golden silk sari was shining. She was in Sattvic form. Buddhi, Mati, Keerti, Hrti, Rati, Shraddha, Medha, Svaha, Nidra, Gati, Drshti, Pushti, Kshama, Lajja etc and many more shaktis were around her. Mother was in Lakshmi form and hence was smiling benevolently. Sri Hari again wondered why he was floating on the leaf and why he heard that voice. This seems very strange. Is this a dream, or is she my mother?
Devi came to him and said: “O Hari, Maya has enveloped you.” Swamiji says - The moment we enter the Mother's womb, we are filled with Maya. “Due to Maya's influence, you have forgotten yourself,” said Devi. All our difficulties, sorrows are due to Maya.
During Dissolution, Parāshakti is an effulgence that is formless. Devi said - You are Sattvic as am I. Brahma, with Rajo guna, born from your navel will make all the worlds. From his forehead will be born Rudra with Tamo guna. Then, Brahma will create and you will sustain and Rudra will dissolve. You will need my help at that time. I will help you as Sattva shakti. So, accept me and I will always reside on your chest.
Sri Hari asked why he heard the shloka before she appeared. Lakshmi smiled and said, “It was the formless Parāshakti. No one can know or attain her. We cannot easily attain the realisation that we are all Her.” Even Vishnu hadn't attained it yet. Devi continued, “This is truth, trust me. Parāshakti gave you this Upadesha out of affection for you, and to uplift you. She has her full benediction on you. All essence of Devi is in that Maha Vākya. It is the most auspicious and meritorious. There is nothing else to know in this world. She gave you the Devi Bhāgavatam. Always keep that Maha Vakya in your heart. Never forget it. Meditate on it, study it, contemplate it, and it will fulfill all your wishes. That is why Mother gave you that shloka.”
Lord Vishnu contemplated on that shloka and with that energy later slew the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. From there, it was given as Upadesha to Lord Brahma who gave it to Sage Narada who gave it to me. This sacred text bestows salvation, peace, removes sins and difficulties. So, study this Devi Bhāgavatam. Salvation will be yours.
“All this is Me. There is nothing more ancient than Me. If you know this, you know Me”. Contemplate on this like Vishnu did. If you realise this, you get all fruits.
New Bhajan: ID 8550: mātr̥kāsi sarvalōka rūpadāyinī
Meaning: You are the Mother who gives a form to all the worlds. You give sound to all letters. The effulgence that illumines the letters on the chakras are also manifesting as sound. Mother is the Supreme who is at the centre as Bindu as Sachchidananda Tripura Sundari in Sri Chakra. It is made easy to understand and easy to sing. All bhajans are like Devi Bhāgavatam, like Ramayana, like Mahabharatam, like Upanishads. No other books are necessary. You can study the bhajans and their meanings, then you will understand everything. If you sing the simple bhajans and study the meaning, you will understand.
Mother Goddess is always kind, giving Jñāna and energy and more and more understanding of Devi. We need good devotion, good energy, good faith and also Shraddha (keen interest). Shradda is very important. Some people are always sleeping. That is Tamo Guna. If you keep thinking of Mother while sleeping, Mother will fill your sleep also. You must be obsessed and mad about Mother within. It should not show outwardly.
Bhajan ID 8196: rājarājēśvarī dayacūpu
Bhajan ID 305: jai dēvī durgā jai ṣērāvālī