Parama Pujya Swamiji's Anugraha Bhashana after Sri Chakra Puja in Germany

  • 13 Aug 2023
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Jaya Guru Datta.
Ayim Hreem Shreem Lalita Tripura Sundaryai Namaha.
Mauna's God is Tripura Sundari - Mother Goddess. As I said yesterday, Sri Chakra has three parts - Iccha/desire, Kriya/action and Jnana/supreme wisdom. Sri Chakra is in our body. The three parts in our body are Mooladhara, Anahata and Sahasrara. If you sit in Padmasana, you understand that the human body is endless like the universe. We do not know where it begins and ends - like a ball. It has the complete cosmic power - Akasha Tattvam. You can observe Mauna and travel to Akasha, to the planets. You can do this using sound in the form of inhalation and exhalation - So Ham.
So Ham means I AM.
If you fill air inside you then you are flying in the universe for 2-3 seconds. When you exhale, you are sitting on earth. This is kumbhaka (internal retention) and rechaka (external retention) that is always happening. You can concentrate on the sound that is traveling all the time. Spirituality says sound can travel without air as well, although science says you need air for sound to travel.
The sound travels to God. God has no form, but we made a form since we need concentration. That is Bhakti Yoga, but we will focus on Kriya Yoga right now. With Kriya Yoga, the mind is kept silent using sounds. In the beginning, you can choose any mantra and slowly you can let go of the mantra. Normally, during concentration, people tend to fall asleep. Stay awake in Mauna. You can open your eyes and do Mauna. Compulsorily practice Mauna daily in your house for 40 minutes. Do not worry about whether you are a student or not. You can use any mantra for help, or you can listen to musical sounds. You can continuously play an album of Pujya Swamiji. When I go back, I want to record special sounds for Mauna. I will post them online so you can download to your phone.
You are flying, you are seeing something in another field, another loka or planet. You are born in another planet and then coming here and dying and taking birth again and again. This is like Hanumanta, you are constantly flying. That experience is beautiful. That is the beginning stage of Sadhaka/seeker. I will give you hints about Mauna in the Switzerland Mauna course next year. Do not miss this course.
These are hidden secrets, and cannot be found in all books. Sometimes, it's better not to read any books, it can confuse you more. It's better not to study books on this topic, you can sit and do sadhana. Jnana automatically comes to you. Holland, Germany, Switzerland and London Yoga Centers rendered service in this 7 day event that includes Mauna course. I am very happy. In the beginning, I was unhappy seeing that all the cities are far away - Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart etc. But it all worked out. The weather was very good. We did Puja and Homa today. The teertham is a little bitter, but it's holy water.
I am very happy about this Mauna course. I am happy to see old devotees. The world learned a good lesson with Covid. We lost not only money, but importantly, we lost good souls. We were crying, we lacked peace. It is His drama, He knows what to give and when. Anyway, we must obey his Leela.