Benedictory message by Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji after Sri Chakra Puja in Chicago, USA

  • 18 Jul 2023
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Bhajans heal the mind and bhajan (food) heals body. I am very happy today, this place has the good fortune of witnessing Swamiji’s Srichakra Puja. You heard Vedic chants and Vishnu Saharanama during the Puja. You all know about Swamiji, no need for further elaboration. Bhakti is key in Kaliyuga. In every Yuga, the path is different. In the first Yuga, it was Tapas. In the second, it was Dhyana, Karma in the third. In this Yuga, it is Bhakti. Maharishi Narada strived a lot to propagate Bhakti.

First, some people think Bhakti means fear of God. There his no need for fear. Second, people have desires. It is not Bhakti when you pray for wishes to be fulfilled. People pray for money, family’s success etc. They always want something. They beg the Lord for something, that is not Bhakti. So, what is Bhakti then? Building temples, doing Annadana? That’s not Bhakti either. So what is Bhakti. Bhakti is Parama Prema - supreme love. Love is not enough, it should be supreme love. There should be no difference of ‘you’ and ‘me’. One should be ready to even give up the body. That is very difficult in this Kaliyuga. We are not maharishis to do that. We are householders beset with desires and anger. We have to experience all our karma. We should show the path to our children and those who look up to us, or are dependent on us. We should keep doing whatever our duty is. We should fight this battle of life.

This (planet) is karma bhoomi. Without Karma, we cannot get Jnana. Everyone must do karma, whether you are a yogi, bhogi or Tyagi. While you do karma, you must gain Jnana. You do not become a sanyasi by giving up work and simply praying to God. You must do the needful for your children to settle down, then your mind will be at peace. Once they settle down, you must focus on your self and not keep worrying about them. It is very hard to find peace in Kaliyuga. It is very difficult to have the mindset to let the children find their path (most parents hanker after their grown-up children and their lives).

Old age is very hard for everyone. It is not easy to be happy during old age. If you want to be happy at that age, you must follow Guru, follow the spiritual path and do your sadhana and abhyasa now. Then, Dana/charity, Tyaga/sacrifice and Satya/truth will develop in you. Your children will also learn that. Science and worldly education will automatically come to your children (from school). But during old age you wonder whether you taught your kids any spirituality, after having taught them all worldly education. You did not follow spirituality, so your kids did not either. If you do it, the kids will follow by your example. In this Kaliyuga, that is when you can reduce the effect of Kaliyuga little. Otherwise, you will suffer the influence of Kaliyuga.

God is everywhere, he is in shila/stone as well. That is the message of Lord Narasimha who emerged from a stone pillar. Second, no one conceived that form that Lord Narasimha took - half man and half lion. Not even Brahma thought of it. It happened spontaneously. The Lord is teaching us that serving others is serving God. If you do good to others, that is service to God. The Lord is in all beings. If the being is satisfied, the Lord is satisfied too. You are also a being.

During Covid for example, it was very hard for people. No one knew who was dying. Families could not even see the dead bodies of their dear ones, let alone performing the final rites. Many died like orphans with no one to cremate the bodies. If you want a good life, you must teach your kids spirituality right from when they are in the womb. When Prahlada was in his mother’s womb, he heard Narayana Mantra from Sage Narada. Garbha sanksara must be done for the child in the womb to be healthy and spiritual.

Why should we perform Archana and worshipful services to God? Do we need to offers flowers, Naivedya and other services? God is the one who feeds all beings, why does He need Naivedya? We do this to practice concentration. When we chant mantras or focus on puja, we might have concentration for 10 minutes. This Puja is not a joke, or a child’s play. This is performed to develop mental concentration. This is also a Satsang. When we attend a wedding, we eat and leave. But this is Satsang.
You all can join together - few families to do Satsang. It’ll be good for you and your ancestors. 4-5 families can come together can do a Satsang alongside your social gathering. I like Bhojan as much as Bhajan. So, there is Prasadam for everyone. We will see you tomorrow in the temple. The consecration of the small shrines is very special. All of you can come. Wherever Swamiji goes, the place improves. Swamiij is like Vamana, slowly step by step, places get bigger.

May Lord Datta remove all your mental ailments. Desires are the mental ailments. You wish for something today and forget it tomorrow. But every desire of yours, the Lord remembers and will fulfill. So, you will have to take more births to experience them. Therefore you must have no desire at all. Just wish for the strength to face whatever God gives you. You make a wish today and tomorrow try to present the same wish in a different manner. God fulfills all presentations. Very dangerous. Be careful. Do not have any desires. Pray to God saying, “give me whatever You want”. Do not worry.