Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji's message at the commencement of the Maharudra Yaga in Trinidad - March 31, 2023

  • 31 Mar 2023
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Keep chanting śivāya rudrāya namaḥ during the Rudra Homa. It is a good opportunity to listen to all the Rudra mantras and participate in the Homa. Rudra is very, very happy with these mantras. Shivaya Rudraya Namaha is given by your Guru. You can continue chanting this mantra, or another mantra given by your Guru.
Do not talk or look at the phone. Sit silently, chant the mantras and listen to the Rudra mantras. Two months ago, we performed Rudra Yagna in Srisailam, which is a Jyotirlinga Kshetra. There were 11 Homa Kundas and 11 different names of Rudras, there were several priests. Nearly 1 lakh people received Anna Prasada in that sacred Kshetra. Srisailam is also called Dakshina (south) Kasi. At the same place is also Bhamaramba the deity of one of the 18 Shakti Peethas. It's a very powerful kshetra.
People collect medicinal herbs and plants that fill the hills in Srisailam. The hill is filled with good smell of medicinal plants. People stay there for 20 days to a month and find improvement in their health when they do so. Nature heals them. Srisailam a place of healing. In my dream too, I am listening to mantras from Srisailam all the time. We were in Srisailam two months ago. Swamiji has brought that same energy to this center in Trinidad. Everyone sitting in this place is a priest as you are also chanting Om Namah Shivaya.
Lord Hanuman and Lord Datta are blessing this place. Now, we start this Yagna. The Rudra mantras are going on continuously. Listen to the mantras. You all know from Swamiji’s life history how important Lord Shiva is in Swamiji's life (from Swamiji's life history). Participate and focus with mind, body and senses.
There is a public Homa Kunda where sevakartas can also do Homa. There is also Abhishekam to Shiva going on at the same time. With devotion and faith, you can do Abhishekam to Shiva who adores Ganga and bears Ganga on His head. While pouring water on the Shiva Linga, chant Har Har Mahadeva Shambho Shankara. Lord Shiva is pleased with that mantra. Feel that you are with Lord Shiva in Kailasa. Today's star on the ascent is also auspicious. We are doing this Homa for the welfare of the world. The entire world is suffering from one thing or another. We pray to the Lord to protect the earth.
The pandits are all trained in the Ashrama Veda Pathashala in Mysuru. There are currently about 100 students now in the Veda school that has been running over 35 years. There are hundreds of graduates of our Veda school who are recognized all over India. These priests look like boys, but they are already married with 2-3 children. They have maintained their body well. Some people have approached to marry the priests thinking they are bachelors. If the priests are okay with having a second wife, you can approach them.