Parama Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji's benedictory message in Ganagapura

  • 30 Sep 2023
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After this 20th Chaturmasya, we have come to Vishva Roopa Datta Swami as a part of our Vishvaroopa Sandarshana Yatra. Yesterday we had the Darshana of Yadagiri Gutta Narasimha Swamy, and then stayed at Amma Vodi; then on the way to Ganagapur today, we had the Darshana of Datta temple at Zaheerabad. And by noon Bhiksha time we reached Nirguna Paduka Kshetra of Ganagapur for Darshana - this is nothing but Lord Datta’s sankalpam. We then came to Vishva Roopa Datta Kshetra and had the Darshana of Marakata Paduka and Datta Swami. And we all gathered here at the auspicious dusk time.

Guntur devotees have been doing Akhanda Parayana (non stop parayana) of a powerful mantra of Datta. Today is an auspicious day, when Datta Yaga has started. 6th crore count of Datta Homa has been concluded at Panchamukha Anjaneya Kshetra during Chaturmasya. And the 7th crore started today in this divine kshetra. There is no end to Sadhana, only new beginnings. We never ask when do we have our last meal for this life - we keep eating everyday. Similarly Sadhana concludes at one place and begins at another. We must always be in sadhana and only then will we obtain Siddhi. In the 7th crore effort, 16,000 Datta Homa count was concluded today - it is indicative of the 16 Datta Kshetras. There was a huge surge in count during 2021 Dec at Ganagapura when Datta Homa was done in the presence of Appaji where more than 200 rutviks performed Homa. HH Appaji sat along with rutviks and performed the Yaga. The people taking care of this Ashrama report a surge in the number of devotees after HH performed that Homa. They have been taking care of this Ashrama selflessly and exhibited a great sense of sacrifice. During the time of Corona when there were no devotees, and the question arose as to how will Ashrama run, how will Annadaana go on, DR Rao family stepped in and took care of Annadaana and the temple. They are really blessed. Imagine what an amazing Kshetra Ganagapura is, where Lord Datta Himself takes Bhiksha. Rama Sarma and his wife are taking care of the Ashrama really well. Ashrama is looking well after they have taken over. They had come to Mysore and built a house thinking to offer seva over there, but they were sent to Ganagapura by HH Appaji. They didn’t know anything about this place. But they dedicated themselves to Guru’s word and offered selfless seva and the results are here for all of us to see. Everyday Anagha Vrata is performed over here. And good Gau Seva is also going on. When we call out the name of one of the cows - Anasuya, she nods her head. Cows remember us. Gau seva and Gau puja are going on very well in this Ashrama. Devotees from other places are visiting here and offering seva. May then keep continue doing so. Architecht of this temple - Madhusudan is here with us.

I was reminded that 8 years ago when we had come to Ganagapura after concluding Chaturmasya, it was on Sept 30th too. Sage Atri and Anasuya Mata worshipped Lord desirous of children. When they worshipped and Lord appeared, He said to them - you have done great service to the society what do you want? The great service that divine couple have rendered is convincing Sumati and bringing back Sunlight to the world. That story is mentioned in Datta Darshana. Sumati was a great pativrata whose word stopped Sunrise because her husband was awarded a curse that he will lose his life upon Sunrise. During that time Sun did not rise for years on end. We cannot imagine those conditions. Without the Sun, life will be engulfed in darkness just as it is without Guru. Sun is Guru and Guru is Sun.

People say we cannot see God, but that is a mistake, you must have the heart to see Lord, then you can see Him everywhere. Whether rich or poor, big or small, sinner or saint - Sun is seen by all. He is the visible Lord. Markandeya Purana extolled Sun God a lot. We talked about Surya Narayana for over 10 days. He just bears witness to all that you do and gives Darshan whether you are a sinner or saint. Moon too shines similarly on all. Guru’s grace too is equally bestowed upon all. Imagine the plight of all beings on Earth without Sun. But Devatas did not know who can pacify Sumati’s power. All the sages put together cannot pacify Sumati’s curse. Only a power that is similar to that of Sumati’s can make her take her curse back. So all the sages went to Anasuya Mata for help. She then went to Sumati and spoke to her, “It is true you are in great trouble but that doesn’t mean it is right to trouble entire world because of it. I will protect your husband with my life, now take back your curse.” With the faith Sumati has over Anasuya Mata, she released her curse and asked Sun God to rise. And her husband Kaushika lost his life as per his curse. Then Anasuya Mata thundered, “If I have adhered to Dharma and been faithful and devoted to my husband, this man should come back to life and should have better health and dharmic mind.” Kaushika immediately came back alive. All the Devatas extolled the greatness of Anasuya Mata.

