Benedictory Message by Parama Puja Swamiji at Chicago Trinity Datta Yoga Center

  • 20 Jul 2023
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You are putting your summer holidays to good purpose. I am very happy. We played a new tune yesterday (during Sagara Chandra Raga Sagara) based on Appaji’s research. That was successful. I had experimented with that tune on Parvatamma, my aunt, and Jayalakshmi Mata’s sister. She passed away four years ago at nearly 90 years of age. She was a very stubborn lady. She was working and cooking and last minute something happened. She didn’t want to sleep on the bed. She did not want any medication or surgery. She refused intubation. She had some money she gave to Swamiji. She used to say - no one can touch the money, it belongs to Swamiji alone. She brought up Swamiji, so she is like a mother to Swamiji. She understood Swamiji’s energy because she is Jayalakshmi Mata’s sister. She knows the story of Swamiji’s birth and energy, His healing to protect people, and how He would sit for days together with door closed, praying for the welfare of others. Swamiji would touch no food or water at that time. That was a different time. She knows everything. She supported Swamiji’s mission. She died four years ago, before Covid. She was a very nice lady. Very good at heart. She used to practice meditation. She taught children and ran a nursery school. I used to experiment with this tune on her as she had stomach ailment. She had no pain for 6 years after that. The tune is called Vijayanaagari.

So many people had stomach problem yesterday - that bad energy comes to Swamiji automatically. That is why I am holding a crystal in between you and Me. Sometimes, the crystal takes the energy, sometimes, it comes directly to swamiji. The mind is always alert. That energy will come down this evening around 10pm, until then, the energy will persist. That energy slowly fades after 24 hours. Sometimes, I have cramps in the entire body. I had full body cramps by 2-3am in the morning. There is no medication for that. I simply close my eyes and lie down. Medicines are useless. After 1 hour, this subsides a little. You think healing music is a joke. It is very serious and has a serious effect on Swamiji’s body. That is why when you ask Swamiji for a concert, I keep postponing because I want to prepare myself. I already prepared for one more concert, but I will not announce now. I do not know how many seats there will be. Every venue has been ready to give to Swamiji, for concert I was the one who was not giving time. They do not know about Swamiji’s energy, but they come and sit in the concert later.

Kids have summer holidays now. Do you like the temple here? The idols are very cute. All the Devata (idols) are now coming here.

(Swamiji directs people to close their eyes and sit in meditation. Swamiji says that is medicine for their body. Swamiji directs them to take long breaths. Do not suppress your yawns. Release them with open mouths. It does not matter if someone is looking. They will run away in fear, you should not hesitate. Open your eyes when you yawn, then the yawns slowly subside. If you need to sneeze, do not suppress. 5 long breaths can make cycle. You can open your eyes and take a brief pause after each cycle. So many want to yawn. Release the yawn. It will relax your nervous system. The yawn also indicates you want to sleep. Close your mouth when possible. The cave of the mouth is hard for others to see, so you can close it when possible. When you yawn a lot…open your eyes for sometime to let the yawns subside.)