Then the Trinity appeared and asked what she wanted - She asked for the boon as per her husband’s desire - to have the Trinity as their children. Then Datta Swami gave himself to them as their child. If you just utter Datta - He will be with you. To other Devatas you have to say “I seek this and that” but when you ask Datta, He replies I have already given it to you. He gives even before we ask - that is Datta. We see the same in the histories of Sri Pada Vallabha, Narasimha Saraswati and Parama Pujya Appaji. It is the grace they bestow upon us based on the merit of all our previous lives put together. Such is the Lord’s grace.

Gandharvas sing praises of Datta Swami at Ganagapura. Gandharvas sing only in the presence of Lord. When Annamaya was asked to sing praises of the King - he said he would only sing praises of the Lord, not a King. Gandharvas sing only in such gatherings where all the Devatas are present. Since Gandharvas reside here, this place is called Gandharvapuram. That means all the Devatas reside here because Gandharvas are present here. Datta Swami walks these streets. It is the Kshetra that dispels all evils. Here we can directly witness Datta’s grace. The mantra we do here is so powerful that 1 chant is equal to 1 lakh count.
At Ganagapura there is audumbara, kamadhenu, kalpa vriksha, and Sangama. Above all there is Datta Swami who has given refuge to all of these. Each of these are very special, but when all of them come together it is so much more special. We can come to this Kshetra only with His sankalapa. If you are chanting Datta mantra here, it is His sankalpa. If you chant Digambara here once, all sins will be dispelled.

Digambara means - He has adorned all the directions as clothes - it doesn’t mean he is naked. He has opened all paths to us. He is keeping no secret from us. That is the tattva of Datta Swami. Audumbara is a great vriksha used in great Yajnas. It is foremost among the vrikshas used in yajnas. Datta said He resides in that tree. Narasimha Swamy’s anger was not getting pacified after slaying Hiranya Kashipu. Then Goddess Lakshmi came in the form of Chenchu Lakshmi, prepared a paste of audumbara fruits and applied it all over Lord’s body, cleaned all the blood and then Lord Narasimha’s anger was pacified. So those who have mental afflictions can place a leaf of Audumbara under their pillow. It takes away all kinds of poisons. This Kshetra is also called Audumbara as it is full of those trees. So this Maha Mantra they are chanting continuously is composed of Digambara, Audumbara and Narasimha too. Today is the Purnahuti of this Maha mantra chanting.

Today is an auspicious day as Pitr Paksha is starting. When we see Lord in our parents, near and dear and everything around us, then He dispels all sorrows and gives us all what we want. You should also be ready to give up certain things instead of just receiving things from Lord. If the luggage is full it is imperative that you take out certain things to lighten the load. Lord keeps giving us, and our luggage gets heavier, so we must offload to keep it light. You must be aware about what to keep and what to leave. You must learn sacrifice - Lord teaches us sacrifice. If you want to taste the divine nectar, that is possible only through sacrifice. Outside world teaches you the habit to collect/gather/hoard. And you learn sacrifice only in Guru’s presence. Every night you must think what did I accept and what did I offload. You should not give away useless things - it should be useful to others. So the things you accept as well as you leave should be good. Every night you must think about this. When you are flying, if you do not lighten the load of your luggage by giving up certain things, you will be asked to alight because the flight can only take so much weight. You will be given option to reduce your luggage but they will not wait for you as there are many others in line - the same applies in the afterlife journey too. Guru teaches us to become lighter. We should be ready to do so. Chandrayan load was a only few grams because heavy load cannot be carried far in the space. Only when Jeevi becomes pure giving up excess baggage will he merge with Lord.

When the rocket goes up, the parts are designed to get disengaged one after other. Only the essential part finally sets into orbit. Similarly, it is only your Jnana that will reach Lord and take a picture of Him. Then you will be a Gandharva or some other divine being and get a chance to be closer to Lord Datta. We must grasp this. Sometimes Guru tells us about it directly, we must listen to Guru’s words and offer selfless service. Slowly your charity becomes sacrifice. First you start with feeding 3 people, then slowly you will be given power to do more - then it will be 300 and then 3000 and finally you will reach a stage where it is happening on its own. You let it happen as if you are just a medium - that is sacrifice. Do you count how many breathes you take each day? It happens on its own right? Sacrifice must also happen in the same way. Guru makes you do sadhana without you realising it. He gets you used to sacrifice. When you do any good, you should forget about it. Pujya Appaji took many devotees to that level. The only thing we must do is listen to Guru and implement His message. Initially we come to Guru for getting rid of our troubles, that is very small compared to the unlimited bliss you could obtain from Guru. That bliss is incomparable to any worldly desire. We are in Gandharva Puram, we are in Datta Loka - it is not just a place which is about 5 hours drive from Hyderabad. Without Lord’s grace we cannot be here.

The mantra you do here is great. Some people go into sleep when they try to do Dhyana. They think they went into Dhyana, but no, you were sleeping! But you feel fresh after coming out of it, which is good. You will slowly learn to focus and do Dhyana and mantra.

Now let us sing all Kakada haaratis starting from Sat’s and then to all the weekdays.